Saturday, April 7, 2012

Quicky Talk!

Okay guys. So, im sorry i havent been posting as recents, but thats because i have been busy with school work, and my boyfriends birthday was on thursday. If you read my last post you would know that. And, yes i was with him on his birthday but i have also been with him yesterday and again today. We are going to a BBQ at his aunts house then to the movies later on. He knows how much i love the Titanic and and the Notebook, so he suprised me with saying he is taking me to go see it. Even though its the same 3 hour movies, being in 3D makes it all the more worth it! Lol, then next weekend we are seeing the Hunger Games! Yay!
Have any of you seen that? I have heard its good from a couple of my friends! Im excited!
But i have to go, cause im at his house and his daddy just got back to the house so we are about to leave his house to go shopping then off to his aunties house, then the movies!
Oh, and btw guys! Im not sure if i will be on before Easter. Soo..
HAPPY EASTER GUYS! (if you celebrate)
Ill try to post after or before i go to church tomorrow morning!
But, my boyfriends getting impatient . Lol, i love making him wait. Haha, but i have to go, so ill talk to you guys later! Have a great Saterday and Easter!


  1. I saw The Hunger Games about 2 weeks ago! :) It was so amazing!

  2. I hear ! I can't wait to see it (: