Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Famous LBD or Little Black Dress

Little black dresses are something that will never go out of style. Something i believe that every girl should have at least one in thier closet. I personally like a little variety of these types of dresses, just because they are so dull, and boring. But, i know that there are a lot of you out there that only have one LBD or none at all. So, im gonna give a few reasons as to why you should have a LBD Couple of styling tips because i do know that there are some people out there that have no clue how to wear it, or wear to wear it.

*From left to right- Kim, Khole, Kourtney
Okay, so the first rerason should totally be because of this picture.The Kardasians are totally rocking their LBDs. I dont know about you but i totally love the Kardashians. I am aware that they are a completely controversial topic, you either love them or you hate them, but i love them. And, this picture makes them look beautiful!
Kim kept her look very simple by staying with all black, but still really chic and stylish by the build of the dress and the shape it gives her. And i love how she choose to go with peep toe pumps. Gives this look a more cute girly vibe.
Khole spiced her look up a bit by adding a belt in the middle which is totally cute. By adding the belt, it has sinced her waist in to give of more shape to the dress, and by choosing a belt with a really colorful pattern makes her outfit look less serious and more fun, cute and a more laid back feel by adding nude pumps instead of black! Love it..
Kourtney has blinged her look up by choosing a really fun shiny clutch to give her outfit a more fun vibe. By doing this, her clutch is the focal point in her attire. She has also added to the silver shiny effect by including silver hoops. I love the accesories she has choosen, they're fun and give off a different look and effect but not completely taking focus off her entire look.

Other reasons why i love LBDs are because, the color black is a slimming color. Yes, so by wearing black, it gives off a slimming illusion. Which is why so many celebrities love LBDs and wearing the color black.
Black is also a very versatile color. I personally think that black looks good on almost everybody. It can be very flattering to the type of girls with mad curves and shape. Like Kim! ^
Since it is a slimming color, it flatters a ton a body shapes and types.

Now on to ways to style LBDs. LBDs are very easy to style honestly. I mean, its BLACK! It's basically like a free for all blank pallatte!
Think of your favorite color or the occasion your wearing it for. Think of the time of the year it is, like what season. If it's Spring or Summer, think of bright colors. Fun, playful, flirty! Neons!
Winter or Fall, think of deep colors. Like, deep purples and reds. Browns and nudes!
Play it up with accesories. Shoes. Necklaces. Bracelets. Jewelry. Earrings. Handbags, clutches.
If you're going for a more serious vibe, then Put your hair in a really structed bun, or wear it completely straightened down or in a structured ponytail.
More playful fun vibe? Wear your hair in a really high sorta messy bun. Curl it, and wear it half up half down. Curl it and wear it in a ponytail. Or curl it and wear it down with a headband. Braid it in a fishtail or 4 strand briad. (Bethany/Macbarbie07 has amazingly great videos on these hair styles!!)

Add a pop of color like Kim did here in the above picture! I love how she choose this bright pink blazer and kept everything else simple!

Point is there are millions of different ways to style a Little Black Dress. Millions! All you need is a creative mind, and it really isnt that hard at all!

First picture is from skinnyvscurvy.com
Second picture is from californiastyleonline.com

Let me know in the comments below if you like these kinds of post. Do you have a name that would be great for these kinds of post? That'd be great! Do you own a little black dress?

Gift Ideas ?

Okay guys. So, my moms birthday is on Saturday, and im online right now trying to shop for her gift. I know, i know. I should have done this last week, but what can i say? Last minute procrastination got the best of me. Lol,
Anyways, I wanted you guys opinion on a few gift ideas. Try to stay away from Bath and Body Works and scents and such cause that what i got her for Christmas, AND we have been in B&BW this past Friday and Sunday and she pretty much splurged on every scent she wanted and even got 2 candles, so nothing like that please!
Now, of course i already have ordered some items. but i love gift shopping and love the look on my moms face when she recieves something from me or my brothers! So, i love shopping for her!
I mean, she is not that hard of a person to shop for either. We actually have very similar taste in clothing and such.
It's like we are the same people almost style wise, but she is just an older version.
Im not gonna say her age, lmao! So, let's just say she is over 35! Haha, so obviously she isnt gonna wanna walk around in cootchie cutter shorts with her butt checks hanging out, she does wear shorts, but just not THAT SHORT anymore! She doesnt really have a specific preference in shirts or dresses, but she hates anything floral cause when she was a little girl, my grandma, her mom obviously, used to dress her in a lot of floral dresses and frilly socks and things like that when they went to church! But she loves bright colors. Her favorite colors are lime green and hot pink!
She has been metioning that she wants this specific pair of earrings though! Okay do you guys watch Basketball Wives? You know Evelyn Lazoda from the show? The earrings that she always wears my mom loves! And she also love the shoes from her store! But, im thinking im gonna save this idea for Mothers Day?! Since i've already ordered so a few things.
Im trying to find something she'd wear on her birthday or Friday when we go out to eat for her birthday. So, im trying to make an outfit, but she already bought shoes for herself for that day. Another option i had is just take her into a few stores and let her pick out whatever she wanted! And i pay for it thoug, so it'd be as if im taking her shopping, ya know?! Lol, well i dont know yet, but let me know you opinions in the comments below!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Outfit of the Day! February 25, 2012.

Hey guys . So im about to do a little more shopping today and then i think im gonna go to the movies later on today .
So i thought i would show you my outfit. It's warm just a little, but kinda windy and the temperature might drop, so here is my outfit.
Parts of my outfit and also a little sneak peak of the beggining of the haul(:

Everything picture is from Wetseal ! I forgot the prices but i will go more in depth in the actual haul! (:

Enjoy your Saturday! What are you doing today ? (:

Trending Pieces: Wedges!

I cannot tell you enough times how obssesed i am with wedges right now! It's crazy . Like OMG CRAZY! I am known to have an over compulsive disorder with shoes. Yes, i admit it.. Im. A. Shoe-A-Holic!
Recently, I have been online shopping. Well, okay not shopping cause i just recently did a major splurge so im trying to catch myself. But, it wasnt my fault guys. I know i have a problem, but its soooo addicting! Lol..
 So, i have been recently online searching and planning a ton of spring and summer themed items. Also, stocking up on winter things for next year, cause they're starting to go on sale! But, anyways, i have an account with my most shopped at stores, so i always make a wishlist for every season. And, let me tell you, my Spring/Summer 2012 wishlist is half wedges! No lie. I mean of course i have other shoes on there too, but i do have a lot of wedges . Dont worry though, when i do let myself online shop again i will do it moderately... i hope(: But i do know for sure that i wont get everything at once cause all my list for all the stores are pretty large so i'll do a few at a time!
What i love about wedge is that they are super cofotable but still outrageously stylish! I love how they give you the height and feel of a high heel, but the comfort of a flat shoe. And, for all you girls out there that are the greatest high heel weares and walkers, this is your saving. My bestfriend is not the super girly girl and cant count on one hand how many times she's worn high heels her whole life. Lol, but she can totally walk in these.. so i think you can. Not all wedge heels are super high to! Most of them are under 4 or 5 inches! That isnt that tall if you think about it!

But anyways guys, i wanted to share with you a couple of really cute spring ready wedges. And the stores too!

These first couple of pairs will be from Go Jane. Which is completely fine with me because they are super afordable. Even if you go to their website under the wedge catagory in the descrption at the top it states, that most are under $30! Which is crazy cheap for a pair of WEDGES!

strappy suede espadrille wedge
strappy suede espadrille wedge $22.
These shoes are so pretty. I especially love the wedge heel part. It's weaved crochet type looking! The strappy trend and the buckle hardware on it is super cute. I love the color, they also have a few other colors.

suede wedge
Suede wedge $23.10
These are super cute and trendy. I like how these are a neutral color, that way it can be worn with anything and really dress up or dress down an outfit. I really really love the wedge part and how its like partly a cork wedge but then they got creative and made the other half black! Adorable.

espadrille wedge
These wedges are super unique. Wearing these would be an amazing way to add a little edge to your outfit and get a little more daring. It's like tribal print and pattern patchwork. Really cute. The heel on this one isnt 2 high either!

Now these next few pairs will be from Forever 21

Buckled Wedge Platforms $26.80

These wedges are super cute and look really comfortable. But, to me most, if not, all wedges are pretty comfortable .
These wedges come in 2 different neutral colors. This caramel brown and a black. Which means, these can really dress up a super cute outfit for the spring and summer. Or even dress down an really kinda over the top outfit. When i seen these shoes, the first outfit that came to my mind was, a super cute casual type summer dress, with gold jewelry to bring out the neutral color in the shoe.

Floral Bow Wedges $26.80

These wedges are really daring and something very different! They were also top rated on the forever21 website under heels and wedges, and thats another reason i choose these.
These shoes would be perfect if your the kind of girl that wants to experiment with color or different daring patterns but dont exactly know where to start or is scared. Or maybe you just like to add colors, patterns, designs, and all that other good stuff through your accesories! Sometimes im like that, and i'll just wear a plain basic outfit and then glam it up by accesorizing. This is the perfect shoe for that. I also love the little bows on the tip of the shoes. Gives it that extra girly touch. I would pair this with a white or pink flowy tank or of the shoulder top and some high-waisted denim shorts or maybe if you really wanna go all out, a bodycon skirt!

This next few pairs will be from Steve Madden. So a little bit more expensive, BUT, if your like me, and love good deals, you can almost always find somewhere that sells Steve Madden for less than it's original retail, or on sale somewhere!

MAARKEE Original retail: $109.95 Sale pirce: $69.98
*sorry the picture is so small, it wouldnt let me make it larger.

See what i mean !? These shoes were off of the actual website and are already at a pretty good discount! This is right now too! So if you like these.. hurry!
This color is a taupe suede, but they also come in black suede, and brown leather and black leather.
Im personally a big fan of the wedged booties. I think they are really cute, and different. They are also a much more comfotable alternative to an actual bootie with a heel thats gonna make you wanna rip these off your feet in 3 hours. So wedged booties have recently become a huge staple in my closet. They also offer kinda a different edgier touch when you style them the correct way.

ELSIIE $59.95

I just had to put these on this post. I know that these kinda of printed wedge booties are super controversial. Either you love them or you hate them! But, i personally love these. Now, i dont have me a pair, but just because i feel like i could never ever pull it off and style them right. But, i have to admit, that everytime i do see these somewhere i do just look at them and think of different ways to style them and how i'd pull it off. I have even tried them all a lot too! But, i guess im chicken. Lol. Maybe i will buy these one day and do a How-To-Style post with them. Comment below if you would like that. But, of course i would buy a dupe for them, because im not sure how much wear i would actually get, and just because these are not that practical! But The price is really good for these. Something i would definately pay for Steve Madden! Just not for me cause they're not that big of a deal to me!

PRESSURE $129.95

These are so cute! I love these wedged booties! They're made out of a sude material. The only thing is, i wish these came on other colors besides just black. Although that is super practical, i would love these shoes in a tan taupey color. The heel on this on is sorta relatively high, but again they are wedges and wedges are always more comfortable than a regular heel.
These shoes would look great paired with some medium wash skinny jeans, an attention grabbing off the shoulder shirt or attention grabbing loose tank, with a black leather jacket! And, some statement jewelry that goes with your shirt! This is kinda an edgy outfit example but super cute!

OVERCOME $169.95

These are so cute. I personally am really into peep toe booties, and they come in not just black but taupe too, as you can see above! So im really loving these!
These are gonna be perfect for the spring and summer, and the best part about these is, the wedge is only 3 inches!! That makes these super super comfortable to wear! This specifc color would be cute with some dark wash skinny jeans, a cream or taupe colored loose knit sweater or cardigan with a white or colored tank just to add color. If you choose the colored tank underneath then make sure that your jewelry will corespond with the colors in the shirt. But if you choose white, pick very neutral colored jewelry that would compliment the neutral colors. And,with taupey, cream colors, i prefer gold jewelry, as i think it gives the best accented look.

This is the end of this post. I hope you guys enjoyed my super long shoe post. I hope i have given somebody some new inspiration or made you want to try out wedges if you have not or are not a heel wearing person.

Pictures are from the following.

What did you guys think of this post? Do you prefer heels or wedges?  What is you favorite pair of shoes from this post?
Oh and if you have any suggestions for the next, Trending Pieces post, comment below!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Haul ? Or TAG ? Or Both !(:

Hey guys! How are you?
Im out and about right now! And, guess what im doing ?? Shoppping!!! So, guess what that means for you? There will be a haul coming very soon! It's gonna be probably seperared into 2 posts because im gonna be shopping this entire weekend! Like i just got out of school at 4. And i already have like 4 very full shopping bags, and im not done for today yet either! Lol. So kinda collective, but yeah. Maybe not tonight but some time this weekend there will be a few haul posts. But tonight i will be doing a TAG and some other post.

Any request ? Comment below !

Monday, February 20, 2012

Review: Maybelline Define-A-Line Auto Pencil Eyeliner

This is the eyeliner i am currently using. I line my lower water line and sometimes my upper tight line/lash line with this.
This is a really good eyeliner! Im really enjoying it. It hasnt not let me down. Has a pretty great lasting power. I mean, this is amazing. Intentionally i had just picked this up for the time being cause i was at Wal-Mart and i remembered that i was running out of eyeliner. Like i litterally had like none left. It was at the rim. So i was just acting fast and quicky picked this up. But now im thinking this might be in a favorite post coming at the end of this month. Cause i have really been loving this little baby!
I did not think that it was going to last that long, and thought that it would run and smear throughout the day, but it does not do any of that! I actually suprised myself! I have mine in Ebony Black, because that's what i line my water line with on a daily basis. Black and brown.
THis keeps its color throughout the day, and still stays looking sorta fresh as if you just applied it. Now, im not gonna lie to you guys, i do believe that there ARE better liners out there. I have had some better ones! BUT, this is not a bad liner at all. No where near bad. The reason i say that there are better ones, is because this does have its moments when it just kinda fades, but for the most part, it lasts me all day in school, from 8:45am to 4:05pm and sometimes i can even wear it about an hour longer if i need to with out touch ups. And if i do touch it up, its very slight! I promise. Cause lets be honest. After school, unless i go somewhere important where i feel the need to actually be cute and precise makeup i dont care how my makeup looks. Lol. It just be like that sometimes! So, that being said im not gonna touch up my face if im just going to the grocery store after school or some errand with my mom. So i dont touch up or its very slight, like seriously! And i still look as if i have makeup on. So, its lasting power is not horrible at all. There are better liners with longer lasting power, but this is a great one!
This product is also very pigmented! So, thats always something we look for in liners!
Overall, i cannot say enough good things about this, but i would definately recommend to someone who is looking for a liner with good lasting power, and very pigmentated.

Picture is from onlinecosmeticshop.co.uk

Have any of you tried this? What do you think about it? What liners do you recommend ? Maybe i'll go get them and review them. Any reviews you'd like to see. Comment below so i can!

Review: L'Oreal Paris Voluminous False Lashes Mascara

I just recently bought this mascara. This is my most recent tube, i bought it about 3 maybe 4 weeks ago. I wanted to make sure that i really liked this mascara before i reviewed it, to make sure it was most accurate.
Now let me tell you. This mascara is amazing! Im absolutely in love. Before this one, i was using the Revlon Custom Eyes Mascara. And i thought that was the best mascara and i didnt think that this could beat it, but i was wrong. I love both mascara but this is my new love. Now let me explain why..
First off, what cought my eye was the packaging. The bright shiny gold tube, and its odd shaping, i thought was really gorgeous! Like, tell me that, this mascara wont catch your eye if you see it somehwere.
The next thing was the wand. I have a huge obssesion with mascaras that have the rubber type applicator. I think it makes such a distinctive difference in your lashes between the wands. I mean i love the bristle hair brushes too, but i really love the rubber ones. So, that was something that made me wanna try this.
Now here's what i actually think about the mascara.
The very first time i but this on, i immdiately noticed the difference in my lashes. And thats when i fell in love. This mascara does not clump at all. now, when you pull the wand out, it may not look like the best. You might think that it will clump. Cause that what i thought, so you wont be the only one. But, dont let the brush fool you. Cause this gives an amazing seperation to the lashes. Like, i swear. I wouldnt lie to you guys!
It coats every single lash so perfectly and makes them look longer and fuller in just one coat. Even though i prefer at leats 2 coats, you can totally get away with just one coat if your in a rush or you are just a one coat kinda gal. Lol, let me stop..
But seriously, i feel like i have repeated myself so many times already, but this is an amazing mascara. Does not clump. Great seperation. Wonderful coating. Gives yo fuller, longer looking, beautiful lashes in seconds! So , if you are in the market for a new mascara. This is your answer. So, go get this.
I got mine at target for about $7 i think. No more than $8!

Picture is from-multiculturalbeauty.about.com

Have you guys tried this mascara? Do you like it? What is your favorite mascara of the moment?


Okay, so first off, i really just wanna say thank you to all my followers and viewers! Which i hope most of my viewers follow! I now have 4 followers. And i am really apreciative of all 4 of you!
This is my first time having a chance to log on my blog today, and its around 4:00pm. i have already gotten 20 pages views just today before 4pm! Thats crazy! I love you all.  And i just wanted to say thanks.
Im thinking about doing a small little giveawayonce i get more followers. Maybe 20? 15 at the least! What do you guys think about this idea? What would be some things you might like to recieve in this giveaway? What brands or should i just do a gift card to Ulta or Sephora maybe? I dont even know guys. Comment below and let me know what you think. And again, thank you guys! (:

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Name Help ?

Okay guys. I need your help.
Ya know how i just do random rambles? Where i just talk about my day, how things have been, stuff i think is interesting, and everything else that isnt beauty related or fashion related. Well yeah, i need a cute clever name for these types of blogs. Something different and unique maybe.
Of course i'll choose the best answer, but all ideas and suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Also i need a name for when i posts about new trends that i see a lot. Like, you know how Elle and Blair have "Trend to Try", i want something like that but of course im not gonna take their name.
Then i need a name for when i post about interesting finds. Like, random post that i find on the internet, or stuff that i just find interesting that i wanna share with you guys.
Oh, also anything else you would like to see a post about, reviews, a specifc trend, a certain makeup look, anything you wanna see, leave it in a comment below, and i'll try my best to post on it as best i can!
Thank you so much guys! <3

TAG: 7 Deadly Sins . Beauty Edition

Okay, so im going to do a TAG, just something a little different and fun.

Question 1) GREED: What is your most inexpensive beauty item? What is your most expensive beauty item?
My most inexpensive item is an E.L.F Quad. Not sure of the name but, it was only $1. Actually all my e.l.f products (only 3) were $1.
My most expensive item is my hair straightener. It's by the brand CHI. I forgot the price.. But its pretty, lol (: Makeup wise, is an Urban Decay set from Sephora.

Question 2) WRATH: What beauty products do you have a love/hate relationship with? What product has been the hardest to get?
The beauty product i have a love/hate relationship with is my e.l.f mascara. Some days im in love with it, how it makes my eyes look and everything then, the next day, i hate it and hate the way it makes my lashes look. It is a good drugstore product though.
The product that has been the hardest for me to get my hands on was, a limited edition Hello Kitty set from Sephora. But, luckily i got it for my birthday last month from my daddy.

Question 3) GLUTTONY: What is your most delicious beauty product?
My most delicious beauty product would have to be my watermelon and strawberry lipgloss set. Of course so predictable with my strawberry obssesion. Lol.

Question 4) SLOTH: What beauty products do you neglect due to laziness?
The one product i neglect because the fact being im a lazy bum, okay 2 items would be eye shadow or bottom eyeliner on the lower lash line. I'll be so tired some days, that when i wake up, i dont feel like wearing make up at all, (no i dont wear make up every single day) but if i do decide to put make up on, i'll skip either shadow or bottom liner.

Question 5) PRIDE: what beauty product gives you the most confidence?
Well, okay i know everybody or most people say foundation, but i actually dont wear foundation to be honest. I mean i have a few, but i only wear it when i have a banquet or ball, or something formal to attend. I feel like it makes your skin worse if you constantly cake it on, so i just try not to wear it a lot.
So, the product that gives me the most confidence is any lip product. Cause i have, i dont want to say small, but yes, my lips are a little on the smaller side that average. Like they arent as wide, except if i smile, they're more thicker than wide. So i prefer lip plumpers but any lip product or something that gives them a sheen or shine and draws attention, just a little bit.

Question 6) LUST: What attributes do you find most attractive in the opposite sex?
Mmm.. ;D
Good Personality, and you have to make me laugh!
Beauty wise.. You have to dress nice. Have swagg (; and your hair has to be nicely done and look presentable. Oh, and teeth! If you have jacked up teeth.. Just no.. Turn around and walk away! Im kinda shallow just a bit, but no one wants to date an ugly dude! Am i right ? So in all honesty, everybody is shallow just a little!

And&, last question..
Question 6) ENVY: What items would you most like to recieve as gifts?
Im assuming this meaning beauty related, but im gonna answer in 2 parts.
Non-beauty or fashion related- i would love to recieve the Sony HD HandyCam, a MACbook pro, and the iPhone 4s.
Beauty or Fashion related-Christian Louboutins Sparkly peep toe pumps, a Pandora charm bracelet, a pair of brown or tan wedges, a new necklace from Tiffany & Co. And of course, the URBAN DECAY NAKED 2 PALETTE!

That was the last question. I hope you enjoyed and i TAG ALL OF YOU TO DO THIS. Leave responses in the comments below.

Yummy Treats ?

Hey guys!
So, we all know that Valentines Day is over, BUT, who says that all those yummy treats have to stop? They don't! This year for Valentines Day, i got a lot of really interesting treats. A couple or are from what i've had before in the past but, they're pretty good. I just though i would share with you guys some of my interesting sweet treats as a make up for the C2VDay post i missed.

Okay, so every year my mom gets me and my little brother a Valentines basket. She kinda makes them up with different things she know we like. Every year, this basket contains, a medium or big teddy bear, a bunch of chocolates and candies, and then surprises us with something that she knows we've been wanting or hinting about for the longest time. Like, maybe it'll be something that we wanted for Christmas but, she couldnt find it. Or for my brother, since his Birthday is right before Christmas she'll make him think he wont be getting something and wait til his Valentines day. Or fr me, my birthday is right after Christmas(January 15th) so, it would be something i wanted for either Christmas or my Birthday and get it for me for Valentines day! Like, it'll be some kind of electronic or something thats kinda like a splurge item! And then a card! So, basically we get this basket every year from our mom, with everything listed above, plus some yummy themed Valentines treats! Which is where this post comes in at. This year, we got really different treats. And, i thought i would share with you guys. Sooo,

One of the things we got this year, was Chocolate covered Twinkies! Yes, TWINKIES! Okay, so im not usually a fan of twinkies at all actually. Like, i hate them! So, when my mom gave me my gift and i pulled out the twinkies, i was kinda interested in tasting them! Just because they were covered in chocolate and who doesnt love chocolate?! It's name describes it all. It's just a twinkie that was dipped in chocolate! and one of them, is dipped in milk chocolate, with very little white chocolate drizzled over top! So, really good. I have not tried them yet, actually, but don't worry. I promise i will!

The next thing i recieved in my basket this year, was Chocolate covered popcorn! Now, popcorn. We have a love/hate relationship. I love it and all, but im not the BIGGEST fan of it! Ya know ?! But, this popcorn, was something that i was really anxious to try! And, i did. It's like the perfect combination of salty and sweet! The popcorn was not overboard drenched in butter and salt, but it was not bland and cardboard tasting either! It was just right. They put just enough chocolate over it, to balance it out. It was not to much because it wasnt dipped popcorn, they had just drizzled the chocolate over the popcorn! This is something that i strongly recommend if you like trying new things, and love salty and sweet. Cause this is the perfect combanation!

Then, the last thing i got is something that i get every single year, one of the reason i look forward to this holiday,it isnt new, but i still wanted to share this anyways. And, it is.. Of course.. CHOCOLATE COVERED STRAWBERRIES ! My favorite Valentine treat! I dont think i have to get into what a chocolate covered strawberry is, because i mean, who hasnt had one? Or at least seen one? If you have never had one, then you my friend.. have been living under a rock! Lol. But seriously, these things are like my guilty pleasure. I would so eat these everyday for the rest of my life if i could, and never get tired of them ! But, that would not be the healthiest choice, although very delicious! But, anywho.. So, every year, my mom buys a huge box of these, and gets them mixed.Like, the chocolate flavors. Okay, soi we get our from a store the makes them in front of your face, so its fresh and everything, and you can get them custom to whatever flavors you'd like, so my mom gets like half completely milk chocolate covered, then half completely white choclate, then some milk chocolate with white chocolate drizzled over top, then some with white chocolate dipped and milk chocolate over top! I know, i know. You like thats way to many strawberries. But, it's really not, especially when you think about it, cause its all 3 of us eatting them, not just me. My mom, little brother, and i eat them, so it isnt really as much as it seems! But, we do still have some left, thoug. Haha, but its only cause we dont eat them all at once or demolish them in 2 days! Lol.

But, the reason for this post is to share with you guys the interesting things i got this year. AND, to let you know that these things dont always have to be a annual eat treat. You can have these any time of the year! All you need is a bag of chocolate chips, i prefer the hersheys chocolate chips, and whatever you wanna dip in, or drizzle over! YES! It's that easy! But, of course remember to cosume these things at a moderation obviously.
Enjoy your treats and happy eats! <3

Have you ever tried or had any of the things mentioned above? What is your favorite Valentines Eat Treat?

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Quick Update.

Hey beauties!
Sorry it seems like i've been MIA since, my last post on Valentines day. It's just i've been kinda busy since then, and my weekend is kinda busy since we have a 3 day weekend! Preeeetty exciting right ? Haha, but i just wanted to let you guys know that i will be posting this weekend. Im gonna try tonight a little later cause right now im at my Aunt's house and me and my cousin just got back from shopping(:
Right now we're eatting chocolate covered strawberries! Yum! By the way, my next post will be about, yummy valentines treats.. Even though Valentine is over! But i got some really odd and interesting treats this year, so i wanted to share with you guys!

Well, im about to go and finish my chocolate strawberries(:
Ttyl ?(:

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day! <3

Happy Valentines Day Love!
Hope you're having a more than fntastic day with your loved ones, wheater it's your boyfriend, girlfriend, mom, dad, brother, sister, cousin, aunt, aunt uncle, bestfriend. Maybe even your grandma! It doesnt matter as long as you spent time and showed them some EXTRA special love today!
My day was actually pretty good! I went to school, and there was so much love in the air. Haha, how cheesy did that sound? Lol, anyways.. Everybody at my school was so happy, with thier boyfriends or girlfriends. Even my friends who didnt have a Valentine, were in the spirit. Balloons, roses, hearts, chocolates, GIANORMOUS teddy bears, the whole nine yards. Me and my friends dressed up all themed, i had on a pink shirt, with dark wash Hollister jeggings, and my sandals, with my cluster heart necklace, and gold earrings! I did feel just a little upset, i guess you could say, cause my Valentine goes to a different school than me, so i didnt have the privalidge of carrying around my GIANT bear, chocolates, and roses, but, in the long run, it was perfectly fine! My day ended up being great. Im actually on the phone with him as i type! Lol.
My second period, my algebra class, we had a little party type thing today, we gave out candy and some people did Valentines. I felt like i was back in Elementary again. You know how when we were little we used to make a little box or bag, and decorate it to our liking and then hand each person a Valentine . I miss those days! But, today it made me feel like a little kid again, Lol.
OHMYGOSH! Okay, so one of my friends, her boyfriend gave her the hugest teddy bear today, with candy and a rose too, i think. It was too cute,  the bear was like humugous and had a heart in its hand that said "be mine". Adorable, and she had to carry that around all day, lol. Then my other friend thats in my dance class, her boyfriend got her a Teddy bear couple. Like 2 bears attached to eachother! It was the cutest thing ever! And also gave her, some candy, & balloons. And, his mom was even bringing the REST later. I was like, "Awwww". Lol.

In other news, im kinda bummed that this is the end of the Countdown to Valentines day series! But, on the bright side, there will be more springtime blog posts and more coming up . Any suggestions?? Leave them in the comments below!

Well, i hope you had an amazing day today, wheater you had boyfriend/ girlfriend or not. You are loved by somebody & im sure you love someone too!
Have a great rest of the night and i'll talk to you later! Bye, & again Happy Valentines Day, <3

Sunday, February 12, 2012

My 3 Holy Grail Lip Products!

Hey guys!
So, when it's winter my lips tend to get really dry, pale, ashy looking and chapped. I dont know about you, but i hate with a deep passion, when my lips get like this! I have yet to actually meet a person who like this happening to their lips. So, that's where today post comes in at. Im going to share with you, 3 of my all time favorite lip products that i swear by!

First off, carmex has yet to let me down. Im currently using the cherry flavored one, but my favorite is the strawberry kind! ( i actually ran out of the strawberry kind and couldnt find the strawberry kind in stock even thogh i went to 2 stores,so i just settled with the cherry for now) I absolutely love carmex. It's stuck by me ever since i was a little girl. It's super moisturizing and also, it leaves behind a super glossy shiney finish while de-chappifying your lips. I love that! Oh, and for any of you wondering, i use the one in the little squeazy tube, if that matters!

Okay, so please dont even get me started on nivea! Im totally in love with this stuff! Like honestly when i first started using this, i was super amazed at how much difference i saw and felt in my lips! Like, seriously guys, i kid you not, this is like the best thing out there. When i first started using it, i bought the twisty kind, thats in kinda like a lipstick tube, not the squeazy tube! I loved it so much, that when i found out that they came out with the glossy squeazy tube kind, i died inside! Because, im the type of person that thinks a little gloss or sheen will totally give you a whole different look, then if you just have matte finish. And it does! Why else do they give lipsticks, different finishes?! Anyways, i liked the lipstick tube nivea and still use it to this day, but i think when it all comes down to it, i'd have to go with the squeazy glossy kind. But, i absoulutely love matte fishes when i put on something at night before i go to bed, just because i dont like to have much on my lips when i go to bed, but i feel if i dont, then my lips would get all ashy, and pale looking! verall, i truly recommend Nivea to anyone!

Goodness. This stuff is amazing. Like, seriously, thebomb.com . Lol. This is super super moisturizeng. Again, this is one of those things, that when i first got it , i did not think it was gonna do anything. I was cinvinced that i wouldnt see a change at all! Boy was i wrong! I noticed the moisture in my lips and a full change in like a day! 1 day! Crazy. But true. It has kinda a, not glossy, but a sheen finish to it. But its not like overboard. This stuff also smells amazing! Right now, i currently have it in Strawberry Sorbet! As you can probably notice, im in love with strawberries! Haha. But, if you are not to much of a strawberry fan as i am, then they also carry flavors/scents in Lemon and Passionfruit (i think ,don t 100% quote me on that last one), but i know for sure they have a lemon. Im not sure if they have any other flavors, but let me know in a comment if they do!

Overall, i give all of these products a 100%, A+, 5 stars and everything else! I completely, standby these products 110%. ad completely recommend them to anybody in the market looking for a new super moisturizing lip product!

What do you think? Have you tried any of these products? If so, whats your favorite? Which ones have you tried? Do you have any go to lip products that you swear by ? Let me know and i'll give them a try!

Excitiment !

It's SNOWING ! It's snowing guys! Okay, so i know i may sound lame to some of you, but i live in Texas. TEXAS! We get snow once a year if we're lucky. And, most of the time, our snow is in February usually, with the exception of that time it snowed in April on Easter! And, we've only had snow one time(in my 15years) on Christmas Eve! So, i know im not the only one excited about snow! Everybody i know is too, sooo dont judge me! Okay, im not crazy. Lol.
Wellll, im gonna go play in the snow now, with my mommy and little brother! But, there will be a blog later, because since it's snowing, i cant be outside all day and theres not too much to do, so i think i'll do two post later!
Bye (:

Is it snowing where you live ? How often do you get snow? What's your favorite thing to do when its snowing?

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Quick Question!

Have any of you guys seen the new movie, The Vow, with Channing Tatum & Rachel McAdams ? Im dying to see it. Is it any good ? I really looks worth it. Im not sure ,but i think i migt be going to see it with some friends tongiht! Im super excited! If you have not already seen it, are you planning on going ?
Leave me a comment below!

Countdown to Valentines Day: Movie Date

Okay, so with it being Valentines weekend, and Valentines Day being on Tuesday, i thought i would put together this post so if you dont have some items, or realize you need to rush out and pick something up, you can do so in a timely manner, so you wont have to be rushing around w. your head cut off at the last minute. And, i know that since this day, ends up on a Tuesday, that some people may have to be at work or school, and might not be able to fully participate in this so, they'd be celebrabrating this weekend. Like, some teenagers may be trying to go out and do something this weekend, in celebration. I know it seems kinda hard to pick out the right outfit for an occassion, like this. So, to less the stress, Im going be be showing you an outfit that are perfect for Valentines day, while still being cute, chic, trendy & comfortable all at the same time! It's not as impossible as some think. So, here goes..
I think this outfit is a pretty perfect outfit, for if your going to the movies. Its really cute & girly. The top is super cute. Its a really pretty tube top, with hearts all over it, and it even continues on the back. Then it has some sinching right above your waist, right below your bust area to give you some shape and definition. The sinching area, has a little red peeping through the entire thing. Personally, i love these pants. I actually have a pair and they're one of my favorites. They are dark washed cropped skinny capris. I love the fact that they are cropped crpris, because that adds a little bit of a very girly touch to the outfit. I always think girly when i look at capris. And, then they are skinny, so you can stay looking trendy. The shoes are adorable. They bring out the red in the outfit, since it hardly has any red throughout the entire thing. They are red platform heels. They are not to high, and the platform makes them soooooo much more comfotable to walk in so you'll be comfotable all night long, through whatever your doing. The earrings are a personal favorite of mine, because they're not just your average hoops. The red on them, is actually kinda like a chained peice thats wrapped around them securely to make them look super cute and unique. I totally recommend these, for a little different aspect of hoops. I actually have some of the same ones in pink! Again, adds a little more red to the outfit. The necklace is sooo cute. Im in love with it. Its this multi strand necklace, thats red and gold. Which is perfect for this day. Those are signiture colors of Vday ,which makes this necklace all the better for this occassion. The red chain at the bottom is gorgeous. And, once again, it brings out the red that is needed throughout this entire outfit. Overall; i think is outfit, is very well themed for this day, given the shirt just screams Valentines Day! Lol. Get the pieces mentioned above from: Top: Maurices; $29 (heart print bubble tube top) Jeans: Hollister;$30 (hollister crop) (the dark washed ones.) Shoes: Forever 21; $26.80 (open toe platforms) Earrings: Forever 21; $4.80 (painted hoop earrings) Necklace: Forever 21; $8.80 (beaded rolo chain necklace) What are you doing for Valentines Day? Are you celebrating it today or on Tuesday? Comment below

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Quick Updated Hey(:

Hey guys!
So, i just got home. I've been out and about since i got out of school. Which was at, 4:05.
So, i have just got home, and am excited about tonights C2V-Day Post!
I would be posting it now, but im about to eat, and chill for a bit, since ive bee out since 7:00 this morning!
But, in other news.. Guesss what !? Okay, so it's about my food and completely random, but my mom stopped and got me and my little brother Chick-Fil-A !! And, she got me chicken nuggets! (: i Love their nuggets. And, im about to go eat them now, cause they're just over here calling my name, so ill be back later! Bye (:

Gooodmorning !

Hey guys!
I actually have time to write a blog this morning.. In school ! -___-
Haha, im in dance right now. The tardy bell like JUST rung, so class hasnt started. Which we're probably not doing anything today.
Ohh, we're watching a movie. Step Up! That's my movie! I love the third one! Have you seen it ? Have you seen any of them ? Leave a comment below.
Ima go and watch my movie now! Bye guys (:

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Night time(:

Okay. Guys, im sorry for not posting a blog today! Like super sorry!
I tried posting a blog, like i dont know how many times today, but everytime, something got in the way, so yeah.
Like, i tried posting one this morning after i got dressed and did my hair & makeup, but then i looked at the time, and if i didnt leave then, my mom was gonna be extra late for work, considering she was already late! So, i had to rush out the house quickly!
Then when i got to school, in my 3rd period i even tried, because that's my dance class & we were just working out today & did a Dancing With the Stars Latin routine video, which was super fun being the fact im latina ! (: So, i couldnt do it then.
And, at lunch i tried, but my connection was super poor. -__-
Then when i came home, right after school, i didnt even go straight to my homework. I came in, sat my bag down, feed my dog, went to the kitchen, grabbed a life water, then came striaght to my room, and got on my laptop, but then.. BAM! My internet was down! I couldnt even do my homework either!
Which explains why im up at 1:15 in the morning! -_____- My internet decided to come back up. So, i just got through doing my homework like, 20, 30 minutes ago. So i could be asleep right now. But, no. Guess what im doing. Bloggging for you guys! At 1 AM! See, what i do for you guys ? I even tried to blog.. In SCHOOL ! For you guys!

Anyways.. Im getting tired, but tomorrow i'll try my bestest best, to do at least 2 blogs. But i promise, if i can, i'll do more!
Goodnight. Wait.. Its morning.. So, i guess, Goodmorning ? Lol, bye guys! (:

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Random Blabble!

So, i just figured out that Android has an app for this!
That what im on now! I know i probably sound dumb, lol. But i didnt know they had an app for this!
But, do you know what this means for you guys? This means i can post as many blogs as i want. It will be so much easier than going on my browser to do this!

Btw; i have a question for you guys.. Do you have any suggestions for what i can call these rambly blog post? Like something better than ramdom rambles. Something cute and different ! Leave a comment below and let me know!

Countdown to Valentines Day: Homeade Heart-Shaped Handsoap

Give someone some out of the ordinary love, this Valentines day, with these cute little homeade heart shaped soaps! Things you'll need: Glycerin Soap Base Soap Colorant (optional) Small letters or heart-shaped beads Heart-shaped ice cube tray or candy mold Double boiler What to do: 1. Cut enough soap to roughly fill your molds and then set it to melt in the double boiler. 2. Put the molds or trays on a heat safe spill proof surface, and get the beads, or whatever your filling your soap with ready. 3. Fill each little mold halfway. Allow the soap to settle a little bit, then nestle the beads into the mold where you want them to be positioned. 4. If you're adding colorant, do so at this point, so that the bottom half of th soap is a different color. (this sets off the beads nicely) You can also just go clear, if you dont have any colorant. No big deal! 5. Now, fill the molds the rest of the way and allow them to set up completely before removing from the molds and wrapping up for gifts! Now, how adorable is this idea! I think this is such a cute little idea. This is great for if your making someone a valentines basket, you can add this in there for a little cute touch. I think im gonna make these soaps for a couple of friends, and then just for the fun of it, for decoration in my bathroom. Here's a picture of the finished product:
Hope you enjoy! Have any ideas, or suggestions for the next C2V-Day Post ? Leave a comment below and let me know!

Countdown To Valentines Day: Valentines Towels!

Okay guys! This is the first of the C2V-Day series blogs! Hope you enjoy! So, i came across this brilliant idea on how to make valentines towels. I thought it was just the cutest thing ever! I wanted to share with you guys! What you will need: Fabric pieces (1 larger than the other) Fabric glue Fabric markers/Felt pens/fabric paint Needle & thread(optional) Scissors What to do: 1. Take the the bigger piece of fabric, and cut it into a square or rectangle if its not already. (if its patterend or a fun color, the better!) 2. Then take the other piece and cut it into a smaller square or rectangle, and lay it on top of the larger piece in the middle, make sure thats where you wanna glue it. 3. Take the fabric glue, and glue the smaller piece of fabric to the middle of the bigger piece. Make sure you have a piece of stock paper or cardboard or just something to keep the glue from seeping onto the other side of the fabric onto the surface! 4. Take your fabric paint or fabric markers and write or draw, whatever cute little saying or design you would like (if your giving this to someone, then something they like or whatever) 5.If you need to, then let dry on a flat surface. This is a great idea. You can make this for decoration, or give it as a gift to someone! This would make as an amazing gift also, because you can personalize it to fit the persons style, and personality. Like, if your giving this to your mom, you could put "i love you mom", or "Happy V-Day Mom". Anything you want! For your husband/wife or boyfriend/girlfriend, you could put an important date, such as your first date, your wedding date, or the day you started going out! Then if you have a cute nickname, you could put you nickname for eachother. Or you could put your favorite quote or saying thats describes or explains the way you feel or something. You can even put an inside joke between you two! Really, the possibilities are endless on how you can personalize this towel! I personally would love to get this as a gift from my boyfriend, or even my bestfriend! It's so unique, and fun! *WARNING* This is for decorating use only, not meant for actual handtowel use!!! So, i hope you enjoyed todays C2V-Day post, on DIY Valentines towels!

Idea time !

Hola mi amor! Having a great day ? I hope! So, i was just browsing the internet bored, looking for cute little posts and ideas and such. Then, i thought, wouldnt it be a cute idea to do kinda like a little countdown to V-Day on my blog & give cute little ideas, like DIY's, gift ideas, cute themed decorations, etc. So, thats when i went on Google, & searched "diy valentines ideas" & soooo much stuff came up! So, im not completely sure how im gonna do this because i kinda wanna do more than 1 of these posts because theres so much great ideas out there, and i wanna share as much as possible with you guys! So, i guess sometimes there will be more than one of these little "Countdown To Valentines Day" post everyday, and then some days, there will be just one. But today, im not really doing anything busy so, i'll be blogging or looking for cute things to blog, just randomly, so i think there will be more than one C2V-Day posts today! This is just a little ramble type intro blog though but the next blog will be a C2V-Day blog! Get Excited ! (: Do you have any cute little Valentine themed ideas to share ? Any suggestions for these posts? Leave them in the comment below!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Quick Talk !

Good afternoon love! Its Superbowl Sunday! How excited are you! I know im super excited. What team are you for? Im All About NEW YORK GIANTS , <3 I have faith in my team, so does the rest of my family! All reppin' the East Coast! Anyways. Guys, im going to be putting up a haul post pretty soon ! The reason it didnt go up lastnight, is cause we never went shopping. It was a change of plans. Sorry! But i believe im going today. But i have to go really soon. Cause im not missing this Superbowl! Im pretty excited about going cause ima try and get an authentic Victor Cruz jersey to wear tonight! He's the wide reciever for the NY Giants! Well, i think im gonna go now, cause i just got out the shower and i still have to do my hair and makeup &such before i leave. So i'll try and do another posts later on today. Maybe a Superbowl update or sonething like that !? Ckmment below if you'd like that! What team are you going for tonight? Giants or Patriots? If your team isnt in the superbowl, whats your die hard team? Leave a comment and let me know?! <3 P.s. Sorry for speeling mistakes! Im on my phone, & its messing up!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Saturday Rambles (:

Hey guys! Hope your Saturday is going great! Mine is going pretty good! Sorry that ive been MIA! I have just been sooo busy lately. Like, every time i try to sit down and write, simething comes up. This is actually the first time in a minute that, i have some free time. But technically im not even free. Im out and about. Im just sitting down cause my little brother is getting is here cut. So im just sitting down in the shop. But, there WILL be more posts soon. Super soon i promise! Im gonna try and do one tonight when i get home. Cause i will post some more soon. Im gonna try and do mire, like every day at least one! But ima try to do two! But, im about to go. Im about to go shopping! So thats exciting!(: Maybe ill do a haul on what i get !? Comment below if you'd like that ! Whats your favorite things to do on Saturdays ? What have,you done today?