Saturday, April 28, 2012

My Signiture Look: Everyday Eye Makeup

Okay, so i have gotten a few questions, on my everyday eye look, so here you go!

First i start by applying a primer. I use Urban Decays Primer Potion, (in sin) but any primer will work. I apply this all over my lids, up to my browbone. What this does is make the colors more vibrant and the lasting power a lot longer!
Then, i take my NYX eyeshadow base in white, (I use pearl if I want a little more pop& shimmer) and I apply this all overtop the primer. I really don't need this step , since it basically does the same thing as a primer, but I just like the extra protection & plus it's white so the colors will appear more vibrant!
Next, I take MACs Mythology eyeshadow, and with a flat eyeshadow brush I apply this all over my lids right up until I get where my crease begins.
*tip-for more pigmentation & just more not intense but yeah.. Just pat the color on instead of glide it like normal.*
For my crease, I take Urban Decays single eyeshadow in Midnight Cowboy and with a crease brush I blend this all into the crease, and down to where the lid color ends so it's fully blended.
Now, I'm going to line my bottom lash line . I'm using Maybelline's define a line eyeliner in black, my favorite right now, but you can just use any black eyeliner. Then.. Just line your bottom waterline!
Next, take your favorite liquid liner, I'm using my Lorac Front of the Line Pro liner & just thinly start lining the top lash line & very slightly and very gradually make it a tad thicker towards the end. (sometimes, I'll wing it out, it just all depends on where I'm going and my mood)
And, the last step, one of my favorites.. Mascara! Just take any favorite mascara, Im currently loving the look of layering mascaras, actually 2 in particular so I'm using my Lorac 3D multiplex mascara & my L'oreal false lashes mascara . I use both on the top lashes and just the L'oreal one on the bottom!

And, voila! You have my everyday eye makeup look. So, this look may not be everyday for some people, and that's because the colors I use are very shimmery and glittery . But you can always substitute a matte brown and matte cream champagne like colors for the colors I used to make it more wearable & everyday wear for you! Anyways, this has been my routine for about a month or two now and I have been in love with it! What I love is that it's very different from most peoples looks, since most people would have put a matte darker brown in the crease but instead I did a lighter champagne glittery crease. But it is still wearable and I'm loving this!

Well, I hope you enjoyed and I will talk to you guys in my next video ! Bye beauties(:


  1. Nice routine!! Check my blog The Good Life

    1. Thanks Dayna !
      I will be sure to check your blog out (: