Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Gift Ideas ?

Okay guys. So, my moms birthday is on Saturday, and im online right now trying to shop for her gift. I know, i know. I should have done this last week, but what can i say? Last minute procrastination got the best of me. Lol,
Anyways, I wanted you guys opinion on a few gift ideas. Try to stay away from Bath and Body Works and scents and such cause that what i got her for Christmas, AND we have been in B&BW this past Friday and Sunday and she pretty much splurged on every scent she wanted and even got 2 candles, so nothing like that please!
Now, of course i already have ordered some items. but i love gift shopping and love the look on my moms face when she recieves something from me or my brothers! So, i love shopping for her!
I mean, she is not that hard of a person to shop for either. We actually have very similar taste in clothing and such.
It's like we are the same people almost style wise, but she is just an older version.
Im not gonna say her age, lmao! So, let's just say she is over 35! Haha, so obviously she isnt gonna wanna walk around in cootchie cutter shorts with her butt checks hanging out, she does wear shorts, but just not THAT SHORT anymore! She doesnt really have a specific preference in shirts or dresses, but she hates anything floral cause when she was a little girl, my grandma, her mom obviously, used to dress her in a lot of floral dresses and frilly socks and things like that when they went to church! But she loves bright colors. Her favorite colors are lime green and hot pink!
She has been metioning that she wants this specific pair of earrings though! Okay do you guys watch Basketball Wives? You know Evelyn Lazoda from the show? The earrings that she always wears my mom loves! And she also love the shoes from her store! But, im thinking im gonna save this idea for Mothers Day?! Since i've already ordered so a few things.
Im trying to find something she'd wear on her birthday or Friday when we go out to eat for her birthday. So, im trying to make an outfit, but she already bought shoes for herself for that day. Another option i had is just take her into a few stores and let her pick out whatever she wanted! And i pay for it thoug, so it'd be as if im taking her shopping, ya know?! Lol, well i dont know yet, but let me know you opinions in the comments below!

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