Sunday, February 19, 2012

Name Help ?

Okay guys. I need your help.
Ya know how i just do random rambles? Where i just talk about my day, how things have been, stuff i think is interesting, and everything else that isnt beauty related or fashion related. Well yeah, i need a cute clever name for these types of blogs. Something different and unique maybe.
Of course i'll choose the best answer, but all ideas and suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Also i need a name for when i posts about new trends that i see a lot. Like, you know how Elle and Blair have "Trend to Try", i want something like that but of course im not gonna take their name.
Then i need a name for when i post about interesting finds. Like, random post that i find on the internet, or stuff that i just find interesting that i wanna share with you guys.
Oh, also anything else you would like to see a post about, reviews, a specifc trend, a certain makeup look, anything you wanna see, leave it in a comment below, and i'll try my best to post on it as best i can!
Thank you so much guys! <3

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