Sunday, April 1, 2012

Omg ! /:

Guys! Omg, I have horribly bad news you guys. So, I got in a huge fight with my mom & now I going to Puerto Rico to live with my Tia Maria & my grandpa Miguel ! That's not even the worst part.
I am sorry, but I wont be able to have this blog anymore. Yes, they have computers over there but, the thing is my mom is putting some type of restriction thingy on my phone and my laptop so it will block this site! And, she is even gonna have my tia restrict this site too! I'm super sorry guys! I messed up, and I never should have snuck out last night and not come home till 4am ! I'm so sorry guys. I never thought that she would take away everything that meant the most to me; my family, my friends, my blog. And even my boyfriend! :(
Wait, omg. She just got home, I'm not suppose to be here. I have to go. Thank you guys so much for this wonderful experience , but this is my last goodbye!

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