Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Idea time !

Hola mi amor! Having a great day ? I hope! So, i was just browsing the internet bored, looking for cute little posts and ideas and such. Then, i thought, wouldnt it be a cute idea to do kinda like a little countdown to V-Day on my blog & give cute little ideas, like DIY's, gift ideas, cute themed decorations, etc. So, thats when i went on Google, & searched "diy valentines ideas" & soooo much stuff came up! So, im not completely sure how im gonna do this because i kinda wanna do more than 1 of these posts because theres so much great ideas out there, and i wanna share as much as possible with you guys! So, i guess sometimes there will be more than one of these little "Countdown To Valentines Day" post everyday, and then some days, there will be just one. But today, im not really doing anything busy so, i'll be blogging or looking for cute things to blog, just randomly, so i think there will be more than one C2V-Day posts today! This is just a little ramble type intro blog though but the next blog will be a C2V-Day blog! Get Excited ! (: Do you have any cute little Valentine themed ideas to share ? Any suggestions for these posts? Leave them in the comment below!

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