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March Favorites '12

Okay guys. So, its April! I know that this is super late, but I was not gonna leave you guys hanging. So, with that being said.. That means its time for me to announce the products that i have been loving and overusing for the past month. Lol. Can you believe its already April ? Seems like just yesterday was Christmas, or New Years. Or, is that just me? I feel like its just me, just cause the fact that my birthday is at the beginning of year, and i'll be 16 next year. Lmao, yeah, its just me! Haha, okay so enough of my rambley intros. Lets get started with the favorites.
The first category will be Beauty, then fashion, and so fourth..

My first beauty favorite for March just has to be My Urban Decay single eyeshadow in Midnight Cowboy. I got this during my little "before spring break shopping spree" at Sephora. It just caught my eye. I have been using this almost everyday since then! It's a really pretty shimmery taupey champagne color with silver glitters in it. It also makes for an amazing highlight color when you want that extra something to add to a night out neutral eye, but still pop. I could do a tutorial if you'd like. Just let me know!

The next product i have for beauty is , an Essie nail polish in Turquoise and Caicos. Im pretty sure everybody has at least heard of this polish, non than less, seen it. But, if not, its just a super gorgeous turquoisey blue color that is just perfect for the spring time! Its actually on my nails right now!

I have also really been loving, my ELF Hypershine lipgloss in the flavor Flirt. I got this around the same time i got my UD Midnight Cowboy. I have been using that thing like crazy. Those are great. They are not sticky, or drying. Very moisturzing and has really good pigmintation and color payoff for it being only $1 ! Mine is a really pretty like bubblegum pink type of color. I love it for spring! (picture below, i couldnt find a swatch of this color by itself. All, the photos that came up were comparisions and showing that its a dupe for a bunch of colors, but the ELF is on the left & the one on the right is a stila in guava)

Thats all the beauty favorties for this month . Not that many shockingly. Anyways. Lets move onto the Fashion portion of these favorites.

I have to say, that a major thing this month is my black runched bodycon skirt! I just absolutely love it! I got mines from Wetseal, for $10.50 ! Thats a steal for these kinds of skirts. And, they are really high in demand kinda so thats great that Wetseal has them for not that much. They have plenty of different colors, and patterns. From neons, to solids, from tribals to nauticals! And, the best part is, they are amazing quality! I got mines back in January, and have worn it multiple times. This month i started wearing it like crazy which of course means haing to wash it, and it still looks brand new. No loose seams or frayed edges or anything! And, my black one is so versatile which i why i can get so much use out of it. Crazy! You should go check them out. (couldnt find a picture, but you can just go to the website)

Another thing i have been getting tons of wear out of, are my cuffed dark wash short shorts. I forgot where i got them, cause they're from last year, but they are amazing. Super comfortable, and i know the weather is kinda if-y, but i live in Texas and the weather has been very humid and hot lately so i got away with shorts before spring ;)
(since these are from last year and im not sure of the exact name, i cant find the exact ones i have, so these are similar from the same store! Aeropostale)

This next thing, is a piece of jewelry. My silver diamond encrested initial necklace. The first letter of my first name is an 'R', and its on a really tiny delicate chain. Kinda like the chain a dog tag would be on, but smaller. And, the 'R' is really small, and delicate, wuth diamonds all lining the letter. So girly and its silver so it goes with everything. (i actually coud not find a picture of an 'R', but this 'A', is the exact same one but just a different letter!)

Next thing i have been loving for this month has been my gray cardigan i got from aeropostale around Christmas time last year. Wait, not 2011, but the one before that so 2010. Lol, i got confused. Anyways, im almost posistive you can no longer get this item, but there are a ton of gray cardigasn out there! But, anyways, i got this around Christmas 2010, on Christmas break, when my bestfriend was visiting from Kansas (at the time she had just moved there that summer: july '10) and we didnt plan on going to the mall that day, but we needed to pass time before we met our friends at the movies so we went into Aeropostale and seen this right away and loved it. But then we put it back and looked at other things since we didn't really plan on buying anything but we ended up going back to it and thought it would be too cute if we got the same exact one so that we'd remember this and could we it together . Anyways, I have just been wearing this a ton lately . Over tank tops and bright bold colors and all . Love it!

The last thing I have for this category is not any one item in particular but more of a generalization of multiple items . That is The color blocking trend . Now that it is spring time, you will certainly be seeing a ton of this on the runway and people rocking this trend a lot more. I have already been seeing a lot already! I'm about to do a post on this trend so look forward to that!

Now on to everything else that isn't beauty or fashion related!


The first thing in this category is going to be my marie Claire magazine! The March 2012 edition obviously . The one with Eva Mendes on the cover! Yeah I think that the main reason I have been getting a ton of reading in this month is because i have been doing a lot more traveling than usual in March being that my spring break was this month. I mean, I had an entire 3/4 hour ride to my destination and back! So my eyes were glued to a page the entire way( when I wasn't sleeping if course. Lol) I am also gonna be doing some post inspired by this magazine so that's something to look forward too!

AriZona's ! Omg, don't even get me started on how amazing these are. I have been completely obsessed lately! My favorite flavors of the moment are, the iced tea & mango, iced tea w/ peach and iced tea w/ raspberry, and the kiwi strawberry and watermelon juices. Amazing!

This next thing is very random and i know for a fact that its very controversial but it's Toddlers & Tiaras! Omg you guys! This show is amazing ! Now I know people have different views on this. Some think it's awful and some are just as crazy for it as the pageant moms on the show. But this coming from someone who is a pageant girl and has been in competitions and familiar with this stuff for the longest, I have to say I love it! Don't get me wrong though, the moms do get crazy competitive and make it out to be all about them sometimes, and then sometimes it looks as if the kids don't even wanna do it or can't even enjoy it cause of the parents going to extreme measures such as, major dieting, harsh criticism, uncomfortable clothing, spray tans and buttloads of makeup! My experiences are not like that and I enjoy it. Overall I love the show though.

Now this isn't not the healthiest choice of snacks, but I have been head over heels for TAKIS this past month! If you don't know what takis are, they're like chips basically. But, they don't look like it. It's just corn chip rolled up and has a ton a hot chili pepper sprinkled over them. They remind me of teeny tiny tortillas cause that's what they look like! My favorite flavor is fuego , and as far as I know, they only have 2 maybe 3 flavors . I forgot the other flavor though. Around where I live in Texas these are really big, like everybody is a fan! They are super duper spicy, like a million times more flavor and spiciness than hot Cheetos! So if you can't handle those then you most likely cannot handle takis ! And my favorite thing about these are that I can eat these alone by themselves without my tummy hurting! If I eat hot Cheetos by themselves, I don't know why, but my stomach always ends up hurting so I always have to eat them with something like a sandwich or just anything but not alone! You can get these at the convenience stores/gas stations and they have them at Walmart too! They are only a couple of dollies for the big bag and the small bags at the convenience stores are like $0.99. If you have not had these your missing out big time !

Now for my favorite music of March!

These songs have been on Repeat all month!

YG- Relax .
YG- Say Stop
Chris Brown- Strip
Iyaz- My Hood
Beyonce- Love On Top <3

*pictures coming soon*

I hope you guys enjoyed this favorites post. Leave a comment below telling me what your favorites were for the month of March and I will talk to you guys later! Bye (:

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