Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Famous LBD or Little Black Dress

Little black dresses are something that will never go out of style. Something i believe that every girl should have at least one in thier closet. I personally like a little variety of these types of dresses, just because they are so dull, and boring. But, i know that there are a lot of you out there that only have one LBD or none at all. So, im gonna give a few reasons as to why you should have a LBD Couple of styling tips because i do know that there are some people out there that have no clue how to wear it, or wear to wear it.

*From left to right- Kim, Khole, Kourtney
Okay, so the first rerason should totally be because of this picture.The Kardasians are totally rocking their LBDs. I dont know about you but i totally love the Kardashians. I am aware that they are a completely controversial topic, you either love them or you hate them, but i love them. And, this picture makes them look beautiful!
Kim kept her look very simple by staying with all black, but still really chic and stylish by the build of the dress and the shape it gives her. And i love how she choose to go with peep toe pumps. Gives this look a more cute girly vibe.
Khole spiced her look up a bit by adding a belt in the middle which is totally cute. By adding the belt, it has sinced her waist in to give of more shape to the dress, and by choosing a belt with a really colorful pattern makes her outfit look less serious and more fun, cute and a more laid back feel by adding nude pumps instead of black! Love it..
Kourtney has blinged her look up by choosing a really fun shiny clutch to give her outfit a more fun vibe. By doing this, her clutch is the focal point in her attire. She has also added to the silver shiny effect by including silver hoops. I love the accesories she has choosen, they're fun and give off a different look and effect but not completely taking focus off her entire look.

Other reasons why i love LBDs are because, the color black is a slimming color. Yes, so by wearing black, it gives off a slimming illusion. Which is why so many celebrities love LBDs and wearing the color black.
Black is also a very versatile color. I personally think that black looks good on almost everybody. It can be very flattering to the type of girls with mad curves and shape. Like Kim! ^
Since it is a slimming color, it flatters a ton a body shapes and types.

Now on to ways to style LBDs. LBDs are very easy to style honestly. I mean, its BLACK! It's basically like a free for all blank pallatte!
Think of your favorite color or the occasion your wearing it for. Think of the time of the year it is, like what season. If it's Spring or Summer, think of bright colors. Fun, playful, flirty! Neons!
Winter or Fall, think of deep colors. Like, deep purples and reds. Browns and nudes!
Play it up with accesories. Shoes. Necklaces. Bracelets. Jewelry. Earrings. Handbags, clutches.
If you're going for a more serious vibe, then Put your hair in a really structed bun, or wear it completely straightened down or in a structured ponytail.
More playful fun vibe? Wear your hair in a really high sorta messy bun. Curl it, and wear it half up half down. Curl it and wear it in a ponytail. Or curl it and wear it down with a headband. Braid it in a fishtail or 4 strand briad. (Bethany/Macbarbie07 has amazingly great videos on these hair styles!!)

Add a pop of color like Kim did here in the above picture! I love how she choose this bright pink blazer and kept everything else simple!

Point is there are millions of different ways to style a Little Black Dress. Millions! All you need is a creative mind, and it really isnt that hard at all!

First picture is from skinnyvscurvy.com
Second picture is from californiastyleonline.com

Let me know in the comments below if you like these kinds of post. Do you have a name that would be great for these kinds of post? That'd be great! Do you own a little black dress?

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