Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My Signature Look: My Most Used Lip Routine

Hey guys,
So, its like 4:14 in the morning and i just CAN NOT sleep for anything in the world . I think it's because it's hot in my house and i can't sleep at all when it's hot. I have to be cold. Or at least room temperature. I dont know, im wierd. Lol,
So, anyways, since i can't sleep, i decided to do a blog on my lip routine. I know it sounds wierd, like 'who has a "lip routine"? Dont you just put on a lipstick, gloss or balm and done!?' But no, that isnt the case for me.Today, i noticed while i was getting ready go out, cause me and my boyfriend went shopping today and out to eat, so while doing my make up, i noticed that i do my lips really different. Actually, no one i have ever seen, does them with the same technique, so i thought it would be kind of interesting to show you guys how i do my lips. Maybe you'll find something new to change up your routine. So, here goes!

ONE : The first thing i do when doing my lips is, i apply some sort of balm first . Doing this kind of acts like a base, just to lock in moisture that may escape or dry my lips with whatever lip product i use. I usually use my EOS Lip Balm in Strawberry Sorbet . Love that stuff.
*If im using lipstains, (which i totally love and prefer them over a lipstick anyday,) i don't like to put the lipstain over the balm directly from the applicator because i feel like it messes up the application and pigmentaion of the lipstain, im not sure, but that is what i feel like. So, i still do put the lip balm on, But, i only leave it on for a few minutes to let it soak in ,then i wipe it off, apply the lipstain, then reapply the balm! This way, i feel my lips are totally moisturized, and still with pigmentation in my lips.
**If im am not using a stain and just apply a gloss, a lipstick, or something like a Revlon Lip Butter, or just something that isnt a lipstain, then totally skip the wiping off the balm part, and skip to step two.

TWO : After i apply the balm, and lipstain or other lip product. Then, i take whatever lipgloss i use for that day, and put over top, to give whatever lipstick or stain or whatever, a shiny glossy finish. (sometimes, i will feel like it's a bit too much and will skip the gloss and go straight to step 3 from here.)

THREE : After the gloss, if i use it . Then, i will take a Carmex (tube). My favorite is the Strawberry (of course, nothing new) I squeeze a little bit onto my finger and will apply this to my lips with my finger, to ensure shiness and moisture. I do this with my finger because i don't want the tube to get all colored or gunky with my other lip products. But, of course if i havecompletely bare lips then i apply stright from the tube.

***Note; I also do a lip scrub on my lips, 3-4 times a week to exfoliate. I do not recommend doing this everyday, simply because it will irritate and be super harsh and such to your lips because its taking off all the dead skin and if you constantly do it, the will be no dead skin to exfoliate and will just start to irritate the normal skin. ***

After step three, im done with my lips!
Now, some people may think this is too much. Other may think different. Bt remember, this is my technique and what i have found that works best with me. Tis is cometely my take on how i get my lips like this. With this technique, my lips are never chapped, always moisturized. Never cracked, or anything like that. This keeps my lips smooth like no other. This i what i found works on me, but again, you can take this idea and recreate it, use less, use more, whatever. Make it work for you, you dont have to do everything or nothing.
I hope you enjoy this, and i will talk to you guys in my next post. Bye!