Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Night time(:

Okay. Guys, im sorry for not posting a blog today! Like super sorry!
I tried posting a blog, like i dont know how many times today, but everytime, something got in the way, so yeah.
Like, i tried posting one this morning after i got dressed and did my hair & makeup, but then i looked at the time, and if i didnt leave then, my mom was gonna be extra late for work, considering she was already late! So, i had to rush out the house quickly!
Then when i got to school, in my 3rd period i even tried, because that's my dance class & we were just working out today & did a Dancing With the Stars Latin routine video, which was super fun being the fact im latina ! (: So, i couldnt do it then.
And, at lunch i tried, but my connection was super poor. -__-
Then when i came home, right after school, i didnt even go straight to my homework. I came in, sat my bag down, feed my dog, went to the kitchen, grabbed a life water, then came striaght to my room, and got on my laptop, but then.. BAM! My internet was down! I couldnt even do my homework either!
Which explains why im up at 1:15 in the morning! -_____- My internet decided to come back up. So, i just got through doing my homework like, 20, 30 minutes ago. So i could be asleep right now. But, no. Guess what im doing. Bloggging for you guys! At 1 AM! See, what i do for you guys ? I even tried to blog.. In SCHOOL ! For you guys!

Anyways.. Im getting tired, but tomorrow i'll try my bestest best, to do at least 2 blogs. But i promise, if i can, i'll do more!
Goodnight. Wait.. Its morning.. So, i guess, Goodmorning ? Lol, bye guys! (:

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