Saturday, April 21, 2012

Haul: WetSeal

I have been on a crazy search within the past few months ! I have been searching for some khaki colored skinny jeans like crazy since forever now! ( is khaki even a color ? Oh well.)
I have been everywhere! Old Navy, Forever 21, Dillard's, and my mom even told me to go into The Gap cause she thought they would have them, and they did but, they weren't the exact color I wanted. They were more of a darker taupe color than a lighter tab khaki that I wanted! I was this close to getting them but I just refuse to pay $70 for jeans when I know I can find the ones that I really actually did want!
I am proud to announce that I can stop this searching madness . I have finally found the perfect khaki skinny jeans!
I went on a mini shopping spree yesterday and my sole purpose was to get these jeans, but while I was there I decided to get a few more items. So I thought I would show you all in this haul! Let's go!
P.S. these pictures are going to be at the end of this post because I'm posting off my phone! My laptop broke and its getting fixed and my mom and little brother are using both desktops ! Sorrrrry ! /:

So, the first thing I picked up was of course the khaki skinny jeans! I really like the way they fit and the color is perfect. The only thing is they don't have direct sizes like number wise. It goes xsmall, small, medium, large, and xlarge. But, I am absolutely in love with these and cannot wait to wear them! These were $24.50.

The next thing I picked up was this tank top. It he only reason I got this was because, if you have ever been to WetSeal then you know their Luke year round sale where if you get any thing from the sale or clearance racks then you can get the other item for 1¢. And my mom had picked up this pair of sandals so she was like you can get something if you want cause it'll be just a penny. (btw, that was the only thing in this haul that I did not purchase by myself! But just cause it counted as a sale with her item!) I didn't mind picking it up although I already have 2 in a bright hot pink and a turquoise blue, but these are perfect for summer! They are just something foley and cute I could throw on w/ some shorts.

The next 2 things I got are accessories . I picked up two pair of Ray Ban style sunglasses . The first pair I got are the Wayfarer style . I just got the black kind but they had like every single color you can think of! These are just something super cute and casual to wear during the summer. Also , I love how on the inside it's got a super cute floral design!
The next ones I picked up because right before we went to the store I was on the WetSeal app on my phone and I had seen the shades paired w/ this outfit. And I loved them. They are the Aviator style glasses, but what really made me want these was that the part that holds them up is chain link looking. I thought this was so unique and plus I had been looking for a cute but cheap pair of aviators and wayfarers anyway so that I take these to the beach and stuff like that and won't have to worry about replacing my real ones since they are pretty expensive! Also, I really like the tint these have. It's like a deep plum ombré tint! Super cute !

Well, that is the end of this haul. I know, it was super short. I didn't get a lot of stuff which is kinda surprising but I hope you guys enjoyed and I will talk to you in my next post ! Bye beauties(:


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