Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day! <3

Happy Valentines Day Love!
Hope you're having a more than fntastic day with your loved ones, wheater it's your boyfriend, girlfriend, mom, dad, brother, sister, cousin, aunt, aunt uncle, bestfriend. Maybe even your grandma! It doesnt matter as long as you spent time and showed them some EXTRA special love today!
My day was actually pretty good! I went to school, and there was so much love in the air. Haha, how cheesy did that sound? Lol, anyways.. Everybody at my school was so happy, with thier boyfriends or girlfriends. Even my friends who didnt have a Valentine, were in the spirit. Balloons, roses, hearts, chocolates, GIANORMOUS teddy bears, the whole nine yards. Me and my friends dressed up all themed, i had on a pink shirt, with dark wash Hollister jeggings, and my sandals, with my cluster heart necklace, and gold earrings! I did feel just a little upset, i guess you could say, cause my Valentine goes to a different school than me, so i didnt have the privalidge of carrying around my GIANT bear, chocolates, and roses, but, in the long run, it was perfectly fine! My day ended up being great. Im actually on the phone with him as i type! Lol.
My second period, my algebra class, we had a little party type thing today, we gave out candy and some people did Valentines. I felt like i was back in Elementary again. You know how when we were little we used to make a little box or bag, and decorate it to our liking and then hand each person a Valentine . I miss those days! But, today it made me feel like a little kid again, Lol.
OHMYGOSH! Okay, so one of my friends, her boyfriend gave her the hugest teddy bear today, with candy and a rose too, i think. It was too cute,  the bear was like humugous and had a heart in its hand that said "be mine". Adorable, and she had to carry that around all day, lol. Then my other friend thats in my dance class, her boyfriend got her a Teddy bear couple. Like 2 bears attached to eachother! It was the cutest thing ever! And also gave her, some candy, & balloons. And, his mom was even bringing the REST later. I was like, "Awwww". Lol.

In other news, im kinda bummed that this is the end of the Countdown to Valentines day series! But, on the bright side, there will be more springtime blog posts and more coming up . Any suggestions?? Leave them in the comments below!

Well, i hope you had an amazing day today, wheater you had boyfriend/ girlfriend or not. You are loved by somebody & im sure you love someone too!
Have a great rest of the night and i'll talk to you later! Bye, & again Happy Valentines Day, <3

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