Sunday, April 29, 2012

My Week: School, Parties, Summer Plans, etc.

Okay, guys. So i have had a pretty decent week and a very exciting weekend, so i thought i would share with you guys!

Soo, school this week was pretty good for the most part! All the sophmores and juniors were testing all week except friday, so our schedules were kinda off, but it was pretty fun cause either our classes were cut short and we got a longer lunch, or we didnt got to some of our classes due to other activities.
On Momday and Thursday, due to the sophmore and juniors testing, all the Freshman had to go outside, which leads to the reason behind my sunburn! /: On Monday we were outside from the time school started, 8:45am, til' lunch time, so we didnt attend any of our morning classes, and on  Thursday we were outside again, but for like a hour and a half longer! -___- Oh, and if you are wondering about the the seniors, (12th graders) on Monday and Thursday they didnt have too come to school until after lunch on both days! All the freshman (grade 9) outside doing sctivities and playing around, lol. And the other grades were testing!

So, my weekend, was OMG, crazy! Okay, so Friday i went to a party at this girl thats like a cousin to me, her house. Cause my bestfriend and my 'cousin' are cousins, and it was my bestfirneds party at my 'cousins' house . Anyways, i came home and ate, then around 6pm started to get ready for the party cause it started at 8pm, and i wanted to shower and stuff. Then , my other friend and her mom came to pick me up, then we went and picked up her boyfriend then her mom dropped us off at the party. Then, when we got to the party, my boyfriend called and said he was on his way, so yeah. I was just chillin' and dancing with my boyfriend and all my other friends that i dont get to see very often! The party lasted until 1 in the morning, so when it was 12 i gave my bestfriend her birthday licks cause it was officailly her 15th birthday so i hitnher 15 times, lmao. That was exciting! Then, we all left a little after 1 and dropped off my boyfirend and my friends boyfriend, then i ended up staying the night at her house caus ei didnt wanna come home, so i just came to pack a bag then left again. We did have some incidents at the party, and the cops came but it wasnt anything overboard bad, and the party still continued.
Then yesturday, i went to ANOTHER party, but this was just a party just because. No birthdyas or anything, just a party for fun, at this club, that a group of my friends got for the party. And, i went to that, and that was pretty fun too. But, this party lasted a little later. This one started at 8pm and didnt end until 2 in the morning but a lot of people didnt leave until like 30minutes to an hour later, but it was amazing!

So, as you can see my weekend got pretty live and crazy! I had a ton of fun, but you dont understand how tired i am! Cause after the party last night, i stayed up until almost 4 am on the phone with my boyfriend! Lol, i didnt wake up until 1 this afternoon!

Well, im gonna end this posy right here cause its gettinga little long and i dont wanna bore you guys so ,i'll talk to you guys later . Leave me a comment below telling me what you did this weekend!


  1. That was such a cringefest. I am almost certain none of that stuff really happened.

    1. Honestly it really did ! I seriously have no reason to lie ! About my weekend at that? Like Forreal who lies about that stuff! Actually a ton more happend but it's not really anything important.
      I mean, I have pictures and everything ! I can upload them, not that I need to prove to you but hey it's whatever cause your negativity is not needed here ! Thanks (:

    2. Why would she lie about that stuff? Obviously she just had a great weekend and wanted to share about it with her followers (: