Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Okay guys, so I just recently got my iPhone 4s & I needed recommendations for an iHome docking station thingy !
Yes, I am in school right now but I'm in dance and we ain't doing nothing since this week is testing for sophomores and juniors. Anyways, I have been meaning to make this blog since Sunday, and I kept forgetting so before I forget this time, I'm asking while it's on my mind! Lol,

But yeah, there are like soo many choices and brands out there but I want to know which one is best, so the most recommended one, and ima do some research on all your choices and others but for now I just need some good recommendations cause the other day I noticed while I was in the shower and getting ready that the normal speakers on the iPhone are not that loud at all. At least not for when the showers are running ! And I have to listen to music in the shower ! Lol.

But yeah, this period is about to be over so, just if you have an iHome or know anyone that has a really nice one then let me know in the comments below an I will talk to you guys later ! (:

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