Saturday, March 31, 2012

Testing Beauty Guide: Clothing

Hey guys.
So, it's that time of year again. Yes, the time we all dread; State Test Time /:
I actually just got through with my first of the 4 state test this week. So I thought that this little guide series would be kinda helpful to some of you!

Okay, so I had 2 days of testing cause there was 2 parts of my test. So this this gonna be the things I wore in day one! I tend to wanna be really comfortable while testing, since I am just sitting in the same spot for like 4 and a half hours. So a lot of the people around where I live, wear sweats, leggings, or something similar. And, if we don't have any sweats or whatever, then we wear loose comfortable jeans. I recommend American Eagle's jeans. I have so many American eagle skinny jeans& they are the most comfortable jeans ever! Then we'll wear UGGs or a comfortable shoe, like Vans something. Sometimes it's cold in the classrooms and they love keeping the air on, since its "supposed" to keep us awake, even though it totally does the opposite for me! Lol, so I always bring a light jacket or a cardigan. Just something to keep me warm so I won't fall asleep, cause that's the only way I fall asleep but if it's hot I can't sleep.

What I wore on day 1 of testing:
Creme colored shirt: forever 21-$5
Gray & pink sweats: aeropostale-$29
UGG moccasins: UGG retail stores-$100

What I wore on day 2 of testing:
Navy blue lace Cami: aeropostale- $forgot
Medium wash skinnies: american eagle-$34
UGG moccasins: UGG retailers-$100

Hope you guys enjoyed this post and I will talk to you in my next post.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thank You!

*Before we get started on todays post, i just wanted to say thank you guys for being so patient. If you dont know, the reason i have been MIA this week is cause, this past weekend on of my bestfrineds that i have not seen since last June/end of my 8th grade year was having problems at home and ended up staying the weekend with me. And, also earlier that SAME day, this same bestfriend had told me something about my boyfriend. Well, she didnt actually say it was him, but i honestly think it is, she just doesnt know how to tell me, but yeah i started to cry and stuff, sooverall my weekend was just super busy! If you want more information on that, then read my last post before this one, i think. And, then, my week, has been even busier! I had mandatory state testing this week, for English, and it was TWO parts(writing,revision,editing & then reading), so that was TWO days of testing! Ugh, i hate tests! Lmao. But, that was only the first test. I STILL have like 3 more state test to go through. But, luckily, those are not until May for freshman i think! So, i have basically been all over the place this week, with tons of homework, and class work. Im stressed!

Anyways, on good notes here. I seriously thought about finishing my post that i was gonna put up last weekend and doing a new post, but.. i am a procrastinator and have wait til the day before my homework is due, to actually do it! Lol, i shouldnt even be talking to you guys. Its almost 10pm here in Texas and i have an essay to write. Haha, but the good thing is, is easy cause im really good at writing, and guess what its on? FINDING NEMO! Thats my movie yall! Lol. After i do that ima be super tired so, thats the reason i cant do anything tonight like planned! SUPER SORRY guys! But, i am really just trying to keep my grades at a B+ average and higher, and its the end of the school year and im stressing. I dont like it either!
But, look on the bright side, i WILL be posting TWO posts tomorrow. I'll be finishing my post from this past weekend, and im thinking of doing a series about testing weeks! Like, what to wear on testing days, makeup or no makeup, and all kinds of other things, cause i know that almost every school is coming to a close and that means test, so i think this would be a nice way for me to still be able to post, but its something simple while im still trying to focus on school. Of course i will still be doing my normal post, but on the days when my homework is consuming my time, or something else i have to attend to, then these will be perfect, instead of not hearing from me, or whatever else!

Well, im about to go and eat some ice cream, and write my essay, call my boyfriend and talk to him til we fall asleep. I will talk to you guys tomorrow! Bye .

What do you think of this new series type thing? Any suggestions? Leave them in a comment below! (:

Sunday, March 25, 2012

My Explaination.

Okay, guys. I am super sorry for not having put the pictures up from my haul, or done any post! I honestly have so many ideas of things to post, in a "notepad" on my phone. The list, i swear, is endless!
Soo, what had happened was, i was actually putting up a post last night, but then i got some news from my bestfriend that i didnt know weather or not it was true. To this second im not sure what to believe, and it was about my boyfriend, and i could feel the tears coming from my eyes as i was typing so, i just drafted it. I chilled for an hour, calmed down and got myself together, then started typing away again. But just as soon as i was about to click publish, my bestfriend called me crying extra hard! Saying to come pick her up, that shes at the gas station. And, she was ballin', like so hard i could hardly understand wtf she was saying. So, i rushed off the computer, and told my mom and we left, to get her. And, she was having problems at home with her brothers and sisters, and her parents were not there at the time, im not gonna say much, but just that her check was swollen, so when we got to my house she called her mom told her what happened. And, she just couldnt go back home so, she ended up staying with me, and she is still here on my bed right now. And, i have been trying to comfort her all night!
So, i am sorry you guys. I promise you i will get this next post up ASAP, but just be patient. This girl has been through so much in her life, and its just crazy, so she needs me right now.
But you guys, i have the post almost completely finished. I just have to, add the links and im done, so i will try to have it up by tonight, but if not then, it wont be up until, after 4:00pm on wenesday, since i have state mandantory testing on Monday and Tuesday, my plate is gonna be full and im gonna be tired AF' !
So, thank you guys. I appreciate this, and i am trying. Love you guys. Bye (:

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Prom Dresses!

Okay, so todays post is mainly directed on seniors, and anyone who is attending prom this year! Get excited ! But of course anybody can read this just to get cute dress idea's and what not. So, get excited! Im not sure how many of my follers and viewers are international, and im also not sure if other countires have proms also or if it's only an American thing. **big side note** if you already know or dont care to know, then skip this, because i like to really get into details and stuff so yeah.**
But, for anyone who does not know. Prom, in America, is a huge dance usually on a Saturday, that is directed maily towards seniors (12th graders) and juniors (11th graders). Of course other younger people can attend, but only by invitation. So, say your dating a senior, or you got asked to go by a senior, then your able too! But, mainly directed too those ages groups. Basically, it because the seniors are graduating. These dances are held towards the end of the school year, before gradaution. So, this is basically like, i dont wanna say their last, but its like their big huge school gathering with everybody who is moving after school, going off to an out of state college, or maybe not seeing your girlfriend/boyfriend or someone close, for a really long time, ( alot of times most people dont leave til the end of summer or something. not right away!) or just anything like that where they can hang be have fun with every single one of their school friends and such before entering the real world of an adult. The boys dress really nice and get all suited up in really nice tuxedos and new fresh shoes, and their girls, buy big fancy dresses, new accesories, shoes, get nails and hair done and just go alll out! A lot of times people rent limos, to arrive at prom in. These dances usually start around early evening, so about 6 or 7pm, and last usually til about 12 or 1 in the morning. Sometimes a lot of people even will rent a hotel room, or go to a friends house for an afterparty type thing. (And NO! It is not like stereo types like in the movies where everybody has sex and gets drunk and all that unreal stuff. at least not where i live, but they do have fun) Usually because they arent ready for the night to end, and stuff. Lol. TONS of pictures are taking! And, this, all around is just suppose to be an amazing, unforgettable, perfect night for them! Ya' know, goofing off those last couple of times before getting critized for it, cherishing the last of the childhood, having a great time with your girlfriend or boyfrined, and looking back on all the fun times up to this point. WHEW! That was a mouth full, lmao! If you want to know more, just google it. Tons of videos, and information will pop up!

Now, time fore what this post is really about. The exciting stuff!
What got me inspired to do this post is my friend Ashley. We were talking about this yesturday, she is a senior, and she said that she was gonna wear an orange prom dress for this year, since thats her favorite color. So, honestly that would be such a pretty dress no matter what style. I mean, think of it. A bright orange floy prom dress. I dont know about you but my picture im thinking is too cute! Lol.
So, anyways, i thought, why not make a post on dresses for prom. Even though im not going cause im only a freshman and am not dating a senior, i still thought this would be helpful for a lot of people since prom is seriously right around the corner, and a lot of people still have not found that amazing perfect dress. So, lets get started!

This first dress is from Davids Bridal. It's a Strapless Chiffon Print Gown with High Low Hemline dress. This is $169.
Now, this would be a favorite of mine, and is a big trend this year because it's high-low. And, its a subtle animal print mixed in. It also has another trend going on with the bright pastel colored purple. So, this would be a top pick of mine if i was going to prom. Super cute, trendy, and easy to find complimenting accesories to pair with it!

Strapless Chiffon High Low Print Dress $169
This is also from Davids Bridal. This is also perfect for this occassion and this time of year. It has 2 great trends incorated in it. The High-low hemline and the floral print. Florals are great for sping time, so this is a great pick. I think this would be super cute with nude platformed peep toe pumps.

All Over Sequin Dress with Chiffon Overlay $159
This is super cute and unique. Also, keeping it very classic with the black and white.

Sleeveless Empire Waist Beaded Knit Gown $169
This perfect super cute, and classy. I love the color, and the neckline. I also love how it just flows down like that.

Sleeveless Charmuese Gown With Animal Print $169
This is just a really unique looking dress, all around. I mean with the color, the print, the style, everything. I love this!

One Shoulder Neon Gown with Illusion Waist $199
Now, you know i have to have an orange dress in this since it was my friend who inspired me to do this and its her favorite color. But, i have to honestly admit, this dress is too gorgeous. Words cannot describe how i feel about this dress. The style and design of it is just so beautful. Click on the name and you'll see what im talking about!

Strapless Layered Tulle Ball Gown $259
This is honestly such a beautiful dress. Im in love. I actually really love dresses like these. The kind with the layering of the fabrics, like how here this dress has, the orange and the pink layered. I even have seen one before with blue and purple layered. It was a shorter style though, but i dont really wear long dresses that much. But overall, these are super cute !

**note: there will be a part 2, to this post! It's just I want to put way more into it & I don't want this one post to be entirely way too long. I love this idea so I will defiantly be making a part 2 super soon !

Hope you guys enjoyed and I will talk to you later ! (:

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mini MAC & Ulta Haul (:

Okay, so as most of you guys know, while i was on vacation, i went shopping. I didnt get a ton of makeup, i did more clothes shopping than anything since spring is fastly approaching! But, i did promise you guys i'd be doing a spring break haul, and this will be the first part. It is not a lot at all, only like, 4 or 5 items, but i still wanna share with you guys. So here goes.

First, i stopped by a MAC counter and picked up 3 items.
I got a lipglass in, Oh baby.
This is just a super gorgeous brown golden type color, with a ton of shimmer. And, then it also has these gorgeous pinky and blue/seafoam green glitters in it, and its just a beautiful color!
Then i got a pro longwear lipglass in, Ready or Not!.
Ready or Not is just a super pretty shimmery, pinky nude kind of color with pink glitters in it. Gorgeous!
The last thing i got was an eyeshadow in, Mythology.
It's a super pretty golden brown shimmer color. It is a lustre eyeshadow, so super shimmery and eye catching.

Then, i went to Ulta. I just picked up one thing from there. That was an Urban Decay eyeshadow in the shade, Midnight Cowboy .
Again, this is a neutral . Its a really pretty taupey champagne kinda color. Its really shimmery and has some silver glitters in it ! Super pretty, and can also make for a great highlighting color since its very blendable!

*note: sorry i don't have any pictires right now. Im doing this off of the blog app on my phone, and its almost 2 in the morning where i live, but i cant sleep and really wanted to get this up for you guys! So, if you see this before i get pictures up, check back in a couple days, maybe less, and i will most definately have pictures and swatches up. But until then im sure you can find some good swatches online. Just google them .

Well, i love you guys and will talk to you in my next post! Bye (:

Monday, March 19, 2012

Just A Bloggin' (:

Okay, guys. So, while i was on vacation, i went to Sephora, Ulta, and MAC . I got a few pretty neutral eyeshadows, and a couple other colors, and that means my everyday eye makeup is about to change. So, i wanna know, would you guys like me to do a tutorial on that look. I mean, since i've already done my lip routine, i wanna do the other parts in this little "series", which includes my foundation routine, eye makeup, and such. But i only wanna do it if you guys want it, cause i only do these things for you guys! Ha, so what do you think? Just let me know, but it will not be up this week! MAYBE this weekend, but not this week. Cause im still looking for a really pretty neutral crease color! So, if you guys have any good recomendations, leave a commment  below.
Well, i will talk to you guys in my next post! Bye(:

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Guess What ?

Yes, im back!
Okay, so for those of you who do not know , i was on Spring Break since March 9th. And, i went on Vacation like Tuesday, Wenesday. I went to a city like 5 hours away from where i live in Texas. I went to San Antonio, Texas. And i left late night on Tuesday, at like 12 or 1 in the morning! Which is the reason i have been MIA, and no real exciting post have gone up since then. Im sorry, but i was enjoying my vacation.
I actually just got back like 2, maybe 3 hours ago.
Since i didnt not do a follow me around vlog, i will fill you guys in on what i did while i was there.
Cause i did go shopping a few times at different malls, i went to the Riverwalk, i went to Sixflags, and a lot more, but its way to much for this post, so it will be in another post.
While i was gone, i didnt forget about you guys. I was actually adding to my list of posts i plan on doing! And, as i said i went shopping, so you know that means a haul will be up! Get excited ! (:

Anyways, today is my bestfriends birthday, and we're gonna go to the mall real fast, and whatever, so ill talk to you in my next post! Bye (:

Friday, March 16, 2012

Help !

Hey guys.
Sorry for the lack of posts. But im on vacation! Sorry.
But i will try to post today, but i need you guys' help !
Okay, so i wanna start a series type thing, where i post every Friday. It will not neccesarily be beauty or fashiob fashion, but just anything. Anything i find interesting throughout the week. So kind of like my weekly favorites .
Now, here is where you guys come in. I need some ideas on clever names for these kinds of post. So can you guys help me out. I already have a few names, but i want your guys' opinions too ! (:
Sooo, leave a comment below and let me know some cute clever names, and i'll post it tonight then. Sound good ? Kay. Well, im off to the Cheescake Factory. Yum (:
Bye !

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring Nail Polishes

So, spring is practically already here (United States), or at least that's what I like to think. That means, it is time to start storing away all your big sweaters, thick scarves, and heavy jackets. Time to break out all your tank tops, lacey shirts with the frilly sleeves, short shorts, and sandals! THis also means bright fun colors, and of course we can not forget the nail polish!
If you are like me,--hate being hot, and sweaty, and sticky and all the other cons of spring and summer, then it can be really hard to look forward to spring and sumer. I mean, i love everything else.. but.. it's just the HEAT. I live in Texas, so it tends to get super hot down here, especially in the summer time. But, There are great things that i find myself really looking forward to this time of year. And, one of those things are bright colors and nail polish! Just happens to be favorite way to incororate bright and bolds are through my nails! So , todays post is going to be about my favorite, and most used spring nail polishes that i have been loving so far. Let's get started!

The first color i have really been loving for spring time is a color i actually have on my nails right now. Nicole by OPI Kimpletely In Love, from the Kardashian Kolors collection. I actually just got this polish a few days ago and right when i got home i immdiately put it on. I have been obsessed with this color lately. I love the way it looks on my nails, and everything. It is a really pretty, milky baby pink color with irridescent shimmer sparkles in it that reflect a seafoam green and a little blue. And, if you turn it a certain way, some reflects are purple. So gorgeous! Now, the only thing is it is kinda sheer, and not as opaque as other polishes. So, you will have to apply more than 2 coats, i applied 4 but you can totally get away with 3, i just wanted extra coverage, but i think it is totally worth it! The picture below honestly just does not give it justice. I think it is more shimmery in person.

The next polish i am loving is Essie's Play Date. This is a really pretty pastel like , lilac color . I actually had this on my nails before the Kimpletely in Love color, and it is so pretty. I mean, im absolutely in love with it cause it's purple, and you guys know how i feel about purple! Lol. But this is super pretty, and perfect for the spring time since it is a pastel and that is a big trend this spring!

Another color, i have been loving is, OPI's Vodka and Caviar. It's just a really pretty bright red color. I have not been wearing red as much but, i will be wearing this, cause its not your typical darker red that most people wear a lot. It's a bright red. It pops and stands out. And it is very classy. You can wear this almost anywhere and it would be perfectly fine! Such a beautiful red.

China Glaze's Aquadelic is also another great color that is just perfect for spring. It's just a super gorgeous bright tiffany blue color, and to me, i almost wanna say that it has a kind of mint green undertone. It is like the signiture blue color for this years spring. I mean, i have not used it yet, but i am really super excited to. I think i might use it next. But, just a really gorgeous blue color. Also, this is from their new Spring 2012 collection called Electropop.

This next polish is again, from the Electropop collection, and it is Make Some Noise (obviously by ChinaGlaze). Its just a really pretty bright pink with coral undertones to it. This is like the perfect hot pink color for summer. It really pretty. Bright and Bold, which are 2 trends that are really in for this spring! So, i really love it. This is one of my favorite colors from the collection.

This polish is going to be from Essies new Spring 2012 collection and this is called , Orange, It's Obvious. This is a really bright orange color! Like BAM! Bright orange. And it also has like a coral undertone to it. But, this is like, the perfect bright and bold trend color, for this spring.
<b>orange, it's obvious</b><p>a bright orange

This color is also from the new 2012 Essie collection. This one is called, Ole' Caliente. This is a gorgeous red-orange color with some deep pink undertone to it. This is super pretty and bold! So this is a great color to wear for spicing up an outfit and adding color to anything since its just such a bold color!
<b>olé caliente</b><p>a red-orange with pink undertone

Im sorry, but i am obsessed with this collection! So, the next color is Navigate her, yes again, from the 2012 Essie collection. Now, this color is a very different color, and is not in the bright trend catogory, but it is a bold color. It resembles jade green, just a lighter version, so it's not as dark which is what would make the difference between a winter/fall color and a spring/summer color. Its a super adorably pretty light jade green color. It's really different trend wise, which is why i think i like it so much.
<b>navigate her</b><p>a light, bright green

Again, im sorry guys but the next 2 colors are also gonna be from the Essie 2012 collection..
This color is Tour de Finance. This is a really pretty bright fuchsia color with shimmer. It also has a purple like undertone. This is also another perfect color to have cause it follows the 2 trends. Bright and Bold! Perfect right ? ;)
<b>tour de finance</b><p>a fuchsia with shimmer

The next one, and also my last fevorite from this collection is in the shade , A Crewed Interest.
This is a really gorgeous luminous peachy baby pink color. It's just a tad bit more peachy than baby pink, i think that is great since peaches are really fun colors for the spring time! Im absolutely in love with this color! A TOP favorite of mine right now.
<b>a crewed interest</b><p>a luminous peach shade

Another color i've been loving recently has been OPI's Need Sunglasses. This is a really pretty bold yellow color. And, how cute is that name? It totally goes with the color and theme of the polish completely. This is a really nice color for spring that i actually think a lot of people always overlook the yellows way to much! I personally think yellows are fantastic colors to wear for spring and they are great attention grabbers that make people look twice at your hands!

These next few colors will be a little more on the pricey shide, because they are from Chanel, but i totally think splurging on one or two polishes from time to time is great. Especially if they are great quality like Chanel. But, you can also always find amazing dupes for these colors. Just google it.

This first color is, 549 Distraction. This is a super pretty bright coral pinky color. This is absolutely a beautiful color. Now, this is a $26 dollar polish but with how well, the pigmentation and quality is, and i personally am head over heels in love with this, id say it was worth it. This is my only Chanel polish i have splurged on myself. The others i have are gifts (birthday, christmas, and good grades and such from family)

This next polsih from Chanel is, in the shade Gold Fingers. Now, the name kinda says it, but to go more in depth , this is a super gorgeous gold color with silver shimmers in it. This is super pretty, and i think this is another great spring polish that people tend to overlook! Super shimmery and very pretty. Also, this IS a limited edition color, so this is $28, and i dont know how long it will be available for purchaing, so this would most definately be a color i'd splurge on.

This next Chanel color, is also a limited edition color, and i was lucky enough for my aunt to get me this as a present. This color is called Coco Blue. This is just a super pretty light blue kinda turquoisey looking color. I absolutely love this color, ad blues are definately soo pretty in the spring time.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post on my favortie spring nail polishes for 2012 and i will talk to you guys in my next post, which i will be working on right after this goes up. Love you guys. Bye!

What are your favorite polishes for this spring? Any dupes or colors you recommend? Let me know in a comment below.

My Signature Look: My Most Used Lip Routine

Hey guys,
So, its like 4:14 in the morning and i just CAN NOT sleep for anything in the world . I think it's because it's hot in my house and i can't sleep at all when it's hot. I have to be cold. Or at least room temperature. I dont know, im wierd. Lol,
So, anyways, since i can't sleep, i decided to do a blog on my lip routine. I know it sounds wierd, like 'who has a "lip routine"? Dont you just put on a lipstick, gloss or balm and done!?' But no, that isnt the case for me.Today, i noticed while i was getting ready go out, cause me and my boyfriend went shopping today and out to eat, so while doing my make up, i noticed that i do my lips really different. Actually, no one i have ever seen, does them with the same technique, so i thought it would be kind of interesting to show you guys how i do my lips. Maybe you'll find something new to change up your routine. So, here goes!

ONE : The first thing i do when doing my lips is, i apply some sort of balm first . Doing this kind of acts like a base, just to lock in moisture that may escape or dry my lips with whatever lip product i use. I usually use my EOS Lip Balm in Strawberry Sorbet . Love that stuff.
*If im using lipstains, (which i totally love and prefer them over a lipstick anyday,) i don't like to put the lipstain over the balm directly from the applicator because i feel like it messes up the application and pigmentaion of the lipstain, im not sure, but that is what i feel like. So, i still do put the lip balm on, But, i only leave it on for a few minutes to let it soak in ,then i wipe it off, apply the lipstain, then reapply the balm! This way, i feel my lips are totally moisturized, and still with pigmentation in my lips.
**If im am not using a stain and just apply a gloss, a lipstick, or something like a Revlon Lip Butter, or just something that isnt a lipstain, then totally skip the wiping off the balm part, and skip to step two.

TWO : After i apply the balm, and lipstain or other lip product. Then, i take whatever lipgloss i use for that day, and put over top, to give whatever lipstick or stain or whatever, a shiny glossy finish. (sometimes, i will feel like it's a bit too much and will skip the gloss and go straight to step 3 from here.)

THREE : After the gloss, if i use it . Then, i will take a Carmex (tube). My favorite is the Strawberry (of course, nothing new) I squeeze a little bit onto my finger and will apply this to my lips with my finger, to ensure shiness and moisture. I do this with my finger because i don't want the tube to get all colored or gunky with my other lip products. But, of course if i havecompletely bare lips then i apply stright from the tube.

***Note; I also do a lip scrub on my lips, 3-4 times a week to exfoliate. I do not recommend doing this everyday, simply because it will irritate and be super harsh and such to your lips because its taking off all the dead skin and if you constantly do it, the will be no dead skin to exfoliate and will just start to irritate the normal skin. ***

After step three, im done with my lips!
Now, some people may think this is too much. Other may think different. Bt remember, this is my technique and what i have found that works best with me. Tis is cometely my take on how i get my lips like this. With this technique, my lips are never chapped, always moisturized. Never cracked, or anything like that. This keeps my lips smooth like no other. This i what i found works on me, but again, you can take this idea and recreate it, use less, use more, whatever. Make it work for you, you dont have to do everything or nothing.
I hope you enjoy this, and i will talk to you guys in my next post. Bye!

Monday, March 12, 2012

TAG! You're It : Get To Know Me

Hey guys. So i was on Elle and Blair's website and i was just browsing through bored. And, the i thought to myself, i have not done a TAG in a minute now. So, i went to their TAG Catagory and found this TAG that Blair did last summer. And, i thought it was just perfect, cause i have noticed that, since i have started this blog, i have not done a post about me. Ya' know, just something so you can know a little more about me, behind all the fashion and beauty. So, i thought that this TAG will hold you guys over until i actually do an "about me" post or something! So, lets get started!

Question 1) Is it cute when guys kiss you on your forehead?
Yes, I think it is absolutely adorable !
Question 2) A big poofy dress or short party dress?
Well, i think poofy dresses can actually be super cute, like how they have a bunch of colors, cordnating of course, silky lacey material, but short. Not long poofy. But, although i think those dresses are gorgeous, for me they are not as practical as a short party dress. Sooo, short party dress!
Question 3) Are diamonds a girls bestfriend?
Of course! But, their are always tons of way cuter cubic z..(whatever that name is,lol), out there! I actually own way more of them and other stones than real diamonds!
Question 4) Is your hair up or down today ?
Half up, half down (:
Question 5) Do you straighten your hair?
Question 6) Favorite mascara?
Of the moment, it is, L'Oreal Volumionous False Lashes
Question 7) Do you get your nails done ?
If im just gonna paint them, then i do them myself or if i want a really professional look, my mom does really good nails as if you did go to the salon so i'll ask her. But, for special occassions, or if i have an urge to get them done i go get them done at the salon. Oh, and if i want gel nails i get them at the salon.
Question 8) Small or large purses?
Hmm.. Depends. If im going shopping or somewhere that i know im not gonna wanna have a huge bag on my arm, then i take my favorite Coach crossbody or something like that. But, if i am just running somewhere, or at dinner, or just anything that doesnt involve me walking all day or using my arms or anything practical that i doesnt matter what kind of bag you have then big bag! Right now, im on break and have been shopping a lot and walking around and stuff so i have my Coach crossbody.
Question 9) Jeans or sweats?
Sweats! All the way! But that isnt always very practical so if i must wear jeans, then jeggings (:
Question 10) Do you wear clothes/shoes/jewelry thats comfortable?
Yes, all the time. But, there are time when the saying, "beauty is pain" kicks in and i have to reminds myself. Lol.
Question 11) Do you text message a lot ?
Of course! But, i do talk on the phone all the time!
Question 12) What's your favorite color?
Seriously ? Lol. PURPLE! And, pink, mint green, tiffany blue! (:
Question 13) Heels or flats?
Heels! Actually WEDGES! But if im not doing anything to important and involves me being on my feet for super long time then sandals or flats. Or if it just goes better w. my outfit, lol. But, most of the time its wedges, heels, and sandals. But i love tennis shoes, like Jordans, and Nike! <3
Question 14) Do you ever leave the house without makeup on ?
YES! I actually went all last week at school without makeup. So, if i wake up and feel really tired in the morning than i hardly put any on or none at all, like last week i didnt care cause it was week before the break im on now, but nost of the time i do have on makeup as long as im doing something productive and around people or something like that, such as shopping or hanging out with friends and dinner. But, if im just going to run errands with mom or something boring then no makeup!
Questin 15) Walmart or Target?
Question 16) Do you think lipgloss is the best?
Absolutely! That and lipstains. But, thats probably just me cause i seriously hate lipstick!
Question 17) Do you own any big sunglasses ?
DUH! Like 6 or 7 pairs! Haha
Question 18) How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
Anywhere from 20 minutes to 2 hours. Sometimes 3 if i seriously procrastinate.
Question 19) Gold or silver?
Hmm, both! (:
Question 20) Do you like to wear dresses?
Eh, im opening up. I used to hate them with a deep passion up until like a year or two ago. Cause when i was little i used to be a major tomboy and hated dresses because i always had to wear them to church since my mom or grandma made me. Like everytime i would see one, i would seriously try to get as far away as possible! But, im starting to open up, i actually am going shopping for some one tomorrow! But, i try to keep the attention away from my legs since i have scars from tomboy days! lol.
Question 21) In the past 48 hours have you hung out with a guy?
Question 22) Do yuo like to hold hands?
Absolutely! It's cute tome.
Question 23) What do you notice when you first met a guy ?
Smile and eyes. Ohh, and personality.
Question 24) Do you like making eye contact?
Yes. But a lot of people say that i do it just a little too much. Haha, i don't mean too,but it's just how i am. It's kinda like if i look long enough im reading you, like personality wise.
Question 25) Would you kill for chocolate?
No. I mean, not really. I do have my moments though were i have HUGE sugar rushes and thats all i want is chocolate, but that just because i dont eat a ton of candies so when i do want it, I REALLY WANT IT. And crave it til i get it! Lol,
Question 26) On a scale of 1-10, how fun is shopping?
Seriously? Is this really a question for me? 100 million! When i shop, i feel as if nothing can go wrong! Well, unless they dont have your size in something you REALLY want -____-
Question 27) Do you yell a lot?
Well, i wouldn't say i yell. But i do have the tendency to raise my voice and most of the time i dont realize it!
Question 28) Do you wear sweatpants/pajamas to school/work?
I have before. But, i have not worn pajamas to school since pre-k and kindergarten on pajama day. Lmao. But, i do wear sweats when its super freezing outside or i just really dont feel like putting on jeans! But majority of the time, i try to be cute! ;D
Question 29) Have you ever dressed unlike yourself to impress a guy?
Yeah, once. It was a couple years ago. I was in the 7th grade and liked this 8th grader. He was like gorgeous! Exactly what i would love in a guy. Light skin(mixed german and black), curly hair in a fade, the most beautiful hazel colored eyes to die for, they even changed colors with his mood. But, it was only a few days i did , like every now and then, i didnt try super hard!
Question 30) What makeup could you not live without?
Question 31) Do you fall in love easily?
No .
Question 32) Do you have cramps?
Yes, thats how i know my period is coming. That and my right thigh starts to hurt.
Question 33) Do you think yuo have the bestest friend ever?
Sure do ! ;) Lol.

I TAG all my my subscribers to do this! Enjoy! (:

Alli Simpson Makeup Tutorial


For those of you who do not know who Alli Simpson is. Alli Simpson is Cody Simpson's 13 year old sister. And, she is absolutely gorgeous! And, she always has this very pretty, but very neutral and basic makeup look on. It has even been stated by her before that while she was on the Welcome To Paradise Tour just recently with her brother and Jessica Jarrell, that a ton of girls would come up and ask how she achieved her make up and how she applies it. So, im going to be sharing with you how you can achieve this very simple neutral looking makeup look.
*NOTE* There will be 2 parts to this post. This first one is going to be high end. The second one thats using drugstore products!

Step 1) Im almost 100% sure that she uses a moisturizer. So just any good facial moisturizer will do. Just put a tiny, about the size of a penny, and apply this all over your face.
Step 2) Time to prime the face. Im not completely sure which exact primer she uses, but it has to be one that gives off a really nice glow ,because her skin always looks so glowy and refreshed. So, it looks like she uses Benefits That Gal Brightening Face Primer. This is just going to assure that your foudation stays put throughout the day and also gives a very refreshing glow like Alli's!
Step 3) Now.. foundation. I would say that she uses MakeUp Forever Foundation. Using this foundation is going to provide a really nice natural satin like finish. The good thing about Makeup Forever foundation is that they seriously have a color for almost every skin tone. But if they dont, just mix it together if they dont. No big deal. Apply with any foundation or stippling brush.
Step 4) Im sure she uses a powder to set her foundation and make it last all throughout her very busy days. So take a MAC Studio Fix powder and just dust this all over your face, to reassure your foundation lasts all day. And by doing this makes sure that your not oily or shiny!
Step 5) For her skin to have that extra excellent flawless glow, im sure she uses a highlighter. She probably uses Benefits High Beam Illuminzer, since she always has a very gorgeous pinky golden glow, and thats exactly what Benefits High Beam gives. So, just take this and apply anywhere you'd want a little extra attention. Cheek, the bridge of your nose, or even a V shape on the outer corners of your eyes, to give your face that extra clean and healthy glow.
Step 6) As for blush, she always has a nice natural subtle blushy cheek. So, it looks as if she uses Dior"s Rosy Glow, Healthy Glow, Awakening Blush. So, with any type of blush brush, lightly dust this onto the apples of your cheeks. Gives a really nice flush of pink color. Just like Alli's.
Step 7) As for her eyes. I know for a fact she hardly uses any eyeshadow, which is why her look is always very neutral and clean looking.But, if you do want a little shimmer or color to your eyes every now and then. For her look, i would guess that she uses if not exactly , something similar to Napoleon Perdis's Loose Eye Dusts. Go for a baby pink color! Or something real neutral to keep it looking fresh and clean.
Step 8) Most of the time, i almost never see her with bold dark eyeliner (such as blacks or deep browns) on, unless she is attending an event! Normally when she wears everyday makeup, it looks like very subtle eyeliner. So, probably something similar to Sephora's Glitter Eyeliner. It's a gel based sparkle eyeliner. So apply it as if it was liquid-- just above your lids on your top lash line. Go for just a basic standard silver or an Opal color. It seems like something she would use, since it's more natural looking and clean.
Step 9) Mascara! To finish off the eyes, mascara is always a must have. Especially for Alli. Im gonna guess that she probably uses something similar to the Napoleon Perdis's Long Black Mascara. I feel like there could be so many other choices for this mascara, but this one just really really stuck out in my mind to me! So, i really wanna say she uses this one, i mean. That's what i use to get this look. And, it does not get clumpy either!
Step 10) Now, for the most exciting and important part of this look. The lips! I would say, from looking at pictures and swatches, her favorite lip color for this look is MACs En-Chantee, from the Kissable Lip Colors. And i have used this before, so it's almost as if its a liquid lipstick than gloss, so for her look, it looks as if she takes a clear gloss and apply this after the Kissable Lip Color, since her lips always have a very nice glossy shiny finish. Any clear gloss would work for this!

Viola! You have completed your neutral Alli Simpson look! Great for school, parties, maybe even dress it up for dinner by adding a deeper eyeshadow? Look forward to the second part to achieve this look with drugstore products!

Dealy Dally: NYX Cosmetics

Hey girls!
So, NYX is on Hautelook ! I just thought that i should let all of my lovely subscribers and viewers know about this! And, the most amazing part is that NYX is already not very expensive. But, your getting even cheaper than it already is! I have already ordered a couple of things, and the stuff might sell out so hurry and go order you some NYX ! Links will be below!
***NOTE*** Hautelook does not ship internationally. SORRY !

And, I'll talk to you guys later! (:

Sunday, March 11, 2012


Hey lovelies!
I just wanted to give you a quick update on my life and all thats happening with me and such right now.
So, for those of you who do not know, i live in Texas and everywhere in central Texas is on Spring Break right now. We started on Friday had an early release! So, that being said. If you guys start to see a lacking in my post and such ,it is because im on Spring Break! I have been very busy with things for Spring Break since i left my Friday! I have been going shopping to get a couple of items and Spring wants and just to start of my Spring Break, because of course i will be shopping where im going. I have been chilling with friends and family and just so busy . It's crazy cause that's just the begining! I actually leave tomorrow to where im going to be spending most of my Spring Break at! I actually think im going 2 places, so i'll probably be missing the first day back ,but whatever! Cause im a bad ass! LMAO.
But seriously, if you start to notice my slacking and all that, just know that it is because im having fun and enjoying my Spring Break , because let me tell you, I REALLY NEED THIS BREAK! School is sooo stressful lately -_____-
But i will let you know, that as of this moment i am working on a 'Spring Wants and Must Haves' post. It is in my drafts this very moment. It would have been up last night but, i cant find any good pictures for some of the things ! But, i will try my best to get that up ASAP !
But, im gonna go and finish packing right now. Haha, i say that like im almost done. Honestly i started last night and only have one outfit, just a shirt and shorts! And, my toothbrush and tooth paste! -____-
I know, im such a procrastinator, i should be almost finished! But, i actually need to go shopping for one more thing anyway before i can even be close to finishing!
Okay, guys i should have ended this post like 5 lines ago, lol. See, procrastination . I talking to you when i need to go pack, cause i leave TOMORROW. And, i still need to go shopping and im spending time with my boyfriend today!
OK! Forreal now, guys. Im gonna go. BYE! (:

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Beauty Bitz & Glitz: Spa Drawer

I know that when i walk into a spa, no matter what problems i had to face that day, im automatically calmed and subsided from stress. I just walk in and all the peaceful vibes and soothing music is just so relaxing i forget all the un-pleasent things that ran through my mind that day, week, month, whatever.
Spa's are suppose to give that really calming vibe and have this effect on you.
I love ging to spa's and getting a total detox from stress. And being sucluted away from the worlds actions, in my own little world.
I know that a ton of people have never been to Spa's or are not economcally stable to blow a ton at the spa. So..
Have you never been to a spa and just wish to have that one day? That one day, with no distractions and leave all of the problems in the real world behind? For just a little bit?
Well, im here to tell you how you can have that day, without the hassle of leaving your house. And, without breaking the bank!
The answer to this is a spa drawer. Yes, a spa drawer. For those of you, who have no clue what a spa drawer is, a spa drawer is basically just an empty drawer (or even a storage container if all your drawers are occupied!) that is used to put anything spa-like in. Ranging from scrubs, moisturizers, cooling face creams, and even face masks if you want. Just make sure that if you choose to put a mask in, that it doesnt have to be refridgerated! There are tons of things that can go into a spa drawer. Anything of your choosing because it's your personalized drawer.

I know that not everybody has a luxury of going to spa's every weekend or whenever they feel the need to. So, what actually inspired me to do this is my own spa drawer! I am on spring break where i live in Texas, and my sister (really my bestfriend) is coming over later on tonight and a few other friends. I was thinking that since we just had a practice State test this past week, its closing in to be the end of the year so we are all kinda stressed from making sure our grades are right to earn the credits, so anyways, i though what better way to start off my break, than just relaxing and doing kinda an at home spa . So, while i was rambaling through my drawers to see what i have and dont have enough of, i was thinking of you guys and how a lot of people are not able to be at spa's . So, i thought i'd share with you this idea. Because everybody needs a little stress detox once in a while and cant afford or dont want to go out and spend a ton at a spa.

From my expierences, i know that most spa's can get outrageously over priced and charge an arm and a leg for just one 45 minute masage! So, this is a price cautious way to have most of the expierences of a spa, without actually being in a spa!

Start off by cleaning out an empty drawer. Or, you can even get a storgae container if you dont have an empty drawer! They sell them really cheap at Walmart, or dollar stores, and come in a variety of sizes. They can even make it more organized, by putting all your scrubs in one, and so on.

A few things you can consider putting in this drawer are:
-masks (i dont recommend putting ones that require refrigiration) they sell non refriration one at Walmart, Ulta, Target and other drugstores. At least around me.
-scrubs (including lip, foot, facial, body scrubs)
-Cooling creams (creams that have a cooling effect)
-body wash or lotion that you only used on certain occasions and events
-Manicure and Pedicure sets
-nail polish remover
-make up remover
-bath bombs
-cotton balls and q-tips
-AND anything else that i left out that you might wanna throw in there.

Oh, and dont forget to put in some CD's of calming music. Really any music that makes you calm! Lol. Or if you have an iPod or iPhone and an iHome just play that! Have fun!!!!

Have you ever been to a spa? Have you ever had a spa party, or done anything similar before?

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Spring Wants and Must Haves!

Hey guys!Alright so, guys i have a problem. Well, more like an addiction . And, that is shopping! Yes, i have a pretty huge shopping addiction! I know, but i cant help it!
So todays post is going to be on this years major Spring and Summer must haves and wants. And for me.. that's quite a lot! So lets get started!

The first one is a floral body con skirt!
  1. Photo 1 of Floral Bodycon Skirt

These are just a few of the ones i have been eyeing lately.
Number 1 is from $45.00
Number 2 is from $12.50
The one from WEtseal is my absolute favorite. I actuallu just placed an order for it on the website, along with a couple other items.

Another thing that i have been really wanting for spring lately is, wedges! If you have been following me for a while, you know that i have a post all about wedges! That is actually gonna be a spring staple of mine!
URSY (on sale right now!) Sale Price; $86.98 Original Price;$110
These wedges are from GUESS and they are super cute. I love how they lace up and the style of them is just something i really like! I actually think that these would be perfect for just a nice warm casual spring or summer day. And, cause they are wedges, very comforting for almost any activity and they are only just 4 inches!! They are a little pricey, but i personally think that shoes are something to invest in. It's something i always find myself buying and getting good uses from them. They are also on sale right now on the website, im not sure how long there gonna be on sale, but i would hurry and grab them!

DYANNE $49.95 Original price: $90.00
These are super cute and classy. I love how they wrap arond a little! Like, you dont know how in love i am with wrap around shoes! I think they are super cute and this style is perfect for a spring day. Nice casula color, not too overpowering and the heel is only 3 3/4 inches! So perfect for a day at the park or if you are on your feet. Good price too!

I have also really been wanting a nice pink lip!

 Viva Glam Nicki
MAC Viva Glam Nicki $14.50
I have really been eyeing this lately. This is the Viva Glam Nicki from MAC.
Now, im not really into lipstick. AT ALL. I really hate the feeling it has on my lips so i typically go for lipstains or a super pigmented gloss! But, this oh my goodness! I really love Nicki Minaj and when i heard she was gonna team up with MAC, i got excited. So, im really thinking about this! I've looked up swatches of it online and also, i have seen people wear it and it looks super pretty!

Now, call me Nicki Minaj crazy here, but i am in love with Nicki's nail polish collection. I love every single color!

Colors from left to right: Did It On Em', Fly, Save Me, Matallic 4 Life, Pink Friday, Super Bass
All of these colors are beautiful! Can you believe that i dont have not one color yet?? Crazy! Everybody else has at least one color, but, For me spring break is this coming week, Our last day is tomorrow and its early out so im supposed to be going with some friends to the mall tomorrow to get a couple outfits to start off my spring break and if i see this i will for sure pick it up! Im excited to try Pink Friday, Fly, and Save Me. Also, im super happy for Did It on Em' just cause its such an ugly color that its cute! Lol, wierd!
Oh ,and just a shout out to Nicki for all her teaming up and collaborations with companies lately! She is on a roll. First OPI and then MAC!

What is on your spring wants and must haves list ?

Monday, March 5, 2012

Trend Alert: Blazers!

*NOTE: I know that i have not finished my february favorites but i promise i will finsih them. It's just, if you have been keeping up with my blog, you know that my aunts birthday was on Monday feb. 27 and my madre's birthday was Saturday or yesturday, march 3. So, i had a really busy week this past week and an even busier weekend. Since they are so close in birth just one year apart, they have their party together every year, but this year was super different. They had 3 parties in ONE day! My aunts is pregnant, so they had her baby shower and another party at the house then their birthday party later that night at one of their favorites clubs! And, my intetions was to finish it last night cause i thought i was gonna have time, but i ended up baby sitting! -___-  But, i promise it will be up real soon. This is actually my last week of school, and if your in central Texas you know why! But, for those of you who dont live here, SPRING BREAK for us starts on friday, the 9th ! So, hopefully i can find some time really soon to finish that up.
So yeah, sorry for the long intro , just wanted to clear some things up . So now thats out the way, lets get in to todays post!

Okay, so blazers are becoming a pretty large portion of a fashion staple . But, i know that there are people out there that dont think of blazers as an everyday item, or something casual. Well, this post is gonna change your mind! I personally love blazers. And, now that they're becoming so popular, i have noticed that a lot of stores have them in less buisinessy type material. Like, i have seen lace blazers and cotton flimsy loose blazers! I actually picked some up. They will be featured in an upcoming haul.
Blazers can really pull a look together. They can be that one thing that you just feel your missing from an outfit!
Quite a lot of blazers, as i mentioned earlier, are made in different fabrics that give them a more fresh, less polished, laid-back look and feel to it. Like, i forget forget the actual name of the real material most real professional blazers are made of, but now im starting to see a lot of them being made with cotton, lace, polyester, and sweater type material. There are tons more, but these are just what i see most commonly. But,another perk to them being made with other fabrics, besides the extra comfyness and laid-back chill look, is the prices! I know for a fact that real blazers can get really expensive! But, the other fabrics are much cheaper! I've seen some really great quality one at Forever 21, H&M, and other places.
Now im going to show you a few that i have had my eye on for a while and also a couple i have. The places, the prices, brands, name, and description will all be listed below the picture like always. Let's get started!

Forever21 $22.80
Sinle Button Boyfriend Blazer
Boyfriend blazers are really loose and boxy looking. What i love about that is that they really give more of a laid back feel. Something to just throw on to make an outfit come together and feel complete. I really love the way the model in the picture is wearing her blazer. To me, it looks as if, she wanted to tone down all the colors in her outfit, including the little clutch. By picking this pinky peachy toned taupe colored blazer was a really nice way to do this, while still looking very chic and well put together! This would be perfect for going out to dinner with the girls or family . Or maybe even on a day of shopping, if you like to look kinda dressy and like you put a ton of time in an outfit!
You can also get this is a more nude taupey color and white.

Forever 21 $24.80
Stand Up Lapel Blazer
This blazer is more fitted and put together. I love the color of this. It make it easy to pair with other clothing items and accesories as well. This would be perfect for those days when your outfit is just a little too casual for your days events or if you just dont wanna look so plain. Again, this is great for going out to dinner! Also, i love how its cropped and the 3/4 length sleeves. Adds a girly touch. Love it!

Forever 21 $27.80
Ruched Sleeve Blazer
This is a different blazer than what you are probably used to seeing. At least around the stores nearest to me. Now, if your like me, if it wasnt for the name stating below the picture, i would have never guessed this to be a blazer! Lol. But, i really love the concept! This would totally being the ideal chill look fir wearing blazers! Just being the fact that it looks so loose, comfy and to me, it looks like a cardigan! So, this is something i would totally wear on a day of shopping, going to the movies, and anything else that you would want to look comfy and very chic at the same time! Im actually gonna order this, this weekend maybe ! Oh, and the red would totally be great for color blocking or going for the nautical trend! Those are 2 very in style trends right now!

Forever 21 $27.80
Dynamic Woven Blazer
I seriously love this blazer. It is sooo pretty. I have really been loving coral based colors lately and this is perfect! This is great for color blocking! And if you look, you'll notice the pop of pink where she has folded her sleeves up! How cute is this blazer? I swear, i cant stop looking at it, imagining all of the great outfits i could pair this with. Now, you may think that just cause this blazer is more fitted and closer to looking more professional, that you can only wear it for certain things! Well, think again. I mean yeah it's more polished and fitted but, the bright colors in this is perfect and just screams fun and lid back! So, this could really be a perfect blazer for almost any occasion!

What are your thoughts on blazers? Do you like any? Any good recommendations for good quality ones? Whatis your favorite blazer out of the ones picturedd above ? Let me know in the comments below!
Until next time, bye guys!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

February Favorites! 2012

It's the end of February guys! And you know what that means! Time to share with you my favorites for the month of February! Everything from fashion and beauty related tiems, to food, to movies and TV shows, to my favorite music and even my favorite website i have been addicted to for this month!

The first thing is my favorite eyeliner of the month . And if you go back a few posts ago, i actually reviewed this product and you'll know what im about to say.
The Maybelline Define-A-Line eyeliner!

(Picture from here -
This has been my current baby. I actually surprised myself when i used this eyeliner. I had actually just spare of the moment, picked it up for the simple fact that i knew i was running out of my liner and it was kinda late so my Ulta was closed. So, i just kinda ran to the makeup isle and scanned quickly for something and i ran across this little baby. I mean it was the one i had been hearing people rtave about and pretty good reviews so i just went with it. I though it was not going to be that good. But to my surprise, it's very pigmented and very creamy. Which i love and was totally shocked at how well it stayed on my water line! So, this is definately a super amazing drugstore eyeliner that i would recommend!

The second product is another product i reviewed a while back. L'Oreal Volumonous False Lashes mascara.

picture from -
This baby right here. Is. My. New love! I completely fell in love with this mascara. I was super excited to try this out, especially since i had been hearing nothing but good reviews on it. And, look at that packaging. I mean, i know you are not really supposed to make a big deal about the packaging, but i must admit, i am a sucker for rerally outstanding and super pretty eye catching packaging. I mean, i was in Target just meaning to pick up 2 items. The Sonia Kashuk makeup remover and an Essie nailpolish . But, then of course i get sucked in to picking this up. But how could you pass up this packaging? Anyways, this mascar is amazing. It has a rubber applicator, which you know i love rubber applicators. And, it coats every single lash. Now, when you take out the wand, it may look like it would clump, because thats the same thing i thought, but when i put this on your lashes, it proves that theory wrong. The consistency of it is very nice, kinda wet but not so much to where if you dont like that kinda of mascara it would bother you cause it wont! I love the way it applies and makes my lashes look beautiful. I typically put anywhere from 2- coats on to get my lashes to look how i want, but you could totally get away with just one or two if thats how you do . Overall, great mascara! A+ !

The next item on my favorites for the month of February is, Essies Play Date .

picture from -
This is like my perfect color for the spring time. I really adore it because it's purple. And you i have to get anything purple that i see . So this is seriously like me, in nail polish . If i was a nail polish for the spring, i would be this one!
It is a very pretty lilac purple. It is a patel which is perfect for the spring time! It's actually in my opinion a little more litgher than in the picture, But, not by much! O, i guess it depends on the number of coats you apply. I usually go for about 2-3 coats. Every now and then, i will do 3-4 but thats only if the polish isnt as opaque as other polishes and real sheer.
This is a perfect purple for spring time! I love the opaque-ness and consistency of it
I actually think this is all my beauty favorites, so lets move on to the next category!

This month i have done quite a lot of shopping. And, i also have a lot of things from last month being that is was my birthday, so i all did a ton of shopping since that was really all i asked for, for my birthday, well that, and to go to my favorite mexican resturaunt! But anywho, point is i have quite a few fashion favorites, and no not all of them will be in this or will be explained too much cause i am going to do a Collective Haul posts! Now, on to the favorites!

First fashion fav of the month is , a necklace that i got last weekend! If you seen my Outfit of the Day post i did last Saturday, you know the necklace im talking about. Although it really isnt an OUTFIT of the day, more like Accesories of the Day, cause i forgot to take a picture of my outfit!
I know, not a super amazing picture, but i was actually at my car, about to leave!
BUT, bright side! I got this necklace last Friday. Yes,i wore it Saturday cause i was just too excited to wear this as you can tell. And, couldnt wait to wear it! Lol. But, it's a really pretty rose gold color. It has a bunch of beauiful charms on it, that give it a super girly feel! I actually bought it to go with the next favorite your about to see!

As said above, this next favorite is something that i bought to wear with the necklace above.

Okay so, i dont know if you've ever been to Wetseal, but with their jewelry they have a, buy one get one half off, & at my Wetseal, this is an all the time sale, it never goes away. So, i actually wanted the necklace first and paid no attention to this bracelet, but then my mom was rushing cause we had to pick up my little brother from school in like 15 minutes, so she came over and asked me to hurry and she picked it up and said it was really pretty and it matched, so thats how i ended up with this. But, it does match PERFECT . Like the exact same color pastel pink, same rose gold, and everything!

Next thing is something i have been searching like crazy for!
         Alternate Image
*Sorry the picture is so tiny! When i enlarged it, it got blurry! You can just go to the Wetseal website and look at it!
But i have been searching so hard for this! THis is like an essential piece for this spring and summer! I have already worn it and cant wait to wear it again. It's cropped, light wash denim, and the sleeves are like half when you purchase it, but when you unbotton it, it's about 3/4 lenght sleeves! I love the way it lookjs. So cute with loose flowy colorful tanks for the summer!

I have to go. I just found out on short notice but i will continue this sometime tommorrow but if not, i apoligize because its my moms birthday. Hope you understand. Love you! Bye!! (:

Book Reviews ?

Hey guys!
I just wanted to get your opinion on something.
Okay, so i just went to my local Barnes and Nobles yesturday and i picked up a few books. Then i thought, 'I wonder if they would like a book review or book hauls every now and then. Just so this blog wont be strictly beauty and fashion and such. Because that isnt what im all about! I actually really enjoy reading! I love to read! And i actually find book reviews and book hauls really interesting. I can really find some good recommendations . If you watch Elle Fowler (Allthatglitters21 or Ellesglittergossip on youtube) she actually has some really interesting books! One of the books she recently hauled about, in her most recent book haul, she mentioned a book called, Fractured. From the cover and what she read from the summary , it seemed really interesting so thats also one of the books i picked up.
But i actually just finished, like 10 minutes ago, one of the books i got yesturday! Yes, i do read pretty fast! And no.. It is not a little book. It's a pretty thick decent sized book! Which is the cause of this post. I think i might review it. It's by the author Ni Ni Simone. It is called, Upgrade U.
Let me know if you would like a few post about books every so often? I'll be happy to do them!

Have you read any interesting books lately?