Friday, June 22, 2012

Quick Update: Vacation, Cousins Wedding, etc..

Hey beauties!
So, I just wanted to let you guys in on a quick update. Sort of late notice but I was busy doing last minute arrangements and stuff. But, annnnyways, so my cousin is getting married on Saturday & and I will be going out of town for his wedding since he lives about 2 hours away from me. Most of my family is already here like some of my aunts and my cousin flew in today earlier this evening from Florida! Yay, but the rest will be here in Texas by at least 2pm . Most likely before but I'm not exactly sure of their flight times so yeah. But, as soon my my aunt gets here with my little cousin and grandma, I will be leaving . So, I have to get up pretty early in the morning just to make sure I'm packed properly and stuff cause after that, I will be flying back with them for about a week or 2. Which their probably gonna stay here for about a week maybe a little less.
So, the point I am trying to make is that I probably will not be blogging . Just because this is the family on my dads side and since they all live in New York and North Carolina (most of them) or Puerto Rico, then I don't get to see them often at all! I'm pretty positive I will have Internet connection but I will not promise to blog or post just cause I don't wanna say something then not come through , ya know ? So yeah. There's is a chance you won't see a post from me for about 2 weeks . Oh, and if you do it won't be anything that was super time consuming , simply because I'm spending time with family ! So, that is all. I'm sorry I didn't have any pre planned and drafted posts, but I've been super busy with last minute packing cause you guys know I'm a procrastinator ! Lmao, I actually just got my last minute things done today like stuff I need to buy, but not every single thing is in it's proper place yet & the fact I have to be up kinda early in the AM, and finish organizing is why I can't post tomorrow .

I hope you guys understand and I will talk to you guys as soon as possible ! Bye (:

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Rose Gold Loves

Rose Gold Loves

So, todays topic of disscusion is going to be rose gold jewelry . I personally really like them. I love how its such a great alternative to the typical classic gold pieces. I actually really love the look of mixing the two golds together. Lately i have been loving my rose gold watch with a combination of rose gold and a few gold bangles throughout the "set".
A couple of rose gold pieces that are really popular right now, are some bangles and bracelets from this site called Bauble Bar, i believe. If you watch Ingrid or Missglamorazzi on youtube then im almost positive you know what im talking about, since Ingrid raves about them constantly . Lol, but who can blame her, those bracelets are super cute! Then, of course, probably like the most over talked about piece right now, the Micheal Kors rose gold watches! These are a little on the pricey side, obviously, cause they are name brand. These are usually considered a "splurge item" when brought up by the gurus, and i agree. But, i also agree with the fact that they are a great investment! Like seriously! I have been a proud owner of a few of Kors' items, including clothing pieces, for a couple years now, and i love my pieces, and they are in great shape! So, i really do think they are worth the money and am not "just saying this". I actually just placed another order with them a few days ago. Excited for that!
Another piece, that i have noticed and i personally have not heard anyone really mention this, but i came across and fell in love! The Micheal Kors Buckle ring! ( It's pictured in the colloge above.) But, i really am in love with this. It was like love at first sight, Lol. I just think its soo cute and unique and different . And, since not a lot of people have it, at least in my area to my knowledge, that makes it even more amazing. Right?!
THis next product i will mention is also another, yes another, Micheal Kors product and its the Rose gold tennis bracelet, also picture above (at the top right corner next to the diamont stud earrings). This is something else along withthe buckle ring that i think just does not get enough attention and often is over looked by the watches! But, this is super gorgeous to me, and i have always had a thing for a nice classic tennis bracelet! How cute!

Some other products i love are nice are very simple rose gold stud earrings. Since i have my cartilidge pierced, on my right, i absolutely adore the little detail and glam it gives when i just wear a really simple and laid back outfit. Cause if your like me and cannot, under ANY circumstances leave and walk outside the door of your house, even to go check the mail, without earrings then those little simple studs wheher in both lobes of just a cartilidge, mean so much and add so much! Lol.
I've also been likeing stacking rings. Like rose gold stackables. I'll take like 3. Most of the time 2 being just plain rose gold band, and then 1 a ring with a little pop, like my birthstone, or a flower or something cute and place this ring in the middle!

Well, i hope you lovelies enjoy this post.
What would you like to see in my next post? I love having you guys' suggestions so just leave so below and i will talk to you guys later!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Trend To Try: High-Low Craze

What is a high-low dress?A high-low dress or skirt, is just a dress or skirt with a hem line that is higher in the front and lower in the back

This high-low trend has been in the air for sometime now . People all over have raved about this all during fall/winter . Now that it's summer , this is just really blowing up like crazy ! Everywhere you look, somebody is rocking a high-low dress or skirt ! Either way, I think this is a great trend!
But, in this particular post i will be focusing more on high-low dresses!

So, with that being said, here are a few of my favorite high-low pieces !

!. You can get this dress here. This is just one of many lovely dresses that GoJane has available. This dress is one that caught my eye the most. It comes in 2 other colors I believe, but I just completely thought of making a nautical type look with this particular one. The color is gorgeous! And, adds a look of sophistication & classiness, so this can worn for many events, while still being very trendy!
2. This dress is from an amazing online store that I came across, well I can only order online since its international and in the UK :( Which sucks cause they have such cute clothing items and shipping will costs me an arm and a leg! Lmao. But, anyways, you can get this dress here. I love the color, and the way it looks on the model is super flattering. This is a great piece for spring and summer. I highly encourage you to go check out the Warehouse Clothing site! They have amazing items, and if you arent like me and waiting to purchase due to shipping, they are having a 25% of sale for memorial day! Just enter "MEMORIAL" at checkout.
3. This beautiful masterpiece of a dress is from H&M . I love this dress so much! I swear, im actually gonna convince my mom to go shopping this weekend so we can go to H&M and find this dress, and my nearest H&M is about an hour and a half, almost 2 hours away from me! So, you can just get a hint of how much i love this! The leopard print is of course what sold me on this item! Love!
4. Delia's has always been such an amazing, aforddable, great quality store to me. So, yes, you guessed it, this super cute floral dress, is from Delia's . I really love the print on this, and honestly i am NOT the biggest fan of floral items. Like, they have to REALLY be working with something for me to where them. But, this one is really nice and gorgeous to me. And, i love tank dresses for the summer just something like this would be super cute for shopping with the girls, or going out for frozen yogurt with the crew. I'd pair it with some nice stacking bracelets, a cute ring, a girly dainty necklace,and some brown gladiators to top it off! How cute right ?
5. This dress is perfect for you girls that are kinda skeptic on the whole high-low ordeal, or for those who just want something very simple and not very overly "high-lowed", but just want a very subtle high-low hemline and still cute! This is honestly probably one of my favorites of this whole batch! I just adore the tribal inspired design and all the ruffles give it a very girl touch! This would be beautiful with some cute brown or tan gladiators and i would, put a brown or tan belt right where it already sinches in at.

So, guys. This post was gonna be longer. I originally had 10 high low favorites. BUT, what had happened was.. (lol) But forreal though, i had everything written down, like the info on all the pieces, and it had the prices and places, and all, but i lost the paper which is one of the reasons why this post is going up SUPER LATE considering this was supposed to go up a few weeks ago, but i wanted to find the paper for you guys and i obviously failed, but in the future these kinds of post will be way better! Anywho, I hope you guys still enjoyed ! And, i will talk to you all later. Bon Voyage :D

Makeup Reveal: Emma Stone

Hey guys!
One look that really caught my attention at the MTV Movie Awards was worn by the one and only Emma Stone. Her look was very statement noticing , but very soft and subtle . And I love the pop of color chosen for her lips. Very much in season and trend with the coral pop the makeup artist chose!
So, I love this look so much that I thought I would share with you how to achieve this look on your own. This look is created with half drugstore products and half high end. But there are dupes for most. So without further ado, let's get started!

Face- with hopes of achieving a sun kissed like glow as if she had been laying out in the beach the day before, the makeup artist used Chanel le Blanc Sheer Illuminating Base with Revlon Photo Ready Airbursh Mousse Makeup in the shade Nude, which is about 2 shades darker than her natural skin tone, but perfect to give her the sun kissed glow look they were going for.

The Eyes- while incorporating a sorta "classic" or "basic" eye look, the artist used a few blended neutral colors from the Chanel Quadra Eyeshadow in Perlude across Emma's eye lids, then lining her upper lash line in black with a Revlon liquid liner in blackest black. Then the artist threw on a few coats of the Grow Luscious Mascara in blackest black to make the lashes appear very nice and full. Then with the last step of the eyes, filled in her eyebrows with Chanel's Sculpting Eye Pencil in Brun Natural .
Now, for my favorite part of this look, the lips- Revlon's Just Kissable Lipstick in Rendezvous. A very beautiful coral color in order the make the lips the focal point of this look!

And, there you have it! You have successfully completed the gorgeous look worn by Emma Stone to the MTV movie Awards(:

Hope you all enjoyed this post and I will talk to you guys in my next post. Bye (:

P.S. Can we all agree that, her outfit looks amazing?! So cute!

My Week & Weekend: Granny's Surprise Birthday, & Last Day of School(part 2)

Thursday: So, this is what we've all been waiting for . Well, me at least . Because this was my last day of school!
So, this day we only had 2 periods & they were the ones we still had finals in. So two hours each. So this day was the finals days for 2nd period my algebra & 4th period my English . So, basically this day was really exciting cause since we only had 2 periods this day and they were 2 hours each, the high schools in my district went in an hour later than normal & got out like 3 & a half hours earlier! :D So, for my district this meant we went in at 9:45am & got out at 1:31pm.
My finals for this day were hella easy! My algebra final was just 50 definitions/terms. Like matching them to the correct one . So we didn't even have to write it out. We just wrote which number matched which number. So I was real excited for that , especially since I'm horrible in algebra.
My English final was just a group project we'd been working on for about 2 weeks before. So we had been finished and just need to turn it in. So basically we just watched movies. She put in The Little Mermaid . Which just so happens to be one of my all time favorite Disney movies! But, I really didn't watch it. Cause me and a couple of friends were talking about what we were doing after school . Then our Bestfriend Deon was being silly and was saying that we should sing that part from high school musical when they started singing "summer Summer summer!" then we started goofing off taking pictures and 'singing' and all that! It was fun. And, when it was about five minutes til the bell, we did end up singing summer summer summer . Haha, the teacher was like Ohh my goodness. Lol, but she was cool with it since it was kinda a chill day. Lol, then when the bell finally rang we all ran down the steps yelling and screaming summer !
So, we all ended up staying after til almost 2 o'clock just too chill with friends , take pictures , good off & all that . Plus my mom wasn't there right away either.
Then, around 5 o'clock a bunch of us went out to eat for kinda like a "last day of school gathering " type thing. Just to have fun. So my mom dropped off me and a few friends at this steakhouse restaurant that we met up with a ton of other friends, some from different schools that I don't see often so that was pretty fun! Then after we ate , we took more pictures outside of the restaurant , then since the restaurant was across the street from this like plaza , we walked to some stores over there just to kinda chill, have fun, and kill time cause none of plus wanted to go home right away. Lol! But we didn't stay out that long . Maybe just about an hour after we ate.
And, that guys was how my last day of school went !

Friday: Friday I spent most of the day in another city helping set up a building for my grandmas surprise birthday party ! We just went down there to help my aunt and uncle decorate the place . Then my uncle wanted me to help cook something. Then since my mom had the cakes made at this local shop we had to also take both cakes down there to do they'd be there already. We didn't leave there til about 1 in the morning. And then had to drive all the way back home which was a 2 hour drive almost. Lol, so I was pretty damn tired when I got home . (another reason I couldn't make a post!)

Saturday: I had to get up early ! Boo /:
Lol, but anyways, I had to get up at like 10am so I could shower, get dressed, do hair & makeup , so we could make it back down there before 2pm, to make sure everything was set up right, before my cousin went to pick up my grandma .
Speaking of that, that was probably the most fun part ! So, since it was a surprise party , we had to make something up to get my grandma out without letting her know what for. So, we came up with my cousin wanting to take her out to eat for her birthday . So, when my cousin picked her up, since the building is like no where near any restaurants, to not give the surprise away my cousin had to say that his friend was at the building for his mom and they wanted to say hello. So, when they finally pulled up outside we started telling the friends and family to please sit down and get away from the door! Lol, so when my grandma walked in she just dropped! Like she was so excited and shocked! We actually got scared for a minute cause she looked like she wanted to faint from all the shock. But it was such a sweet one in a life time moment! She like really wanted to cry, cause I mean we had family there from different states and her brothers and sisters that she hadn't seen in a long time. She said she was really surprised and wondering what's going on since her sister was there cause her sister never goes anywhere ! Lol. But I was glad that I got to spend that time with her and family. This was seriously such an amazing moment and a beautiful once in a lifetime thing! I loved it!

And, Sunday was just a chill and relax kinda day!

Anyways, so yeah that was my last week of school and my weekend! I hope you enjoyed this post. I really like doing these post because i love sharing some really fun and important aspects of my life with you and i feel like it gives you a little more about me behind all the fashion and beauty! Well, i will talk to you guys in my next post! Have a great Day/Night!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

My Week & Weekend: Grannys Birthday, Last Day of School & Summer Vacay (part 1)

Oh goodness! I have a lot to share with you guys! But, I think the only one proper way to start this post off is by saying.. IM ON SUMMER VACATION !!! Yes you guys , I am finally on Summer Vacation guys. Well, technically not actual Vacation yet, since I am still in town and have not really done too much yet. With that being said.. Im gonna let you guys know what has been going on in my life this past week and weekend: May28th-June 3rd.

Monday: So, Monday we didnt go to school because of it being Memorial Day. So, i just kind of sat and chilled. We had a barbeque at my house and a few family and friends came over . Ohhh, and okay so we, as in me, my 2 little cousins, and my aunt, played Just Dance 3 on Xbox and let me just say, do you guys have ANY clue on how funny it is to watch a 50 year old woman (in great, i mean AMAZING shape . Doesnt look a day over 30) play teens in Just Dance? Its absolutely HILARIOUS! I laughed sooo hard that day, probably more than I have in my entire life. Lmao, So, this day was hella fun, and relaxed.

Tuesday: So, Tuesday I had my first 2 finals out of all 7. Which was 1st period biology and my 5th period World Geography . So, in each of my exam periods were 2 hours. My biology final was fairly easy. I believe I did pretty good. For my World Geography final, well.. we didnt even have a final technically. About 2 weeks before school was out we just had a 10 question quiz every other day, that we had took notes on the day before and had the choice to write the note notes or not, and we could use our notes on the quiz. And, of course I was smart enough to write and the notes down, and the notes were the questions that was on the quiz just not in the same order. So, i basically had the answers and passed the quiz. And, my teacher was nice enough to combine all those quiz grades together and use that as our final. It seemed easy guys, but i actually got an 86 for my final. Then, there was actually some people, believe it or not, who did not take notes so they didnt even get that high of a grade. So, for that class on the day of our "final" we just watched a movie. Then the rest of my periods this day were just about 3O minutes long and we studied for other finals and played games and watched movies.

Wednesday: This day was my finals for 3rd period my dance, 6th period my spanish class, and 7th period my Principles of Human Services. So, all of those classes were 2 hours long and since we already took finals for 1st and 5th, we didnt attend those anymore, since there isnt even a point to go after all testing and such. (my teacher even said the smae thing, lol ) So, 2nd period we were only in class for 3O minutes so we just kinda chilled and talked and just had a laid back class period. Since my dance final was a dance my group made up, and we preformed it the week before, well, my group cause due to my pulled muscle and sprainged ankle i couldnt dance ,but i did do an alternative assignment. So, we just took the 2 hours and the coach let us watch my school dance teams Spring Show, since it took up the perfect amount of time. That was really fun though cause let me tell you, my schools dance team is amazing. I loved watching my bestfriends solos, she did great. So, shout out to Mattie, Kadie, & Kelly. Yall did yalls thing on each of your solos and looked like true professionals. Also, shout out to my friend Angelica. Girl, for your first time on the team and not being on that long (she part of the newest additions who just tried out) Girl, you say you looked horrible but you looked amazing out there! Cant wait til' you other upcoming preformances! I Love Y'all <3 Soo, my spanish final was just a 135 question test, with a short essay. Woah, that sounded like it wasnt hard and it wasnt a lot. Well, yeah it was 135 questions, but seriously, it was easy, and when i say that, i mean super super easy and im not just saying that cause i speak spanish but it was forreal though. It was just multiple choice questions, and all most of the questions was just conjugations. Then the essay was SUPER short. We just had to talk about oursleves or our bestfriend, and say the name, age , birthday, where from, where they/you live, and what they like and like to do. So, it litteraly took like 5 minutes and it was only about 4 or 5 sentences! And, 7th period was just a worksheet describing our dream job and responsiblites of a teen.


*So, i decided to split this into parts because its getting really long. You guys know how i am about details, anyways.. I know how boring it can get when your reading something and it just seems like forever and nothing is catching excitement, so i am stopping it at the best part and this will comtinue in part to !