Monday, March 19, 2012

Just A Bloggin' (:

Okay, guys. So, while i was on vacation, i went to Sephora, Ulta, and MAC . I got a few pretty neutral eyeshadows, and a couple other colors, and that means my everyday eye makeup is about to change. So, i wanna know, would you guys like me to do a tutorial on that look. I mean, since i've already done my lip routine, i wanna do the other parts in this little "series", which includes my foundation routine, eye makeup, and such. But i only wanna do it if you guys want it, cause i only do these things for you guys! Ha, so what do you think? Just let me know, but it will not be up this week! MAYBE this weekend, but not this week. Cause im still looking for a really pretty neutral crease color! So, if you guys have any good recomendations, leave a commment  below.
Well, i will talk to you guys in my next post! Bye(:


  1. I'd love to see an eye makeup routine :)

    1. Great(:
      Any recommedations on gorgeous crease colors ?