Saturday, March 24, 2012

Prom Dresses!

Okay, so todays post is mainly directed on seniors, and anyone who is attending prom this year! Get excited ! But of course anybody can read this just to get cute dress idea's and what not. So, get excited! Im not sure how many of my follers and viewers are international, and im also not sure if other countires have proms also or if it's only an American thing. **big side note** if you already know or dont care to know, then skip this, because i like to really get into details and stuff so yeah.**
But, for anyone who does not know. Prom, in America, is a huge dance usually on a Saturday, that is directed maily towards seniors (12th graders) and juniors (11th graders). Of course other younger people can attend, but only by invitation. So, say your dating a senior, or you got asked to go by a senior, then your able too! But, mainly directed too those ages groups. Basically, it because the seniors are graduating. These dances are held towards the end of the school year, before gradaution. So, this is basically like, i dont wanna say their last, but its like their big huge school gathering with everybody who is moving after school, going off to an out of state college, or maybe not seeing your girlfriend/boyfriend or someone close, for a really long time, ( alot of times most people dont leave til the end of summer or something. not right away!) or just anything like that where they can hang be have fun with every single one of their school friends and such before entering the real world of an adult. The boys dress really nice and get all suited up in really nice tuxedos and new fresh shoes, and their girls, buy big fancy dresses, new accesories, shoes, get nails and hair done and just go alll out! A lot of times people rent limos, to arrive at prom in. These dances usually start around early evening, so about 6 or 7pm, and last usually til about 12 or 1 in the morning. Sometimes a lot of people even will rent a hotel room, or go to a friends house for an afterparty type thing. (And NO! It is not like stereo types like in the movies where everybody has sex and gets drunk and all that unreal stuff. at least not where i live, but they do have fun) Usually because they arent ready for the night to end, and stuff. Lol. TONS of pictures are taking! And, this, all around is just suppose to be an amazing, unforgettable, perfect night for them! Ya' know, goofing off those last couple of times before getting critized for it, cherishing the last of the childhood, having a great time with your girlfriend or boyfrined, and looking back on all the fun times up to this point. WHEW! That was a mouth full, lmao! If you want to know more, just google it. Tons of videos, and information will pop up!

Now, time fore what this post is really about. The exciting stuff!
What got me inspired to do this post is my friend Ashley. We were talking about this yesturday, she is a senior, and she said that she was gonna wear an orange prom dress for this year, since thats her favorite color. So, honestly that would be such a pretty dress no matter what style. I mean, think of it. A bright orange floy prom dress. I dont know about you but my picture im thinking is too cute! Lol.
So, anyways, i thought, why not make a post on dresses for prom. Even though im not going cause im only a freshman and am not dating a senior, i still thought this would be helpful for a lot of people since prom is seriously right around the corner, and a lot of people still have not found that amazing perfect dress. So, lets get started!

This first dress is from Davids Bridal. It's a Strapless Chiffon Print Gown with High Low Hemline dress. This is $169.
Now, this would be a favorite of mine, and is a big trend this year because it's high-low. And, its a subtle animal print mixed in. It also has another trend going on with the bright pastel colored purple. So, this would be a top pick of mine if i was going to prom. Super cute, trendy, and easy to find complimenting accesories to pair with it!

Strapless Chiffon High Low Print Dress $169
This is also from Davids Bridal. This is also perfect for this occassion and this time of year. It has 2 great trends incorated in it. The High-low hemline and the floral print. Florals are great for sping time, so this is a great pick. I think this would be super cute with nude platformed peep toe pumps.

All Over Sequin Dress with Chiffon Overlay $159
This is super cute and unique. Also, keeping it very classic with the black and white.

Sleeveless Empire Waist Beaded Knit Gown $169
This perfect super cute, and classy. I love the color, and the neckline. I also love how it just flows down like that.

Sleeveless Charmuese Gown With Animal Print $169
This is just a really unique looking dress, all around. I mean with the color, the print, the style, everything. I love this!

One Shoulder Neon Gown with Illusion Waist $199
Now, you know i have to have an orange dress in this since it was my friend who inspired me to do this and its her favorite color. But, i have to honestly admit, this dress is too gorgeous. Words cannot describe how i feel about this dress. The style and design of it is just so beautful. Click on the name and you'll see what im talking about!

Strapless Layered Tulle Ball Gown $259
This is honestly such a beautiful dress. Im in love. I actually really love dresses like these. The kind with the layering of the fabrics, like how here this dress has, the orange and the pink layered. I even have seen one before with blue and purple layered. It was a shorter style though, but i dont really wear long dresses that much. But overall, these are super cute !

**note: there will be a part 2, to this post! It's just I want to put way more into it & I don't want this one post to be entirely way too long. I love this idea so I will defiantly be making a part 2 super soon !

Hope you guys enjoyed and I will talk to you later ! (:

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