Friday, April 20, 2012

Update: Cheer, Hauls, Upcoming Posts, etc!

Soo, if you have noticed I have not posted anything all week. With that being said, main reason is cheer! If you didn't read my last blog i mentioned a little but about cheer. So, let's go into a little more detail..
Yes. I did have cheer tryouts all this week! I am finally letting cheer back in my life completely once again! It feels sooooo good! To fill you guys in. I did quit cheer about 3 years ago. I needed a break and it turned out to be way longer than intended ! But I have finally decided that I need it back in my life and im happy for myself. I am not gonna get into so much detail just cause I will be doing an entire post dedicated to cheer, and my experiences w/ it.
So, now let's talk about my week. So , Monday was when the tryouts started. Well, they aren't actually tryouts. So, lemme' rephrase that.. My cheer camp was this whole week after school. From 4:30 til' 6:30. And, let me tell you I am EXHAUSTED ! Like really . You do not know how tired I am when that's over with. And even when I leave the school from the camp, I come straight home and practice for about another hour to hour and a half! So, I don't get done with that til about 7:30pm or 8:00. Basically what this "cheer camp" is for those of you who don't know, it is basically just where you go after school if your trying out & the current cheerleaders are there along with the coaches and maybe some gymnasts are there to help you prepare for tryouts and just basically showing you what you need to be at least average on to make the team. So we learn or practice on our jumps, chants/cheers, dancing, positioning, stunts, and the projection of your voice. Luckily for me, I'm almost perfect at almost all of my jumps, cheering/chants voice and positions . Oh and my dancing! So almost everything except my stunting. Which would be like flips, round offs & cartwheels and such. I mean I am pretty decent at them but I really need to perfect them a lot more ! I'm so bent outta whack since I haven't been doing gymnastics in like a yeah and a half! /: crazy! Anyways, I have been doing this all week preparing for tomorrow; Saturday April 21st is the day of tryouts! So I am literally worn out! We only get like one 5-10 minute break, then back to working.
But on the bright side, the dance we are doing is super cute and fun! It's modern hip hop with some ballet and a dash of sass ! Lol, I absolutely love it! But the song we are dancing too is kinda fast pace so it is really tiring , lol. I really like the moves that go with our cheers too!
Tryouts are Saturday April 21st, which is tomorrow. And I have to be up no later than 6:30 am ! 6:30 in the morning! What?! Yes, an i have to be at the schools gym at 8:00am. Tryouts dont end until 6:00pm i think( i have to check again. Lol) I should actually be asleep right now cause its almost 12 am. -___- Haha, but I wanted to give you guys a quick update. The things I do for you guys! Smh. Lol, kidding(:
I am not sure when the next normal post will be up, I mean like obviously next week sometime but I mean I'm not sure if I will be able to post before Monday. So no guarantee that there will be one this weekend, although I will try but no promises because I don't know when I get back from tryouts cause all the high schools in my districts will be at the same place, so it's just 4 high schools but when we get there we each get numbers so no one knows what school is going first until we get there tomorrow. Hopefully mine will be like 1 or 2, cause after we go we can leave and then we just have to come back up there to see the people who made the team ( its gonna be posted on the gym doors) . But, the thing is I have to tryout TWICE, because I don't know which school I am going to yet since I am moving this summer so I am just trying out for either team so that way whatever school I go to I made it either way! So I will be super tired afterward and don't know if i will be up to post , so yeah. But I did go shopping today so if there is a post up tomorrow it will be a HAUL! Excited ? I am! (:
But yeah, I am going to sleep. Gotta early morning tomorrow so I will talk to you guys as soon as possible ! Bye !

*Oh and wish me luck guys ! Pray I make it (: Thanks so much for your patience !

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