Sunday, April 29, 2012

My Week: School, Parties, Summer Plans, etc.

Okay, guys. So i have had a pretty decent week and a very exciting weekend, so i thought i would share with you guys!

Soo, school this week was pretty good for the most part! All the sophmores and juniors were testing all week except friday, so our schedules were kinda off, but it was pretty fun cause either our classes were cut short and we got a longer lunch, or we didnt got to some of our classes due to other activities.
On Momday and Thursday, due to the sophmore and juniors testing, all the Freshman had to go outside, which leads to the reason behind my sunburn! /: On Monday we were outside from the time school started, 8:45am, til' lunch time, so we didnt attend any of our morning classes, and on  Thursday we were outside again, but for like a hour and a half longer! -___- Oh, and if you are wondering about the the seniors, (12th graders) on Monday and Thursday they didnt have too come to school until after lunch on both days! All the freshman (grade 9) outside doing sctivities and playing around, lol. And the other grades were testing!

So, my weekend, was OMG, crazy! Okay, so Friday i went to a party at this girl thats like a cousin to me, her house. Cause my bestfriend and my 'cousin' are cousins, and it was my bestfirneds party at my 'cousins' house . Anyways, i came home and ate, then around 6pm started to get ready for the party cause it started at 8pm, and i wanted to shower and stuff. Then , my other friend and her mom came to pick me up, then we went and picked up her boyfriend then her mom dropped us off at the party. Then, when we got to the party, my boyfriend called and said he was on his way, so yeah. I was just chillin' and dancing with my boyfriend and all my other friends that i dont get to see very often! The party lasted until 1 in the morning, so when it was 12 i gave my bestfriend her birthday licks cause it was officailly her 15th birthday so i hitnher 15 times, lmao. That was exciting! Then, we all left a little after 1 and dropped off my boyfirend and my friends boyfriend, then i ended up staying the night at her house caus ei didnt wanna come home, so i just came to pack a bag then left again. We did have some incidents at the party, and the cops came but it wasnt anything overboard bad, and the party still continued.
Then yesturday, i went to ANOTHER party, but this was just a party just because. No birthdyas or anything, just a party for fun, at this club, that a group of my friends got for the party. And, i went to that, and that was pretty fun too. But, this party lasted a little later. This one started at 8pm and didnt end until 2 in the morning but a lot of people didnt leave until like 30minutes to an hour later, but it was amazing!

So, as you can see my weekend got pretty live and crazy! I had a ton of fun, but you dont understand how tired i am! Cause after the party last night, i stayed up until almost 4 am on the phone with my boyfriend! Lol, i didnt wake up until 1 this afternoon!

Well, im gonna end this posy right here cause its gettinga little long and i dont wanna bore you guys so ,i'll talk to you guys later . Leave me a comment below telling me what you did this weekend!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

My Signiture Look: Everyday Eye Makeup

Okay, so i have gotten a few questions, on my everyday eye look, so here you go!

First i start by applying a primer. I use Urban Decays Primer Potion, (in sin) but any primer will work. I apply this all over my lids, up to my browbone. What this does is make the colors more vibrant and the lasting power a lot longer!
Then, i take my NYX eyeshadow base in white, (I use pearl if I want a little more pop& shimmer) and I apply this all overtop the primer. I really don't need this step , since it basically does the same thing as a primer, but I just like the extra protection & plus it's white so the colors will appear more vibrant!
Next, I take MACs Mythology eyeshadow, and with a flat eyeshadow brush I apply this all over my lids right up until I get where my crease begins.
*tip-for more pigmentation & just more not intense but yeah.. Just pat the color on instead of glide it like normal.*
For my crease, I take Urban Decays single eyeshadow in Midnight Cowboy and with a crease brush I blend this all into the crease, and down to where the lid color ends so it's fully blended.
Now, I'm going to line my bottom lash line . I'm using Maybelline's define a line eyeliner in black, my favorite right now, but you can just use any black eyeliner. Then.. Just line your bottom waterline!
Next, take your favorite liquid liner, I'm using my Lorac Front of the Line Pro liner & just thinly start lining the top lash line & very slightly and very gradually make it a tad thicker towards the end. (sometimes, I'll wing it out, it just all depends on where I'm going and my mood)
And, the last step, one of my favorites.. Mascara! Just take any favorite mascara, Im currently loving the look of layering mascaras, actually 2 in particular so I'm using my Lorac 3D multiplex mascara & my L'oreal false lashes mascara . I use both on the top lashes and just the L'oreal one on the bottom!

And, voila! You have my everyday eye makeup look. So, this look may not be everyday for some people, and that's because the colors I use are very shimmery and glittery . But you can always substitute a matte brown and matte cream champagne like colors for the colors I used to make it more wearable & everyday wear for you! Anyways, this has been my routine for about a month or two now and I have been in love with it! What I love is that it's very different from most peoples looks, since most people would have put a matte darker brown in the crease but instead I did a lighter champagne glittery crease. But it is still wearable and I'm loving this!

Well, I hope you enjoyed and I will talk to you guys in my next video ! Bye beauties(:

UPDATE: More posts!

Okay, so i have been quite busy, which i why there was not any post for about 2 days, cause i usually try my best to post every other day, and sometimes even everyday, if its something im excited to tell you or a really fun post! But, last night, i went to a a party, and let me tell you.. IT WAS C R A Z Y! Like, hella crazy! Soo much happend in one night, omg. But, you guys will hear a little more about that party and more about my week and such in a post tomorrow ;D

I just wanted to let you guys know, that right after this, i will be posting a makeup tutorial, a little later. It's already planned out and everything! So, thats something to look forward too! Also, there are a couple of other post as of right now, that are also drafted and planned and thought out, but just not posted cause im still tweaking them a little. I have a TAG, that im super excited for, that i made up all by myself with my most frequetly asked questions from you guys, and from my profiles on Michelle Phans website and Elle & BLairs website. Plus, just other questions that i thought would be interesting and fun to answer! So, yall will know a lot more about me, behind all this fashion and beauty. Another post i have planned is a cheerleading post, im also debatingon if i should do a series type thing talking about tryouts and all that stuff.  And, i have a ton more on my list, soo you guys know there will most defianetly be more posts!

Well, im off to the mall, with my bestfriend and her mom. Her mom is gonna buy me another case for my iPhone. Cause she has the same Otterbox i want, but in a different color, so she told me she would take me and buy me too! I love her, shes like my second mom! OOH, & if you guys have any recommendations for an iHome. I want preferably one that doubles as a charging station too, leave them in the comments below and i will talk to you guys later! Adios (:

How is your weekend so far ?

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Okay guys, so I just recently got my iPhone 4s & I needed recommendations for an iHome docking station thingy !
Yes, I am in school right now but I'm in dance and we ain't doing nothing since this week is testing for sophomores and juniors. Anyways, I have been meaning to make this blog since Sunday, and I kept forgetting so before I forget this time, I'm asking while it's on my mind! Lol,

But yeah, there are like soo many choices and brands out there but I want to know which one is best, so the most recommended one, and ima do some research on all your choices and others but for now I just need some good recommendations cause the other day I noticed while I was in the shower and getting ready that the normal speakers on the iPhone are not that loud at all. At least not for when the showers are running ! And I have to listen to music in the shower ! Lol.

But yeah, this period is about to be over so, just if you have an iHome or know anyone that has a really nice one then let me know in the comments below an I will talk to you guys later ! (:

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Meet the newest edition to my earring family !
I have been obsessed with these earring since before Christmas ! Before Christmas ?! Like that's crazy! My friend has some super similar, but hers are longer and have a strand of rhinestones going through them like a chain . I would soo much prefer those but I have no clue where she got them from and I'm so obsessed that u just can't pass these up at all ! Soo, I'm getting them ! (:

What do you think ? Comment below what your favorite earring trend of the moment is .

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Review: Nutra Nail Gel Perfect Manicure Kit

Okay, so like a week or two ago, i posted a nails of the week post. If you have not seen that, the link will be at the bottom of this post so be sure to check that out. Anyways, it was something i had purchased at Utla a little over a month ago around the time of my Spring Break. Well, i had tried it out for the first time and in that post i said i would review them. So, even though its a little bit late, here is the review, as promised!
I actually really liked this little gel manicure kit. In this little kit, it contians everything you'll need for this gel manicure. The contents are: the gel activator, the gel color, and the gel brush cleaner. Thats great, but the only thing is i would have liked for this to have come with a top coat, or some kind of sealant. I mean, i was no big deal though, and i dont think its something that would be a problem for anybody because i assume if you are picking this kit up, you plan to do this yourself so you must like nail polish to be wanting to do a GEL nail on yourself so why wouldnt you have a clear coat. Plus it says the stuff that it contains so you could pick up one ahead of time also.
The application of this is very smooth, and it is nicely pigmented. It gives really nice even opaque coats. It is kind of streaky but it tells you that in the instructions, to prevent that by putting slight pressure when applying it.
It really is true to what it says on the packaging. You really only need to let it sit for 5 minutes for it to be set. Of course its still kinda tacky, but thats normal with most polishes no matter what time it says, so of course do not touch it. You are able to completely move around and do things with your hands but just not anything drastic obviously, just yet. 
This manicure lasted me an entire week without chipping what-so-ever! And, my weeks are pretty intense with dance and i use my hands a ton in just one day, so that was pretty surprising and satisfying for me! Im sure it would have lasted longer, but i just really wanted to change my polish since this entire week i was not able to have any colored polish on my nails due to cheer!
The price is actually really good and fairly decent for this, considering the quality and the contents! I ogt mine for like 9 something, so for about $10, oyu get pretty much everything you need for a gel manicure that lasts a fairly long time.
Is this product worth purchasing? Yes, i will most definately be repurchasing this product, in more of the various color selections they have!
Do I recommend? Well, yes! Obviously, if im repurchasing, i would love you guys to try thid out too.
I give this product a 9.5/10
Have you guys tried this product or something similar? Is there something like this you would recommed i try? Leave them in comments below and i would be happy to try them out! I will talk to you guys in my next post, Have a great day!

Trend Alert: Pastels-Clothing


Since pastels are something that play a huge part in the spring time, i thought i would do a little series on all things pastel! Pastel clothes, pastel shoes, pastel nail polish, pastel accesories, pastel everything! So, obviously, from the pictures above you can probably guess that this first post is going to be on pastel clothing. Lets get started..

Pastel clothing is something really easy to rock, but with certain things, it can get a little crazy looking and just be too much. The thing with pastels is that you have to be careful not to, mix clashing colors in a tacky way. But just like regular colors, color blocking can also be done and look totally amazing! When mixing colors though, it is important to go with colors that coordinate. Look at a color wheel to see exactly how you would go about this and get some ideas.

Mint green is one of my favorite pastels this year. In the pictures above, i have a picture that has mint green pastels.
Another one of my favorite pastels, are corals! I have recently been loving the way these colors look, with whites, or taupes and tans, for a very nice crisp and clean look. With the colors been pastels though, it is always super playful, fun, and just very spring-ish!

I have never been one to like the look of pairing like colors on top of one another no matter what the color, so some of my favorite way to wear pastels are:
-with whites, tans, and taupes, for a really chic, but fun and playful look. The are not clashing, and it can be dressed up or down fairly easy.
-with jeans or denim. This way is super cute and casual. Probably my most favorite of them all. This way it can be worn just about anywhere for just about any ocassion. What i really love about this way of styling is, the effotless look you can achieve this way. It doesnt look like you are trying too hard and you look super cute.
-The last way is color blocking pastels. This personally think this way is super cute, fun and playful looking. I love that it can be casul, but you can also dress this look up at the same time. If you style this the right way, i think it can be totally acceptable to be worn for a ton of events. Especially cute for the spring and summer time!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. Leave me a comment below telling me what you think about this whole pastel trend going on, and what your favorite way to style them is & telling me your thoughts on this mini series? Also, leave me any suggestions you have in comments and i will talk to you guys in my next post! Adios (:

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Haul: WetSeal

I have been on a crazy search within the past few months ! I have been searching for some khaki colored skinny jeans like crazy since forever now! ( is khaki even a color ? Oh well.)
I have been everywhere! Old Navy, Forever 21, Dillard's, and my mom even told me to go into The Gap cause she thought they would have them, and they did but, they weren't the exact color I wanted. They were more of a darker taupe color than a lighter tab khaki that I wanted! I was this close to getting them but I just refuse to pay $70 for jeans when I know I can find the ones that I really actually did want!
I am proud to announce that I can stop this searching madness . I have finally found the perfect khaki skinny jeans!
I went on a mini shopping spree yesterday and my sole purpose was to get these jeans, but while I was there I decided to get a few more items. So I thought I would show you all in this haul! Let's go!
P.S. these pictures are going to be at the end of this post because I'm posting off my phone! My laptop broke and its getting fixed and my mom and little brother are using both desktops ! Sorrrrry ! /:

So, the first thing I picked up was of course the khaki skinny jeans! I really like the way they fit and the color is perfect. The only thing is they don't have direct sizes like number wise. It goes xsmall, small, medium, large, and xlarge. But, I am absolutely in love with these and cannot wait to wear them! These were $24.50.

The next thing I picked up was this tank top. It he only reason I got this was because, if you have ever been to WetSeal then you know their Luke year round sale where if you get any thing from the sale or clearance racks then you can get the other item for 1¢. And my mom had picked up this pair of sandals so she was like you can get something if you want cause it'll be just a penny. (btw, that was the only thing in this haul that I did not purchase by myself! But just cause it counted as a sale with her item!) I didn't mind picking it up although I already have 2 in a bright hot pink and a turquoise blue, but these are perfect for summer! They are just something foley and cute I could throw on w/ some shorts.

The next 2 things I got are accessories . I picked up two pair of Ray Ban style sunglasses . The first pair I got are the Wayfarer style . I just got the black kind but they had like every single color you can think of! These are just something super cute and casual to wear during the summer. Also , I love how on the inside it's got a super cute floral design!
The next ones I picked up because right before we went to the store I was on the WetSeal app on my phone and I had seen the shades paired w/ this outfit. And I loved them. They are the Aviator style glasses, but what really made me want these was that the part that holds them up is chain link looking. I thought this was so unique and plus I had been looking for a cute but cheap pair of aviators and wayfarers anyway so that I take these to the beach and stuff like that and won't have to worry about replacing my real ones since they are pretty expensive! Also, I really like the tint these have. It's like a deep plum ombré tint! Super cute !

Well, that is the end of this haul. I know, it was super short. I didn't get a lot of stuff which is kinda surprising but I hope you guys enjoyed and I will talk to you in my next post ! Bye beauties(:

Friday, April 20, 2012

Update: Cheer, Hauls, Upcoming Posts, etc!

Soo, if you have noticed I have not posted anything all week. With that being said, main reason is cheer! If you didn't read my last blog i mentioned a little but about cheer. So, let's go into a little more detail..
Yes. I did have cheer tryouts all this week! I am finally letting cheer back in my life completely once again! It feels sooooo good! To fill you guys in. I did quit cheer about 3 years ago. I needed a break and it turned out to be way longer than intended ! But I have finally decided that I need it back in my life and im happy for myself. I am not gonna get into so much detail just cause I will be doing an entire post dedicated to cheer, and my experiences w/ it.
So, now let's talk about my week. So , Monday was when the tryouts started. Well, they aren't actually tryouts. So, lemme' rephrase that.. My cheer camp was this whole week after school. From 4:30 til' 6:30. And, let me tell you I am EXHAUSTED ! Like really . You do not know how tired I am when that's over with. And even when I leave the school from the camp, I come straight home and practice for about another hour to hour and a half! So, I don't get done with that til about 7:30pm or 8:00. Basically what this "cheer camp" is for those of you who don't know, it is basically just where you go after school if your trying out & the current cheerleaders are there along with the coaches and maybe some gymnasts are there to help you prepare for tryouts and just basically showing you what you need to be at least average on to make the team. So we learn or practice on our jumps, chants/cheers, dancing, positioning, stunts, and the projection of your voice. Luckily for me, I'm almost perfect at almost all of my jumps, cheering/chants voice and positions . Oh and my dancing! So almost everything except my stunting. Which would be like flips, round offs & cartwheels and such. I mean I am pretty decent at them but I really need to perfect them a lot more ! I'm so bent outta whack since I haven't been doing gymnastics in like a yeah and a half! /: crazy! Anyways, I have been doing this all week preparing for tomorrow; Saturday April 21st is the day of tryouts! So I am literally worn out! We only get like one 5-10 minute break, then back to working.
But on the bright side, the dance we are doing is super cute and fun! It's modern hip hop with some ballet and a dash of sass ! Lol, I absolutely love it! But the song we are dancing too is kinda fast pace so it is really tiring , lol. I really like the moves that go with our cheers too!
Tryouts are Saturday April 21st, which is tomorrow. And I have to be up no later than 6:30 am ! 6:30 in the morning! What?! Yes, an i have to be at the schools gym at 8:00am. Tryouts dont end until 6:00pm i think( i have to check again. Lol) I should actually be asleep right now cause its almost 12 am. -___- Haha, but I wanted to give you guys a quick update. The things I do for you guys! Smh. Lol, kidding(:
I am not sure when the next normal post will be up, I mean like obviously next week sometime but I mean I'm not sure if I will be able to post before Monday. So no guarantee that there will be one this weekend, although I will try but no promises because I don't know when I get back from tryouts cause all the high schools in my districts will be at the same place, so it's just 4 high schools but when we get there we each get numbers so no one knows what school is going first until we get there tomorrow. Hopefully mine will be like 1 or 2, cause after we go we can leave and then we just have to come back up there to see the people who made the team ( its gonna be posted on the gym doors) . But, the thing is I have to tryout TWICE, because I don't know which school I am going to yet since I am moving this summer so I am just trying out for either team so that way whatever school I go to I made it either way! So I will be super tired afterward and don't know if i will be up to post , so yeah. But I did go shopping today so if there is a post up tomorrow it will be a HAUL! Excited ? I am! (:
But yeah, I am going to sleep. Gotta early morning tomorrow so I will talk to you guys as soon as possible ! Bye !

*Oh and wish me luck guys ! Pray I make it (: Thanks so much for your patience !

Sunday, April 15, 2012

TAG!: Confessions of a Shoe-A-Holic!

Hey lovelies!
So, in case you didnt know, i am an obsessive shoe maniac! Like, its crazy how much i love shoes! Ever since late February, early March, i have been searching like crazy for the perfect spring/summer time shoes. And, main my focus until just recently was a perfect Easter shoe. A shoe that was not to high, or to low. Something that i could not only for for real fancy occassions but also just thorughout the summer, but even after i found that, i have still been on the hunt for a few good pairs of cute, comfy, and stylish shoes . All styles and types. So, i have been looking online and in sotres.
I came across this tag a couple days ago and thought that this would be perfect timing for this. So, lets get started!

1. Heels or Flats?
neither, WEDGES! :D
Lol . Mmm.. depends. Heels if im not gonna be on my feet for more than half of the day or if they're comfy/platformed, Flats if im walking around a ton, or my outfit is casual. But i will where wedges no matter what since it can go dressy or casual!

2. What are your go-to shoes?
Mm, my pueter gladiators.

3. What's your favorite shoe trend at the moment?
Color blocking (or just bright bold colors in general)

4. What's your least favorite shoe trend?
Feathered shoes!! Like, shoes that have the feathers attatched, especially printed feathers! Omg, i can not stress how much i hate that! Cause there were these GORGEOUS pair of gladiators in BodyCentral that had different printed straps, like diff. animal print on each strap, but.. they had printed feathers! Like really? Ugh, i was so mad. Lol!

5. What's your most expensive shoe?
My Jordans? No, wait.. Lemme' check..
My Steve Maddens or my UGGs ? Cant remember but i think my Steve Maddens was like $60 more ?!

6. What are your most wanted pair?
Christian Louboutins! You know the imfamous sparkley ones that they have sooooo many dupes for? Yeah those. They're like more than $1,000 though /: Oh, and these pair of Steve Madden jeweled sandals, that i seen when i was on vacation!

7. What's your most embarrasing shoe story?
Uhhm i dont really have one!? Lol, i guess this'll count. Okay, so this one time when i was in elementary, like 2nd grade, it was picture day, and i had this cute little pink skirt and shirt on, with my, "Cinderrella glass slippers", as i called them, (lol dont judge, i was a little dork as a kid. haha, they were really glass like slippers though, just not a heel, but had a glass platformed bottom and it had gold accents and everything! ) Anyways, i would be walking through the school and all and i didnt trip, but like it was almost like falling. My ankle would always wobble to the side and stuff. Lol

8. Pick a shoe and share a story.
Uhm.. I'm not really sure of one ?!

9. How many pairs of shoes do you own ?
Waaaaay too many to count ! Lol

10. When was the first time you wore heels ?
Uhh.. Well I'm 15, so probably around anywhere between 11/13-13

11. How much do you spend on shoes ?
Well, I think shoes are apart of those very few items worth splurging on. I mean, if you've had about the same shoe size for a minute now, and your around my age give or take some years, then you can be able to wear those shoes for the longest time; but only if they are good quality! So I do not have a problem with splurging on a nice pair of shoes a few times! So, to answer the question it just all varies on the shoe type and quality and stuff like that. I take in account for a lot when shoe shopping !

12. Where are your favorite places to buy shoes?
Aldo, Steve Madden, Finish Line & Foot Locker (for my Jordan's and such), Journeys, etc. just to name a few.

13. Have you got a pair of shoes you regret purchasing ?
Sadly, yes . When I was younger, like 3rd or 4th grade, I was shoe shopping with my mom & I seen these amazing pair of wedges! They were just perfect cause they had a floral design, they were a pinky coral color and it was spring time! Can you say it was destiny ? Lol, anyways the heel wasn't that high either. But, to be honest , I actually only wore them like, I can count on ONE hand how many times I wore them. I still have them too, but of course I can no longer wear them!

14. Show your favorite pair of shoes .
I don't actually have a picture of them on had right at this moment, but I will have one up as soon as possible .
But, they are these Nike brand shoes that I had custom made by my moms best guy friend! I love them!

And, that was the last question. I hope you all enjoyed this tag. I will talk to you guys later in my next post! Have a great day! Bye (:

Saturday, April 14, 2012

TAG, You're It: Top 5 Style Icons

Hey guys. So, I have been going TAG crazy lately & just have not had the time to actually do much. Like seriously, you guys should see my list of blog post I'm planning. Has a ton of tags! So, I thought this one would be short and simple but really fun at the same time! So you'll kinda get to learn a little bit more about me, in the fashion department and where a lot of my inspiration comes from!
So I'm gonna name the person, then say why I love them as my style icon. Oh and btw guys; no specific order just cause I can't choose who I love the most . Lol ;)
Let's get started !

1. Christina Milian; I absolutely love this girl! She is an amazing actress & has an out of this world fashion scence ! I love her style .
2. Kim Kardashian; okay. So, you can not tell me that her style is not amazing! I mean, I know she's very controversial but, even I know people that don't like anything to do with her, say that at least one of her outfits are gorgeous! I like her so that's a plus(:
3. Kimora Lee Simons; omg, I can not stress to you enough how much I look up to her. Like seriously, she is one of my biggest idols in the world. She is on the top of my list of people to meet! Okay. I know I said I wasn't going in order, but even though she's number 3 on this, she is really número uno ( I just don't feel like rearranging and restyling lol) but honestly, I could do an entire post on why I love Kimora, and why she is such a big inspiration to me but a lot about her will be in an upcoming post of mines, soo we will just end it at, she has an amazing style that I would kill for!
4. Raven Symoné; okay, so I have been obsessed with Raven since I was a little girl. Ever since her days on her Disney channel TV show That's So Raven, I have looked up to her! Her style was amazing on the show, and even today I still keep up with her as much as possible and her style is is bangin' at the top! I love her.
5. Jessica Jarrell & China Anne McClain ; okay, so I know I kinda cheated on this but I couldn't choose just one. So, even though China is younger than me, who says you can't look up to someone younger?! She just has a super beautiful style to go along with her sweet little personality (:
Jessica just has an amazing fashion taste all around. I follow her on instagram and she has the most beautiful clothing choices and everything. I get excited when I see another picture from her!

Okay, so I TAG all of you guys to do this tag cause I would love to know your style icons and the people you look up and get inspired by style wise!
Do we have the same icons ? What do you think about the people I choose? Leave your answers in the comments below!

Nails of the Weekend

Okay guys. So, I'm back with, yes, another nail post! I'm sorry, but I've just really been into painting my nails a ton more than usual ! I mean, I almost always have something on my nails, but now I'm changing the colors and stuff like crazy. I think it's because I'm about to get back into cheer leading, & you cannot have any colored polish on your nails. It's a safely hazard violation cause you can get your pulse through your nails so if I was to pass out or have a serious injury and they can't get pulse any where else they have your nails.
So, since my tryouts are Monday, that makes this weekend my last to be able to wear colored polish. I mean, we can cause its just tryouts but they prefer you not to. And since I'm a reoccurring cheerleader they expect me to know this already and just not wear it. So I don't want that to be a strike against me so I'm just gonna do a clear polish since I have to have something on my nails! Lol.

Anyways, lets get into my polish. So at the beginning of this week, I put a post up of my gel nail manicure. You can go check that out if you have not already. But , I took that off yesterday right after I got home from school and repainted them. The pictures will be below!
I have been really into doing 2 colors lately, like main colors and accent colors. So, I chose to do a pink color palette . Both polishes are the brand Nicole by OPI Kardashian Kolors collection. I used Kim-Pleately In Live & All Kendalled Up. Kimpleately In Love is the main color, and All Kendalled Up is the accent. I really have been liking doing 2 accent nails so, on my thumb and ring finger I have All Kendalled Up which is like the perfect matte hot pink color! And the other 3 fingers I have Kimpleately In Love, which is a milky baby pink color with like seafoam green glitters.

Well, I hope you guys enjoyed this post. Do you have a nail trend that you've been loving lately? What about any specific nail polish that you think I should check out? Leave them in a comment below, and I will talk to you guys later. Bye beautiful(:

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My favorites post..

Is up! I had drafted my favorites post on the 8th and I just posted it up, but since it was made on the 8th its gonna show up that I posted it that date, but I just posted it so go look at that please!
Thanks guys ! Talk to you later.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Discounted Urban Decay ?

Say what ?!
Yes beauties. You read correctly.
Urban Decay is on Hautelook! How amazing ?! I'm placing my order right now! Everything is pretty big discounts! Like 70% off and more . It's not all of their products obviously, but it's a lot of their most in high demand products!

Well, I just wanted to let you guys know! I will have a link to haute look down below . Bye guys!

FTC disclaimer: I am not getting paid in any way. I just thought that it would be nice to let my viewers know . It's not an affiliate link!

Nails of the Week !

Hey guys. So I recently just painted my nails, and I thought I would share with you because the concept is actually really cool!
So, I have a Gel Nail manicure on that I did myself last night . Yes, I did my own gel nail manicure. And, I only cost me $10! It's a kit that comes with everything you need & hardly no wait time !
I don't want to get to detailed cause I am going to do a review on this little kit, explain the contents, and all that good stuff .
The color I have is a super pretty tuqoiuse-y blue color . In the picture attached it is not showing up true to color in my opinion. The picture makes it look a shade or two darker than it really is. It's a gorgeous bright blue!
So far, I am loving the manicure. It does look a little "ratchet" lol, but that is because I did them last night right before I went to bed cause I was bored and I mean, what else is there to do at 1 in the morning?! Haha. But the thing is, I didn't think that I was gonna end up being tired and go to sleep. So it kinda got the imprint of my sheets and pillow and I just reapplied a top coat this morning & it turned out okay. So I'm really liking it so far but I'll see how it goes the rest of this week and I'll let you guys know in the review, most likely this weekend!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and I will talk to you guys in my next post.

PS. I know it's late but, I will be posting my March favorites and post that by the end of the week!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

March Favorites '12

Okay guys. So, its April! I know that this is super late, but I was not gonna leave you guys hanging. So, with that being said.. That means its time for me to announce the products that i have been loving and overusing for the past month. Lol. Can you believe its already April ? Seems like just yesterday was Christmas, or New Years. Or, is that just me? I feel like its just me, just cause the fact that my birthday is at the beginning of year, and i'll be 16 next year. Lmao, yeah, its just me! Haha, okay so enough of my rambley intros. Lets get started with the favorites.
The first category will be Beauty, then fashion, and so fourth..

My first beauty favorite for March just has to be My Urban Decay single eyeshadow in Midnight Cowboy. I got this during my little "before spring break shopping spree" at Sephora. It just caught my eye. I have been using this almost everyday since then! It's a really pretty shimmery taupey champagne color with silver glitters in it. It also makes for an amazing highlight color when you want that extra something to add to a night out neutral eye, but still pop. I could do a tutorial if you'd like. Just let me know!

The next product i have for beauty is , an Essie nail polish in Turquoise and Caicos. Im pretty sure everybody has at least heard of this polish, non than less, seen it. But, if not, its just a super gorgeous turquoisey blue color that is just perfect for the spring time! Its actually on my nails right now!

I have also really been loving, my ELF Hypershine lipgloss in the flavor Flirt. I got this around the same time i got my UD Midnight Cowboy. I have been using that thing like crazy. Those are great. They are not sticky, or drying. Very moisturzing and has really good pigmintation and color payoff for it being only $1 ! Mine is a really pretty like bubblegum pink type of color. I love it for spring! (picture below, i couldnt find a swatch of this color by itself. All, the photos that came up were comparisions and showing that its a dupe for a bunch of colors, but the ELF is on the left & the one on the right is a stila in guava)

Thats all the beauty favorties for this month . Not that many shockingly. Anyways. Lets move onto the Fashion portion of these favorites.

I have to say, that a major thing this month is my black runched bodycon skirt! I just absolutely love it! I got mines from Wetseal, for $10.50 ! Thats a steal for these kinds of skirts. And, they are really high in demand kinda so thats great that Wetseal has them for not that much. They have plenty of different colors, and patterns. From neons, to solids, from tribals to nauticals! And, the best part is, they are amazing quality! I got mines back in January, and have worn it multiple times. This month i started wearing it like crazy which of course means haing to wash it, and it still looks brand new. No loose seams or frayed edges or anything! And, my black one is so versatile which i why i can get so much use out of it. Crazy! You should go check them out. (couldnt find a picture, but you can just go to the website)

Another thing i have been getting tons of wear out of, are my cuffed dark wash short shorts. I forgot where i got them, cause they're from last year, but they are amazing. Super comfortable, and i know the weather is kinda if-y, but i live in Texas and the weather has been very humid and hot lately so i got away with shorts before spring ;)
(since these are from last year and im not sure of the exact name, i cant find the exact ones i have, so these are similar from the same store! Aeropostale)

This next thing, is a piece of jewelry. My silver diamond encrested initial necklace. The first letter of my first name is an 'R', and its on a really tiny delicate chain. Kinda like the chain a dog tag would be on, but smaller. And, the 'R' is really small, and delicate, wuth diamonds all lining the letter. So girly and its silver so it goes with everything. (i actually coud not find a picture of an 'R', but this 'A', is the exact same one but just a different letter!)

Next thing i have been loving for this month has been my gray cardigan i got from aeropostale around Christmas time last year. Wait, not 2011, but the one before that so 2010. Lol, i got confused. Anyways, im almost posistive you can no longer get this item, but there are a ton of gray cardigasn out there! But, anyways, i got this around Christmas 2010, on Christmas break, when my bestfriend was visiting from Kansas (at the time she had just moved there that summer: july '10) and we didnt plan on going to the mall that day, but we needed to pass time before we met our friends at the movies so we went into Aeropostale and seen this right away and loved it. But then we put it back and looked at other things since we didn't really plan on buying anything but we ended up going back to it and thought it would be too cute if we got the same exact one so that we'd remember this and could we it together . Anyways, I have just been wearing this a ton lately . Over tank tops and bright bold colors and all . Love it!

The last thing I have for this category is not any one item in particular but more of a generalization of multiple items . That is The color blocking trend . Now that it is spring time, you will certainly be seeing a ton of this on the runway and people rocking this trend a lot more. I have already been seeing a lot already! I'm about to do a post on this trend so look forward to that!

Now on to everything else that isn't beauty or fashion related!


The first thing in this category is going to be my marie Claire magazine! The March 2012 edition obviously . The one with Eva Mendes on the cover! Yeah I think that the main reason I have been getting a ton of reading in this month is because i have been doing a lot more traveling than usual in March being that my spring break was this month. I mean, I had an entire 3/4 hour ride to my destination and back! So my eyes were glued to a page the entire way( when I wasn't sleeping if course. Lol) I am also gonna be doing some post inspired by this magazine so that's something to look forward too!

AriZona's ! Omg, don't even get me started on how amazing these are. I have been completely obsessed lately! My favorite flavors of the moment are, the iced tea & mango, iced tea w/ peach and iced tea w/ raspberry, and the kiwi strawberry and watermelon juices. Amazing!

This next thing is very random and i know for a fact that its very controversial but it's Toddlers & Tiaras! Omg you guys! This show is amazing ! Now I know people have different views on this. Some think it's awful and some are just as crazy for it as the pageant moms on the show. But this coming from someone who is a pageant girl and has been in competitions and familiar with this stuff for the longest, I have to say I love it! Don't get me wrong though, the moms do get crazy competitive and make it out to be all about them sometimes, and then sometimes it looks as if the kids don't even wanna do it or can't even enjoy it cause of the parents going to extreme measures such as, major dieting, harsh criticism, uncomfortable clothing, spray tans and buttloads of makeup! My experiences are not like that and I enjoy it. Overall I love the show though.

Now this isn't not the healthiest choice of snacks, but I have been head over heels for TAKIS this past month! If you don't know what takis are, they're like chips basically. But, they don't look like it. It's just corn chip rolled up and has a ton a hot chili pepper sprinkled over them. They remind me of teeny tiny tortillas cause that's what they look like! My favorite flavor is fuego , and as far as I know, they only have 2 maybe 3 flavors . I forgot the other flavor though. Around where I live in Texas these are really big, like everybody is a fan! They are super duper spicy, like a million times more flavor and spiciness than hot Cheetos! So if you can't handle those then you most likely cannot handle takis ! And my favorite thing about these are that I can eat these alone by themselves without my tummy hurting! If I eat hot Cheetos by themselves, I don't know why, but my stomach always ends up hurting so I always have to eat them with something like a sandwich or just anything but not alone! You can get these at the convenience stores/gas stations and they have them at Walmart too! They are only a couple of dollies for the big bag and the small bags at the convenience stores are like $0.99. If you have not had these your missing out big time !

Now for my favorite music of March!

These songs have been on Repeat all month!

YG- Relax .
YG- Say Stop
Chris Brown- Strip
Iyaz- My Hood
Beyonce- Love On Top <3

*pictures coming soon*

I hope you guys enjoyed this favorites post. Leave a comment below telling me what your favorites were for the month of March and I will talk to you guys later! Bye (:

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Quicky Talk!

Okay guys. So, im sorry i havent been posting as recents, but thats because i have been busy with school work, and my boyfriends birthday was on thursday. If you read my last post you would know that. And, yes i was with him on his birthday but i have also been with him yesterday and again today. We are going to a BBQ at his aunts house then to the movies later on. He knows how much i love the Titanic and and the Notebook, so he suprised me with saying he is taking me to go see it. Even though its the same 3 hour movies, being in 3D makes it all the more worth it! Lol, then next weekend we are seeing the Hunger Games! Yay!
Have any of you seen that? I have heard its good from a couple of my friends! Im excited!
But i have to go, cause im at his house and his daddy just got back to the house so we are about to leave his house to go shopping then off to his aunties house, then the movies!
Oh, and btw guys! Im not sure if i will be on before Easter. Soo..
HAPPY EASTER GUYS! (if you celebrate)
Ill try to post after or before i go to church tomorrow morning!
But, my boyfriends getting impatient . Lol, i love making him wait. Haha, but i have to go, so ill talk to you guys later! Have a great Saterday and Easter!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Go Check Out..

My prom dress post!
It says it was posted on March 24th I think. Reason being its because i was in the middle of working on it & that is the post that I had to take a pause on because of my best friend & such! Soo part 1 of that is up now & I'd love for you to check it out even if your not going to prom. Cute ideas for dress of all occasions ?! (:

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Gotcha&apos; ;)

April Fools!!!!
Haha, I would never leave you guys ! Nor could anything get in between me and my boyfriend! Lol.
I know like nobody probably fell for that joke -__-, but I still wanted to try ! Haha,
Well, yes today's April 1st! Can you believe it . It seems like just yesterday was Christmas . Lol. But in other news, I went shopping today. But I didn't get enough things for it to be haul worthy. Or get interesting things at least. But I guess I could tell you what I got.
I just got some Levi's skinnies & this cute DKNY shirt. Then I got a ton of Ralph Lauren polos (cause my others are old ). Like the collards shirts. Then like 2 other Ralph Lauren v-neck shirts ! But that's all I got .
Mm, ohhh! Before I forget to tell you, my boyfriends birthday is Thursday & since we(Texas) has "Good Friday " , that gives me the chance to be with him most of the day on his actual birthday and most likely we'll be together in friday too! So, I'm still gonna try and post of course, but it's probably gonna be either late night, or only either of those 2 days?! So, yeah. If you don't see a post from me during day time or I missed one of those days then that's why. Cause it's his birthday.

Well, this was just kinda a ramble type blog but anyways.. Normal post will be up later tonight . I'm going out to eat right now so i'll talk to you guys later ! Bye (:

Omg ! /:

Guys! Omg, I have horribly bad news you guys. So, I got in a huge fight with my mom & now I going to Puerto Rico to live with my Tia Maria & my grandpa Miguel ! That's not even the worst part.
I am sorry, but I wont be able to have this blog anymore. Yes, they have computers over there but, the thing is my mom is putting some type of restriction thingy on my phone and my laptop so it will block this site! And, she is even gonna have my tia restrict this site too! I'm super sorry guys! I messed up, and I never should have snuck out last night and not come home till 4am ! I'm so sorry guys. I never thought that she would take away everything that meant the most to me; my family, my friends, my blog. And even my boyfriend! :(
Wait, omg. She just got home, I'm not suppose to be here. I have to go. Thank you guys so much for this wonderful experience , but this is my last goodbye!