Sunday, April 1, 2012

Gotcha' ;)

April Fools!!!!
Haha, I would never leave you guys ! Nor could anything get in between me and my boyfriend! Lol.
I know like nobody probably fell for that joke -__-, but I still wanted to try ! Haha,
Well, yes today's April 1st! Can you believe it . It seems like just yesterday was Christmas . Lol. But in other news, I went shopping today. But I didn't get enough things for it to be haul worthy. Or get interesting things at least. But I guess I could tell you what I got.
I just got some Levi's skinnies & this cute DKNY shirt. Then I got a ton of Ralph Lauren polos (cause my others are old ). Like the collards shirts. Then like 2 other Ralph Lauren v-neck shirts ! But that's all I got .
Mm, ohhh! Before I forget to tell you, my boyfriends birthday is Thursday & since we(Texas) has "Good Friday " , that gives me the chance to be with him most of the day on his actual birthday and most likely we'll be together in friday too! So, I'm still gonna try and post of course, but it's probably gonna be either late night, or only either of those 2 days?! So, yeah. If you don't see a post from me during day time or I missed one of those days then that's why. Cause it's his birthday.

Well, this was just kinda a ramble type blog but anyways.. Normal post will be up later tonight . I'm going out to eat right now so i'll talk to you guys later ! Bye (:


  1. Whoah. You totally fooled me! I was even gonna do like a post saying how I'll miss your posts and you were my first follower and all that. Haha,so glad it was a joke! :)

    1. Lmao. Awwh, really ? You are too sweet! Don't worry though. I plan to be blogging for a long time & I'm only 15 so it wont be that hard ! Lol .