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Trend Alert: Blazers!

*NOTE: I know that i have not finished my february favorites but i promise i will finsih them. It's just, if you have been keeping up with my blog, you know that my aunts birthday was on Monday feb. 27 and my madre's birthday was Saturday or yesturday, march 3. So, i had a really busy week this past week and an even busier weekend. Since they are so close in birth just one year apart, they have their party together every year, but this year was super different. They had 3 parties in ONE day! My aunts is pregnant, so they had her baby shower and another party at the house then their birthday party later that night at one of their favorites clubs! And, my intetions was to finish it last night cause i thought i was gonna have time, but i ended up baby sitting! -___-  But, i promise it will be up real soon. This is actually my last week of school, and if your in central Texas you know why! But, for those of you who dont live here, SPRING BREAK for us starts on friday, the 9th ! So, hopefully i can find some time really soon to finish that up.
So yeah, sorry for the long intro , just wanted to clear some things up . So now thats out the way, lets get in to todays post!

Okay, so blazers are becoming a pretty large portion of a fashion staple . But, i know that there are people out there that dont think of blazers as an everyday item, or something casual. Well, this post is gonna change your mind! I personally love blazers. And, now that they're becoming so popular, i have noticed that a lot of stores have them in less buisinessy type material. Like, i have seen lace blazers and cotton flimsy loose blazers! I actually picked some up. They will be featured in an upcoming haul.
Blazers can really pull a look together. They can be that one thing that you just feel your missing from an outfit!
Quite a lot of blazers, as i mentioned earlier, are made in different fabrics that give them a more fresh, less polished, laid-back look and feel to it. Like, i forget forget the actual name of the real material most real professional blazers are made of, but now im starting to see a lot of them being made with cotton, lace, polyester, and sweater type material. There are tons more, but these are just what i see most commonly. But,another perk to them being made with other fabrics, besides the extra comfyness and laid-back chill look, is the prices! I know for a fact that real blazers can get really expensive! But, the other fabrics are much cheaper! I've seen some really great quality one at Forever 21, H&M, and other places.
Now im going to show you a few that i have had my eye on for a while and also a couple i have. The places, the prices, brands, name, and description will all be listed below the picture like always. Let's get started!

Forever21 $22.80
Sinle Button Boyfriend Blazer
Boyfriend blazers are really loose and boxy looking. What i love about that is that they really give more of a laid back feel. Something to just throw on to make an outfit come together and feel complete. I really love the way the model in the picture is wearing her blazer. To me, it looks as if, she wanted to tone down all the colors in her outfit, including the little clutch. By picking this pinky peachy toned taupe colored blazer was a really nice way to do this, while still looking very chic and well put together! This would be perfect for going out to dinner with the girls or family . Or maybe even on a day of shopping, if you like to look kinda dressy and like you put a ton of time in an outfit!
You can also get this is a more nude taupey color and white.

Forever 21 $24.80
Stand Up Lapel Blazer
This blazer is more fitted and put together. I love the color of this. It make it easy to pair with other clothing items and accesories as well. This would be perfect for those days when your outfit is just a little too casual for your days events or if you just dont wanna look so plain. Again, this is great for going out to dinner! Also, i love how its cropped and the 3/4 length sleeves. Adds a girly touch. Love it!

Forever 21 $27.80
Ruched Sleeve Blazer
This is a different blazer than what you are probably used to seeing. At least around the stores nearest to me. Now, if your like me, if it wasnt for the name stating below the picture, i would have never guessed this to be a blazer! Lol. But, i really love the concept! This would totally being the ideal chill look fir wearing blazers! Just being the fact that it looks so loose, comfy and to me, it looks like a cardigan! So, this is something i would totally wear on a day of shopping, going to the movies, and anything else that you would want to look comfy and very chic at the same time! Im actually gonna order this, this weekend maybe ! Oh, and the red would totally be great for color blocking or going for the nautical trend! Those are 2 very in style trends right now!

Forever 21 $27.80
Dynamic Woven Blazer
I seriously love this blazer. It is sooo pretty. I have really been loving coral based colors lately and this is perfect! This is great for color blocking! And if you look, you'll notice the pop of pink where she has folded her sleeves up! How cute is this blazer? I swear, i cant stop looking at it, imagining all of the great outfits i could pair this with. Now, you may think that just cause this blazer is more fitted and closer to looking more professional, that you can only wear it for certain things! Well, think again. I mean yeah it's more polished and fitted but, the bright colors in this is perfect and just screams fun and lid back! So, this could really be a perfect blazer for almost any occasion!

What are your thoughts on blazers? Do you like any? Any good recommendations for good quality ones? Whatis your favorite blazer out of the ones picturedd above ? Let me know in the comments below!
Until next time, bye guys!

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