Monday, March 12, 2012

Alli Simpson Makeup Tutorial


For those of you who do not know who Alli Simpson is. Alli Simpson is Cody Simpson's 13 year old sister. And, she is absolutely gorgeous! And, she always has this very pretty, but very neutral and basic makeup look on. It has even been stated by her before that while she was on the Welcome To Paradise Tour just recently with her brother and Jessica Jarrell, that a ton of girls would come up and ask how she achieved her make up and how she applies it. So, im going to be sharing with you how you can achieve this very simple neutral looking makeup look.
*NOTE* There will be 2 parts to this post. This first one is going to be high end. The second one thats using drugstore products!

Step 1) Im almost 100% sure that she uses a moisturizer. So just any good facial moisturizer will do. Just put a tiny, about the size of a penny, and apply this all over your face.
Step 2) Time to prime the face. Im not completely sure which exact primer she uses, but it has to be one that gives off a really nice glow ,because her skin always looks so glowy and refreshed. So, it looks like she uses Benefits That Gal Brightening Face Primer. This is just going to assure that your foudation stays put throughout the day and also gives a very refreshing glow like Alli's!
Step 3) Now.. foundation. I would say that she uses MakeUp Forever Foundation. Using this foundation is going to provide a really nice natural satin like finish. The good thing about Makeup Forever foundation is that they seriously have a color for almost every skin tone. But if they dont, just mix it together if they dont. No big deal. Apply with any foundation or stippling brush.
Step 4) Im sure she uses a powder to set her foundation and make it last all throughout her very busy days. So take a MAC Studio Fix powder and just dust this all over your face, to reassure your foundation lasts all day. And by doing this makes sure that your not oily or shiny!
Step 5) For her skin to have that extra excellent flawless glow, im sure she uses a highlighter. She probably uses Benefits High Beam Illuminzer, since she always has a very gorgeous pinky golden glow, and thats exactly what Benefits High Beam gives. So, just take this and apply anywhere you'd want a little extra attention. Cheek, the bridge of your nose, or even a V shape on the outer corners of your eyes, to give your face that extra clean and healthy glow.
Step 6) As for blush, she always has a nice natural subtle blushy cheek. So, it looks as if she uses Dior"s Rosy Glow, Healthy Glow, Awakening Blush. So, with any type of blush brush, lightly dust this onto the apples of your cheeks. Gives a really nice flush of pink color. Just like Alli's.
Step 7) As for her eyes. I know for a fact she hardly uses any eyeshadow, which is why her look is always very neutral and clean looking.But, if you do want a little shimmer or color to your eyes every now and then. For her look, i would guess that she uses if not exactly , something similar to Napoleon Perdis's Loose Eye Dusts. Go for a baby pink color! Or something real neutral to keep it looking fresh and clean.
Step 8) Most of the time, i almost never see her with bold dark eyeliner (such as blacks or deep browns) on, unless she is attending an event! Normally when she wears everyday makeup, it looks like very subtle eyeliner. So, probably something similar to Sephora's Glitter Eyeliner. It's a gel based sparkle eyeliner. So apply it as if it was liquid-- just above your lids on your top lash line. Go for just a basic standard silver or an Opal color. It seems like something she would use, since it's more natural looking and clean.
Step 9) Mascara! To finish off the eyes, mascara is always a must have. Especially for Alli. Im gonna guess that she probably uses something similar to the Napoleon Perdis's Long Black Mascara. I feel like there could be so many other choices for this mascara, but this one just really really stuck out in my mind to me! So, i really wanna say she uses this one, i mean. That's what i use to get this look. And, it does not get clumpy either!
Step 10) Now, for the most exciting and important part of this look. The lips! I would say, from looking at pictures and swatches, her favorite lip color for this look is MACs En-Chantee, from the Kissable Lip Colors. And i have used this before, so it's almost as if its a liquid lipstick than gloss, so for her look, it looks as if she takes a clear gloss and apply this after the Kissable Lip Color, since her lips always have a very nice glossy shiny finish. Any clear gloss would work for this!

Viola! You have completed your neutral Alli Simpson look! Great for school, parties, maybe even dress it up for dinner by adding a deeper eyeshadow? Look forward to the second part to achieve this look with drugstore products!

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