Sunday, April 15, 2012

TAG!: Confessions of a Shoe-A-Holic!

Hey lovelies!
So, in case you didnt know, i am an obsessive shoe maniac! Like, its crazy how much i love shoes! Ever since late February, early March, i have been searching like crazy for the perfect spring/summer time shoes. And, main my focus until just recently was a perfect Easter shoe. A shoe that was not to high, or to low. Something that i could not only for for real fancy occassions but also just thorughout the summer, but even after i found that, i have still been on the hunt for a few good pairs of cute, comfy, and stylish shoes . All styles and types. So, i have been looking online and in sotres.
I came across this tag a couple days ago and thought that this would be perfect timing for this. So, lets get started!

1. Heels or Flats?
neither, WEDGES! :D
Lol . Mmm.. depends. Heels if im not gonna be on my feet for more than half of the day or if they're comfy/platformed, Flats if im walking around a ton, or my outfit is casual. But i will where wedges no matter what since it can go dressy or casual!

2. What are your go-to shoes?
Mm, my pueter gladiators.

3. What's your favorite shoe trend at the moment?
Color blocking (or just bright bold colors in general)

4. What's your least favorite shoe trend?
Feathered shoes!! Like, shoes that have the feathers attatched, especially printed feathers! Omg, i can not stress how much i hate that! Cause there were these GORGEOUS pair of gladiators in BodyCentral that had different printed straps, like diff. animal print on each strap, but.. they had printed feathers! Like really? Ugh, i was so mad. Lol!

5. What's your most expensive shoe?
My Jordans? No, wait.. Lemme' check..
My Steve Maddens or my UGGs ? Cant remember but i think my Steve Maddens was like $60 more ?!

6. What are your most wanted pair?
Christian Louboutins! You know the imfamous sparkley ones that they have sooooo many dupes for? Yeah those. They're like more than $1,000 though /: Oh, and these pair of Steve Madden jeweled sandals, that i seen when i was on vacation!

7. What's your most embarrasing shoe story?
Uhhm i dont really have one!? Lol, i guess this'll count. Okay, so this one time when i was in elementary, like 2nd grade, it was picture day, and i had this cute little pink skirt and shirt on, with my, "Cinderrella glass slippers", as i called them, (lol dont judge, i was a little dork as a kid. haha, they were really glass like slippers though, just not a heel, but had a glass platformed bottom and it had gold accents and everything! ) Anyways, i would be walking through the school and all and i didnt trip, but like it was almost like falling. My ankle would always wobble to the side and stuff. Lol

8. Pick a shoe and share a story.
Uhm.. I'm not really sure of one ?!

9. How many pairs of shoes do you own ?
Waaaaay too many to count ! Lol

10. When was the first time you wore heels ?
Uhh.. Well I'm 15, so probably around anywhere between 11/13-13

11. How much do you spend on shoes ?
Well, I think shoes are apart of those very few items worth splurging on. I mean, if you've had about the same shoe size for a minute now, and your around my age give or take some years, then you can be able to wear those shoes for the longest time; but only if they are good quality! So I do not have a problem with splurging on a nice pair of shoes a few times! So, to answer the question it just all varies on the shoe type and quality and stuff like that. I take in account for a lot when shoe shopping !

12. Where are your favorite places to buy shoes?
Aldo, Steve Madden, Finish Line & Foot Locker (for my Jordan's and such), Journeys, etc. just to name a few.

13. Have you got a pair of shoes you regret purchasing ?
Sadly, yes . When I was younger, like 3rd or 4th grade, I was shoe shopping with my mom & I seen these amazing pair of wedges! They were just perfect cause they had a floral design, they were a pinky coral color and it was spring time! Can you say it was destiny ? Lol, anyways the heel wasn't that high either. But, to be honest , I actually only wore them like, I can count on ONE hand how many times I wore them. I still have them too, but of course I can no longer wear them!

14. Show your favorite pair of shoes .
I don't actually have a picture of them on had right at this moment, but I will have one up as soon as possible .
But, they are these Nike brand shoes that I had custom made by my moms best guy friend! I love them!

And, that was the last question. I hope you all enjoyed this tag. I will talk to you guys later in my next post! Have a great day! Bye (: