Thursday, March 1, 2012

February Favorites! 2012

It's the end of February guys! And you know what that means! Time to share with you my favorites for the month of February! Everything from fashion and beauty related tiems, to food, to movies and TV shows, to my favorite music and even my favorite website i have been addicted to for this month!

The first thing is my favorite eyeliner of the month . And if you go back a few posts ago, i actually reviewed this product and you'll know what im about to say.
The Maybelline Define-A-Line eyeliner!

(Picture from here -
This has been my current baby. I actually surprised myself when i used this eyeliner. I had actually just spare of the moment, picked it up for the simple fact that i knew i was running out of my liner and it was kinda late so my Ulta was closed. So, i just kinda ran to the makeup isle and scanned quickly for something and i ran across this little baby. I mean it was the one i had been hearing people rtave about and pretty good reviews so i just went with it. I though it was not going to be that good. But to my surprise, it's very pigmented and very creamy. Which i love and was totally shocked at how well it stayed on my water line! So, this is definately a super amazing drugstore eyeliner that i would recommend!

The second product is another product i reviewed a while back. L'Oreal Volumonous False Lashes mascara.

picture from -
This baby right here. Is. My. New love! I completely fell in love with this mascara. I was super excited to try this out, especially since i had been hearing nothing but good reviews on it. And, look at that packaging. I mean, i know you are not really supposed to make a big deal about the packaging, but i must admit, i am a sucker for rerally outstanding and super pretty eye catching packaging. I mean, i was in Target just meaning to pick up 2 items. The Sonia Kashuk makeup remover and an Essie nailpolish . But, then of course i get sucked in to picking this up. But how could you pass up this packaging? Anyways, this mascar is amazing. It has a rubber applicator, which you know i love rubber applicators. And, it coats every single lash. Now, when you take out the wand, it may look like it would clump, because thats the same thing i thought, but when i put this on your lashes, it proves that theory wrong. The consistency of it is very nice, kinda wet but not so much to where if you dont like that kinda of mascara it would bother you cause it wont! I love the way it applies and makes my lashes look beautiful. I typically put anywhere from 2- coats on to get my lashes to look how i want, but you could totally get away with just one or two if thats how you do . Overall, great mascara! A+ !

The next item on my favorites for the month of February is, Essies Play Date .

picture from -
This is like my perfect color for the spring time. I really adore it because it's purple. And you i have to get anything purple that i see . So this is seriously like me, in nail polish . If i was a nail polish for the spring, i would be this one!
It is a very pretty lilac purple. It is a patel which is perfect for the spring time! It's actually in my opinion a little more litgher than in the picture, But, not by much! O, i guess it depends on the number of coats you apply. I usually go for about 2-3 coats. Every now and then, i will do 3-4 but thats only if the polish isnt as opaque as other polishes and real sheer.
This is a perfect purple for spring time! I love the opaque-ness and consistency of it
I actually think this is all my beauty favorites, so lets move on to the next category!

This month i have done quite a lot of shopping. And, i also have a lot of things from last month being that is was my birthday, so i all did a ton of shopping since that was really all i asked for, for my birthday, well that, and to go to my favorite mexican resturaunt! But anywho, point is i have quite a few fashion favorites, and no not all of them will be in this or will be explained too much cause i am going to do a Collective Haul posts! Now, on to the favorites!

First fashion fav of the month is , a necklace that i got last weekend! If you seen my Outfit of the Day post i did last Saturday, you know the necklace im talking about. Although it really isnt an OUTFIT of the day, more like Accesories of the Day, cause i forgot to take a picture of my outfit!
I know, not a super amazing picture, but i was actually at my car, about to leave!
BUT, bright side! I got this necklace last Friday. Yes,i wore it Saturday cause i was just too excited to wear this as you can tell. And, couldnt wait to wear it! Lol. But, it's a really pretty rose gold color. It has a bunch of beauiful charms on it, that give it a super girly feel! I actually bought it to go with the next favorite your about to see!

As said above, this next favorite is something that i bought to wear with the necklace above.

Okay so, i dont know if you've ever been to Wetseal, but with their jewelry they have a, buy one get one half off, & at my Wetseal, this is an all the time sale, it never goes away. So, i actually wanted the necklace first and paid no attention to this bracelet, but then my mom was rushing cause we had to pick up my little brother from school in like 15 minutes, so she came over and asked me to hurry and she picked it up and said it was really pretty and it matched, so thats how i ended up with this. But, it does match PERFECT . Like the exact same color pastel pink, same rose gold, and everything!

Next thing is something i have been searching like crazy for!
         Alternate Image
*Sorry the picture is so tiny! When i enlarged it, it got blurry! You can just go to the Wetseal website and look at it!
But i have been searching so hard for this! THis is like an essential piece for this spring and summer! I have already worn it and cant wait to wear it again. It's cropped, light wash denim, and the sleeves are like half when you purchase it, but when you unbotton it, it's about 3/4 lenght sleeves! I love the way it lookjs. So cute with loose flowy colorful tanks for the summer!

I have to go. I just found out on short notice but i will continue this sometime tommorrow but if not, i apoligize because its my moms birthday. Hope you understand. Love you! Bye!! (:


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