Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Countdown To Valentines Day: Valentines Towels!

Okay guys! This is the first of the C2V-Day series blogs! Hope you enjoy! So, i came across this brilliant idea on how to make valentines towels. I thought it was just the cutest thing ever! I wanted to share with you guys! What you will need: Fabric pieces (1 larger than the other) Fabric glue Fabric markers/Felt pens/fabric paint Needle & thread(optional) Scissors What to do: 1. Take the the bigger piece of fabric, and cut it into a square or rectangle if its not already. (if its patterend or a fun color, the better!) 2. Then take the other piece and cut it into a smaller square or rectangle, and lay it on top of the larger piece in the middle, make sure thats where you wanna glue it. 3. Take the fabric glue, and glue the smaller piece of fabric to the middle of the bigger piece. Make sure you have a piece of stock paper or cardboard or just something to keep the glue from seeping onto the other side of the fabric onto the surface! 4. Take your fabric paint or fabric markers and write or draw, whatever cute little saying or design you would like (if your giving this to someone, then something they like or whatever) 5.If you need to, then let dry on a flat surface. This is a great idea. You can make this for decoration, or give it as a gift to someone! This would make as an amazing gift also, because you can personalize it to fit the persons style, and personality. Like, if your giving this to your mom, you could put "i love you mom", or "Happy V-Day Mom". Anything you want! For your husband/wife or boyfriend/girlfriend, you could put an important date, such as your first date, your wedding date, or the day you started going out! Then if you have a cute nickname, you could put you nickname for eachother. Or you could put your favorite quote or saying thats describes or explains the way you feel or something. You can even put an inside joke between you two! Really, the possibilities are endless on how you can personalize this towel! I personally would love to get this as a gift from my boyfriend, or even my bestfriend! It's so unique, and fun! *WARNING* This is for decorating use only, not meant for actual handtowel use!!! So, i hope you enjoyed todays C2V-Day post, on DIY Valentines towels!

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