Sunday, April 22, 2012

Review: Nutra Nail Gel Perfect Manicure Kit

Okay, so like a week or two ago, i posted a nails of the week post. If you have not seen that, the link will be at the bottom of this post so be sure to check that out. Anyways, it was something i had purchased at Utla a little over a month ago around the time of my Spring Break. Well, i had tried it out for the first time and in that post i said i would review them. So, even though its a little bit late, here is the review, as promised!
I actually really liked this little gel manicure kit. In this little kit, it contians everything you'll need for this gel manicure. The contents are: the gel activator, the gel color, and the gel brush cleaner. Thats great, but the only thing is i would have liked for this to have come with a top coat, or some kind of sealant. I mean, i was no big deal though, and i dont think its something that would be a problem for anybody because i assume if you are picking this kit up, you plan to do this yourself so you must like nail polish to be wanting to do a GEL nail on yourself so why wouldnt you have a clear coat. Plus it says the stuff that it contains so you could pick up one ahead of time also.
The application of this is very smooth, and it is nicely pigmented. It gives really nice even opaque coats. It is kind of streaky but it tells you that in the instructions, to prevent that by putting slight pressure when applying it.
It really is true to what it says on the packaging. You really only need to let it sit for 5 minutes for it to be set. Of course its still kinda tacky, but thats normal with most polishes no matter what time it says, so of course do not touch it. You are able to completely move around and do things with your hands but just not anything drastic obviously, just yet. 
This manicure lasted me an entire week without chipping what-so-ever! And, my weeks are pretty intense with dance and i use my hands a ton in just one day, so that was pretty surprising and satisfying for me! Im sure it would have lasted longer, but i just really wanted to change my polish since this entire week i was not able to have any colored polish on my nails due to cheer!
The price is actually really good and fairly decent for this, considering the quality and the contents! I ogt mine for like 9 something, so for about $10, oyu get pretty much everything you need for a gel manicure that lasts a fairly long time.
Is this product worth purchasing? Yes, i will most definately be repurchasing this product, in more of the various color selections they have!
Do I recommend? Well, yes! Obviously, if im repurchasing, i would love you guys to try thid out too.
I give this product a 9.5/10
Have you guys tried this product or something similar? Is there something like this you would recommed i try? Leave them in comments below and i would be happy to try them out! I will talk to you guys in my next post, Have a great day!


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