Sunday, March 11, 2012


Hey lovelies!
I just wanted to give you a quick update on my life and all thats happening with me and such right now.
So, for those of you who do not know, i live in Texas and everywhere in central Texas is on Spring Break right now. We started on Friday had an early release! So, that being said. If you guys start to see a lacking in my post and such ,it is because im on Spring Break! I have been very busy with things for Spring Break since i left my Friday! I have been going shopping to get a couple of items and Spring wants and just to start of my Spring Break, because of course i will be shopping where im going. I have been chilling with friends and family and just so busy . It's crazy cause that's just the begining! I actually leave tomorrow to where im going to be spending most of my Spring Break at! I actually think im going 2 places, so i'll probably be missing the first day back ,but whatever! Cause im a bad ass! LMAO.
But seriously, if you start to notice my slacking and all that, just know that it is because im having fun and enjoying my Spring Break , because let me tell you, I REALLY NEED THIS BREAK! School is sooo stressful lately -_____-
But i will let you know, that as of this moment i am working on a 'Spring Wants and Must Haves' post. It is in my drafts this very moment. It would have been up last night but, i cant find any good pictures for some of the things ! But, i will try my best to get that up ASAP !
But, im gonna go and finish packing right now. Haha, i say that like im almost done. Honestly i started last night and only have one outfit, just a shirt and shorts! And, my toothbrush and tooth paste! -____-
I know, im such a procrastinator, i should be almost finished! But, i actually need to go shopping for one more thing anyway before i can even be close to finishing!
Okay, guys i should have ended this post like 5 lines ago, lol. See, procrastination . I talking to you when i need to go pack, cause i leave TOMORROW. And, i still need to go shopping and im spending time with my boyfriend today!
OK! Forreal now, guys. Im gonna go. BYE! (:

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