Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring Nail Polishes

So, spring is practically already here (United States), or at least that's what I like to think. That means, it is time to start storing away all your big sweaters, thick scarves, and heavy jackets. Time to break out all your tank tops, lacey shirts with the frilly sleeves, short shorts, and sandals! THis also means bright fun colors, and of course we can not forget the nail polish!
If you are like me,--hate being hot, and sweaty, and sticky and all the other cons of spring and summer, then it can be really hard to look forward to spring and sumer. I mean, i love everything else.. but.. it's just the HEAT. I live in Texas, so it tends to get super hot down here, especially in the summer time. But, There are great things that i find myself really looking forward to this time of year. And, one of those things are bright colors and nail polish! Just happens to be favorite way to incororate bright and bolds are through my nails! So , todays post is going to be about my favorite, and most used spring nail polishes that i have been loving so far. Let's get started!

The first color i have really been loving for spring time is a color i actually have on my nails right now. Nicole by OPI Kimpletely In Love, from the Kardashian Kolors collection. I actually just got this polish a few days ago and right when i got home i immdiately put it on. I have been obsessed with this color lately. I love the way it looks on my nails, and everything. It is a really pretty, milky baby pink color with irridescent shimmer sparkles in it that reflect a seafoam green and a little blue. And, if you turn it a certain way, some reflects are purple. So gorgeous! Now, the only thing is it is kinda sheer, and not as opaque as other polishes. So, you will have to apply more than 2 coats, i applied 4 but you can totally get away with 3, i just wanted extra coverage, but i think it is totally worth it! The picture below honestly just does not give it justice. I think it is more shimmery in person.

The next polish i am loving is Essie's Play Date. This is a really pretty pastel like , lilac color . I actually had this on my nails before the Kimpletely in Love color, and it is so pretty. I mean, im absolutely in love with it cause it's purple, and you guys know how i feel about purple! Lol. But this is super pretty, and perfect for the spring time since it is a pastel and that is a big trend this spring!

Another color, i have been loving is, OPI's Vodka and Caviar. It's just a really pretty bright red color. I have not been wearing red as much but, i will be wearing this, cause its not your typical darker red that most people wear a lot. It's a bright red. It pops and stands out. And it is very classy. You can wear this almost anywhere and it would be perfectly fine! Such a beautiful red.

China Glaze's Aquadelic is also another great color that is just perfect for spring. It's just a super gorgeous bright tiffany blue color, and to me, i almost wanna say that it has a kind of mint green undertone. It is like the signiture blue color for this years spring. I mean, i have not used it yet, but i am really super excited to. I think i might use it next. But, just a really gorgeous blue color. Also, this is from their new Spring 2012 collection called Electropop.

This next polish is again, from the Electropop collection, and it is Make Some Noise (obviously by ChinaGlaze). Its just a really pretty bright pink with coral undertones to it. This is like the perfect hot pink color for summer. It really pretty. Bright and Bold, which are 2 trends that are really in for this spring! So, i really love it. This is one of my favorite colors from the collection.

This polish is going to be from Essies new Spring 2012 collection and this is called , Orange, It's Obvious. This is a really bright orange color! Like BAM! Bright orange. And it also has like a coral undertone to it. But, this is like, the perfect bright and bold trend color, for this spring.
<b>orange, it's obvious</b><p>a bright orange

This color is also from the new 2012 Essie collection. This one is called, Ole' Caliente. This is a gorgeous red-orange color with some deep pink undertone to it. This is super pretty and bold! So this is a great color to wear for spicing up an outfit and adding color to anything since its just such a bold color!
<b>olé caliente</b><p>a red-orange with pink undertone

Im sorry, but i am obsessed with this collection! So, the next color is Navigate her, yes again, from the 2012 Essie collection. Now, this color is a very different color, and is not in the bright trend catogory, but it is a bold color. It resembles jade green, just a lighter version, so it's not as dark which is what would make the difference between a winter/fall color and a spring/summer color. Its a super adorably pretty light jade green color. It's really different trend wise, which is why i think i like it so much.
<b>navigate her</b><p>a light, bright green

Again, im sorry guys but the next 2 colors are also gonna be from the Essie 2012 collection..
This color is Tour de Finance. This is a really pretty bright fuchsia color with shimmer. It also has a purple like undertone. This is also another perfect color to have cause it follows the 2 trends. Bright and Bold! Perfect right ? ;)
<b>tour de finance</b><p>a fuchsia with shimmer

The next one, and also my last fevorite from this collection is in the shade , A Crewed Interest.
This is a really gorgeous luminous peachy baby pink color. It's just a tad bit more peachy than baby pink, i think that is great since peaches are really fun colors for the spring time! Im absolutely in love with this color! A TOP favorite of mine right now.
<b>a crewed interest</b><p>a luminous peach shade

Another color i've been loving recently has been OPI's Need Sunglasses. This is a really pretty bold yellow color. And, how cute is that name? It totally goes with the color and theme of the polish completely. This is a really nice color for spring that i actually think a lot of people always overlook the yellows way to much! I personally think yellows are fantastic colors to wear for spring and they are great attention grabbers that make people look twice at your hands!

These next few colors will be a little more on the pricey shide, because they are from Chanel, but i totally think splurging on one or two polishes from time to time is great. Especially if they are great quality like Chanel. But, you can also always find amazing dupes for these colors. Just google it.

This first color is, 549 Distraction. This is a super pretty bright coral pinky color. This is absolutely a beautiful color. Now, this is a $26 dollar polish but with how well, the pigmentation and quality is, and i personally am head over heels in love with this, id say it was worth it. This is my only Chanel polish i have splurged on myself. The others i have are gifts (birthday, christmas, and good grades and such from family)

This next polsih from Chanel is, in the shade Gold Fingers. Now, the name kinda says it, but to go more in depth , this is a super gorgeous gold color with silver shimmers in it. This is super pretty, and i think this is another great spring polish that people tend to overlook! Super shimmery and very pretty. Also, this IS a limited edition color, so this is $28, and i dont know how long it will be available for purchaing, so this would most definately be a color i'd splurge on.

This next Chanel color, is also a limited edition color, and i was lucky enough for my aunt to get me this as a present. This color is called Coco Blue. This is just a super pretty light blue kinda turquoisey looking color. I absolutely love this color, ad blues are definately soo pretty in the spring time.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post on my favortie spring nail polishes for 2012 and i will talk to you guys in my next post, which i will be working on right after this goes up. Love you guys. Bye!

What are your favorite polishes for this spring? Any dupes or colors you recommend? Let me know in a comment below.


  1. love all your Spring 2012 nail polish picks! I especially love Chanel 549 Distraction. Great post!
    xx, Kels

    1. Thanks! And yeah, its suxh a cute color. I love that one too!

  2. Such pretty colours! The chanel ones are my favorite! Great post:)

    1. Thank you ! I love the chanel ones too!

  3. Have you checked out the L'Oreal Paris Colour Riche line of polishes? They have some great colors right now and they are super affordable on any budget. I reviewed a couple on my blog. I love the Co Co Blue. So pretty.