Sunday, February 19, 2012

Yummy Treats ?

Hey guys!
So, we all know that Valentines Day is over, BUT, who says that all those yummy treats have to stop? They don't! This year for Valentines Day, i got a lot of really interesting treats. A couple or are from what i've had before in the past but, they're pretty good. I just though i would share with you guys some of my interesting sweet treats as a make up for the C2VDay post i missed.

Okay, so every year my mom gets me and my little brother a Valentines basket. She kinda makes them up with different things she know we like. Every year, this basket contains, a medium or big teddy bear, a bunch of chocolates and candies, and then surprises us with something that she knows we've been wanting or hinting about for the longest time. Like, maybe it'll be something that we wanted for Christmas but, she couldnt find it. Or for my brother, since his Birthday is right before Christmas she'll make him think he wont be getting something and wait til his Valentines day. Or fr me, my birthday is right after Christmas(January 15th) so, it would be something i wanted for either Christmas or my Birthday and get it for me for Valentines day! Like, it'll be some kind of electronic or something thats kinda like a splurge item! And then a card! So, basically we get this basket every year from our mom, with everything listed above, plus some yummy themed Valentines treats! Which is where this post comes in at. This year, we got really different treats. And, i thought i would share with you guys. Sooo,

One of the things we got this year, was Chocolate covered Twinkies! Yes, TWINKIES! Okay, so im not usually a fan of twinkies at all actually. Like, i hate them! So, when my mom gave me my gift and i pulled out the twinkies, i was kinda interested in tasting them! Just because they were covered in chocolate and who doesnt love chocolate?! It's name describes it all. It's just a twinkie that was dipped in chocolate! and one of them, is dipped in milk chocolate, with very little white chocolate drizzled over top! So, really good. I have not tried them yet, actually, but don't worry. I promise i will!

The next thing i recieved in my basket this year, was Chocolate covered popcorn! Now, popcorn. We have a love/hate relationship. I love it and all, but im not the BIGGEST fan of it! Ya know ?! But, this popcorn, was something that i was really anxious to try! And, i did. It's like the perfect combination of salty and sweet! The popcorn was not overboard drenched in butter and salt, but it was not bland and cardboard tasting either! It was just right. They put just enough chocolate over it, to balance it out. It was not to much because it wasnt dipped popcorn, they had just drizzled the chocolate over the popcorn! This is something that i strongly recommend if you like trying new things, and love salty and sweet. Cause this is the perfect combanation!

Then, the last thing i got is something that i get every single year, one of the reason i look forward to this holiday,it isnt new, but i still wanted to share this anyways. And, it is.. Of course.. CHOCOLATE COVERED STRAWBERRIES ! My favorite Valentine treat! I dont think i have to get into what a chocolate covered strawberry is, because i mean, who hasnt had one? Or at least seen one? If you have never had one, then you my friend.. have been living under a rock! Lol. But seriously, these things are like my guilty pleasure. I would so eat these everyday for the rest of my life if i could, and never get tired of them ! But, that would not be the healthiest choice, although very delicious! But, anywho.. So, every year, my mom buys a huge box of these, and gets them mixed.Like, the chocolate flavors. Okay, soi we get our from a store the makes them in front of your face, so its fresh and everything, and you can get them custom to whatever flavors you'd like, so my mom gets like half completely milk chocolate covered, then half completely white choclate, then some milk chocolate with white chocolate drizzled over top, then some with white chocolate dipped and milk chocolate over top! I know, i know. You like thats way to many strawberries. But, it's really not, especially when you think about it, cause its all 3 of us eatting them, not just me. My mom, little brother, and i eat them, so it isnt really as much as it seems! But, we do still have some left, thoug. Haha, but its only cause we dont eat them all at once or demolish them in 2 days! Lol.

But, the reason for this post is to share with you guys the interesting things i got this year. AND, to let you know that these things dont always have to be a annual eat treat. You can have these any time of the year! All you need is a bag of chocolate chips, i prefer the hersheys chocolate chips, and whatever you wanna dip in, or drizzle over! YES! It's that easy! But, of course remember to cosume these things at a moderation obviously.
Enjoy your treats and happy eats! <3

Have you ever tried or had any of the things mentioned above? What is your favorite Valentines Eat Treat?


  1. I LOVE Chocolate Covered Strawberries! ;D

  2. Thats something i always loom forward to around Valentines day!