Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Countdown to Valentines Day: Homeade Heart-Shaped Handsoap

Give someone some out of the ordinary love, this Valentines day, with these cute little homeade heart shaped soaps! Things you'll need: Glycerin Soap Base Soap Colorant (optional) Small letters or heart-shaped beads Heart-shaped ice cube tray or candy mold Double boiler What to do: 1. Cut enough soap to roughly fill your molds and then set it to melt in the double boiler. 2. Put the molds or trays on a heat safe spill proof surface, and get the beads, or whatever your filling your soap with ready. 3. Fill each little mold halfway. Allow the soap to settle a little bit, then nestle the beads into the mold where you want them to be positioned. 4. If you're adding colorant, do so at this point, so that the bottom half of th soap is a different color. (this sets off the beads nicely) You can also just go clear, if you dont have any colorant. No big deal! 5. Now, fill the molds the rest of the way and allow them to set up completely before removing from the molds and wrapping up for gifts! Now, how adorable is this idea! I think this is such a cute little idea. This is great for if your making someone a valentines basket, you can add this in there for a little cute touch. I think im gonna make these soaps for a couple of friends, and then just for the fun of it, for decoration in my bathroom. Here's a picture of the finished product:
Hope you enjoy! Have any ideas, or suggestions for the next C2V-Day Post ? Leave a comment below and let me know!

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  1. Cute post- Followed you! Just checked out your post via ElleandBlair...great job! keep up the work! I just did a Vday post as well...check it out:
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