Saturday, April 14, 2012

TAG, You're It: Top 5 Style Icons

Hey guys. So, I have been going TAG crazy lately & just have not had the time to actually do much. Like seriously, you guys should see my list of blog post I'm planning. Has a ton of tags! So, I thought this one would be short and simple but really fun at the same time! So you'll kinda get to learn a little bit more about me, in the fashion department and where a lot of my inspiration comes from!
So I'm gonna name the person, then say why I love them as my style icon. Oh and btw guys; no specific order just cause I can't choose who I love the most . Lol ;)
Let's get started !

1. Christina Milian; I absolutely love this girl! She is an amazing actress & has an out of this world fashion scence ! I love her style .
2. Kim Kardashian; okay. So, you can not tell me that her style is not amazing! I mean, I know she's very controversial but, even I know people that don't like anything to do with her, say that at least one of her outfits are gorgeous! I like her so that's a plus(:
3. Kimora Lee Simons; omg, I can not stress to you enough how much I look up to her. Like seriously, she is one of my biggest idols in the world. She is on the top of my list of people to meet! Okay. I know I said I wasn't going in order, but even though she's number 3 on this, she is really número uno ( I just don't feel like rearranging and restyling lol) but honestly, I could do an entire post on why I love Kimora, and why she is such a big inspiration to me but a lot about her will be in an upcoming post of mines, soo we will just end it at, she has an amazing style that I would kill for!
4. Raven Symoné; okay, so I have been obsessed with Raven since I was a little girl. Ever since her days on her Disney channel TV show That's So Raven, I have looked up to her! Her style was amazing on the show, and even today I still keep up with her as much as possible and her style is is bangin' at the top! I love her.
5. Jessica Jarrell & China Anne McClain ; okay, so I know I kinda cheated on this but I couldn't choose just one. So, even though China is younger than me, who says you can't look up to someone younger?! She just has a super beautiful style to go along with her sweet little personality (:
Jessica just has an amazing fashion taste all around. I follow her on instagram and she has the most beautiful clothing choices and everything. I get excited when I see another picture from her!

Okay, so I TAG all of you guys to do this tag cause I would love to know your style icons and the people you look up and get inspired by style wise!
Do we have the same icons ? What do you think about the people I choose? Leave your answers in the comments below!

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