Monday, February 20, 2012

Review: Maybelline Define-A-Line Auto Pencil Eyeliner

This is the eyeliner i am currently using. I line my lower water line and sometimes my upper tight line/lash line with this.
This is a really good eyeliner! Im really enjoying it. It hasnt not let me down. Has a pretty great lasting power. I mean, this is amazing. Intentionally i had just picked this up for the time being cause i was at Wal-Mart and i remembered that i was running out of eyeliner. Like i litterally had like none left. It was at the rim. So i was just acting fast and quicky picked this up. But now im thinking this might be in a favorite post coming at the end of this month. Cause i have really been loving this little baby!
I did not think that it was going to last that long, and thought that it would run and smear throughout the day, but it does not do any of that! I actually suprised myself! I have mine in Ebony Black, because that's what i line my water line with on a daily basis. Black and brown.
THis keeps its color throughout the day, and still stays looking sorta fresh as if you just applied it. Now, im not gonna lie to you guys, i do believe that there ARE better liners out there. I have had some better ones! BUT, this is not a bad liner at all. No where near bad. The reason i say that there are better ones, is because this does have its moments when it just kinda fades, but for the most part, it lasts me all day in school, from 8:45am to 4:05pm and sometimes i can even wear it about an hour longer if i need to with out touch ups. And if i do touch it up, its very slight! I promise. Cause lets be honest. After school, unless i go somewhere important where i feel the need to actually be cute and precise makeup i dont care how my makeup looks. Lol. It just be like that sometimes! So, that being said im not gonna touch up my face if im just going to the grocery store after school or some errand with my mom. So i dont touch up or its very slight, like seriously! And i still look as if i have makeup on. So, its lasting power is not horrible at all. There are better liners with longer lasting power, but this is a great one!
This product is also very pigmented! So, thats always something we look for in liners!
Overall, i cannot say enough good things about this, but i would definately recommend to someone who is looking for a liner with good lasting power, and very pigmentated.

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Have any of you tried this? What do you think about it? What liners do you recommend ? Maybe i'll go get them and review them. Any reviews you'd like to see. Comment below so i can!


  1. I really wanna try this liner now! :) I actually highly recommend Elf eyeliners. They're only $1 and I was really impressed on how pigmented they are! They even stay on my waterline. :)

  2. Go out and get it. It's amazing! I love it.
    And i actually hve and ELF eyeliner. You are right about the pigmentation. They are pretty pigmented. I really like mine!

  3. Thanks for the review, I will have to go out and get it! Right now I am switching between MAC and Nars but this is ALOT cheaper...I can't wait for more posts... Followed

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  4. I really like that eyeliner! I got introduced to it by a friend 1 week ago..

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  5. have this liner and i love it!! thanks for the post! love!
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