Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Quick Update

Hey guys !
So I just wanted to make this quick little post informing you on some things!
So, the other day I actually was working on a clothing post for you guys , & I was almost finished but I wanted to make it easier on the both of us by doing it in a collage , so I asked you guys & you gave me some pretty great suggestions , so thanks ! I actually didn't have school Yesturday since it was memorial day so I spent it working on finishing the post up ! Well, not ALL day cause I didn't wake up til after noon & then my mom barbecued and I had family and friends over but I am practically finished , I just have to finish like 2 more descriptions and link them! I was gonna do that today, BUT I have seriously been slacking lately & I have finals for the next day and a half since that's all I have left of school, so that's what has been consuming my time today ; a 2 page essay about a book called The Odduessy (spellcheck) that was due last week, & then since I pulled a muscle in my thigh about 2 weeks ago maybe I wasn't able to do my dance final so I have an alternative dance final due tomorrow , which I'm not complaining since I'm half way finished and it's just an "ABC Dance Terms book" ! But I just want to let you guys know that I will try to have that up as soon as possible , but most of my finals are really easy so hopefully ( fingers crossed) that I can get it up tomorrow !? Like, I haven't even gotten on the computer today, not that I get on everyday like crazy but you know . I'm on my phone typing this cause I took a break from my hand cramping up -___-
Anyways, just thought I'd would post a little something to satisfy you guys. I hope you understand & I will talk to you guys later ! Bye (:

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Quick Question!

Do any of you know how to make like the collages? Like, the little picture collages that people use when they make clothing posts?
Cause i am working on a post for you guys but i can not, for the life of me, figure out how to put everything in a collage. Cause i was gonna put on the pieces in the collage and then number them off, so it'll be easier for me to say what i need to say about them, and price them and the link them for you all ! So, please help!
Leave any of the name to the websites of whatever below in the comments please.

P.S. I really wanted to get this post up for you guys today! But, due to issues with what i stated above , im not sure if it will be up today. Depending on how fast i can figure this out, so yeah!

Thanks a ton! <3

Deal of the Moment

E.L.F Cosmetics is on Hautelook !
I have no clue how late I am on this, but when I went on my app it wasn't at the top, plus it ends tomorrow morning, do I'm pretty sure it's been up for a day or two, but they still have pretty amazing products up for grabs! I thought I would let you guys know because E.L.F is already super inexpensive & the fact that it's on Hautelook being even more majorly inexpensive ! Some items & sets on there for about $2! "Dat shit cray!" lol. But yeah, so go check it out !
Bye (:

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Looking Forward..

So, I just kinda wanted to make this post about upcoming things you guys should look forward to & get excitement out of ?! Yes ? Lol, cause I know I say a lot that I have some ideas in the works as we speak right now (hypothetically of course ! Was that the right word ? I don't know , anyways lol)
But I wasn't planning on making a blog tonight but I am just in that kinda mood right now but it's kinda late so I don't wanna start then not finish so I decided to just let you guys know what will be going on, on this blog within the span of the next month or 2 since I get out of school next week and will be able to give you guys more of my attention !

Upcoming Posts/Things To Look Forward To:
• Sunmer Tutorials
•On trend post
-color blocking
-high low skirts/dresses
-maxi skirts/dresses
• How-To Posts
- wear scarfs (in warmer months)
-styling high waisted shorts/skirts
-summer facial masks/scrubs
-cute head bands/accessories
•Travel Series
-carry on/personal bag
-checked luggage
-what to wear (clothing & makeup wise)
-traveling w/ jewelry
•Summer Entertainment
•Etc, etc, etc

Wow, that's a lot for you guys considering my summer is gonna be pretty busy. I mean, it isn't a ton of things , it actually seems very little compared to how much summer I have (almost 3 months) But like I said & mentioned in another post, I have cheer, I'm traveling, and just enjoying my summer w/o any restraints ! At least im not abandoning you like some blogs and YTs I see , I could but I know how frustrated I get when I wanna read a certain persons blog or watch a YT video of theirs and there isn't one! -___- Lol, so I will be posting , even some other things I have planned but didn't feel like typing , I'm not sure how frequent or consistent the post will be but at least it'll be one !

And, I am also thinking about having a giveaway later on into the summer when I hit probably around 50 subscribers! I only have 26 as of now so spread the word you guys! I know you like free things ! Pssh, who doesn't ? Lmao, well I just wanted to blog til I got tired and I'm getting there so now, I'm just gonna go eat some mangos and strawberries and talk to someone til I really fall asleep ! Bye (:

*ohhhh! P.s. guys ! If you have anything specific you would like to see within the few months , then you are more than welcome to leave any suggestions in the comments below ! I love hearing from you guys and doing the stuff you wanna know about do comment away ! Ready, set , COMMENT ! ;)

Monday, May 21, 2012

Mini Haul ?

So, I don't wanna call this a haul cause it's not really much of anything . It just 3 items which even my mom said is surprising for me . But, my family went to take family photos for part of my granny's present for the surprise party were throwing her & the portrait place my aunt booked just so happened to be at a mall & while we were waiting on the pictures to be developed we had some time to pass so me & my family did a little shopping and I still wanted to share even though it's hardly anything , so yeah.
Pictures are at the end since I'm on my phone ,.

Hope you guys enjoy this little post and I'll talk to you guys later ! Adios ! (:

Friday, May 11, 2012

School, Summer plans, etc

Okay guys. So, I haven't posted anything since May 5th ! So, it's been almost a week & I miss you guys ! Lol.
Well, the reason I have been missing is because of testing . So, don't hate me, lol .
This week, i had rest rest of my state mandatory tests! /: So, i was TRYING to get to bed a little earlier than usual, but that was such a fail ! Lol. But, i am proud to say that i have completed all of my state testing. I feel accomplished, lol. But, the only one i feel i really did pretty good on was my Biology one. Cause, my World Geography was ehh, im still kinda if-y on that one, and then my algebra? Oh my gosh. I honestly dont even wanna see my algebra scores when they come in! I horrible at math! And, i mean, h o r r i b l e ! Lol, but for the most part i feel pretty good, about it. Hopefully i did do good, cause my summer plans do not include summer school! Im planning on not even being here, in texas, for the summer! Lol.
But, while we are on the subjuect of summer, what are you guys' summer plans? I get out on May 31st, but i know that some universities and other colleges are already out for summer. Lucky! Lol.
Oh, guys. Okay, so tell me your thoughts on this. Cause i think its pretty stupid, ha. Okay, so on the last week of school for me, the week starts on the 28th, and like i said, we get out that Thursday, the 31st. But, listen to this, On Monday the 28th we dont go to school at all, cause its Memorial day, i believe. (or is it labor day? Ima feel dumb if i got them mixed up, lmao) Then, Tuesday the 29th we go a full day, and Wednesday the 30th, we go a full day. But, Thursday the 31st, is our last day and we get out early, so its a half day! Basically, i think its dumb how we just go litteraly a half a week! Like, forreal? 2 full days and then half a day! They should seriously just let us out that week before cause it makes no sense! Anyways, enough of my rant . Lol.
Back to summer. Are any of you already out? Hopefully my summer is amazing! Im gonna still be in Texas for the first part of the summer, because of Cheer & my cousin is getting married so we are going to his wedding, which is about 2 hours away from we i live, and we're probably gonna stay there for a few days cause he got a package type deal at this hotel room for family and people coming, since most of our family is coming from another state, most likely we'll end up staying in the hotel and just chilling and "exploring" with family, then from there, im leaving out of state to North Carolina with my Aunt & grandma and little cousin. The only thing im dreading is packing! Cause that means i have to pack for both trips since im not coming back home, im going from the airport there to North Carolina. Im staying in North Carolina for about 2 weeks probably just cause we most likely wont be in NC the entire time, cause my aunt and grandma was telling me how they wanted to take a drive up to NewYork and Virginia cause they know how much i obsessed with NewYork &have never been and then my cousins live in Virginia! So, im gonna be hauling major luggage around lol. Plus, i have the tendency to over pack ! Haha, so we shall see how this goes! I'll let you know if i succeed in bringing less than 10 bags/luggage.

Whoa! This is getting pretty long, so i think im gonna end this now. I will talk to you guys later, bye!

PS. would you guys like me to do a mini travel type series? I think that'd be pretty fun! Comment below and tell me what you have planned for the summer !

Saturday, May 5, 2012

April Favorites ! '12

So, its that time of the month again! Soo, lets get started!

So, this month i have been love, love, loving, my Lorac products! Okay, so in like the middle of last month, i was in Ulta and i was just looking around browsing, cause when i went in the store, i didnt really have anything on my mind that i specifically wanted except my NYX eyeshadow base. So, i started to just browse when something amazingly gorgeous caught my eye! It was this Lorac 3D liquid luster stuff, and then the lady seen me looking at that, and a few other Lorac products, so she goes over to this display, i was so big i have no clue how i missed it, but she picks up this set, that has every product i was looking at in it! But, for just LESS THAN HALF of the price i would have paid if i have have bought all 3 products seperately! That's crazy! So, i forgot the name of this set & saved the box for this post, but couldnt fint it anywhere, but this set includes, 3 FULL sized items! The Lorac Front of the Line Pro liquid eyeliner in black, Lorac 3D Multiplex lashes mascara in black, and the infamous Lorac 3D lustre . So, im not gonna take to much about this cause this would be so long, so im just gonna do a review in this a little later! But just know i have been in love with all 3 products!

The next product i have been obsessing with is my NYX eyeshadow base in white. I use this every single day overtop of my primer, it double as the same thing but i love how vibrant it makes my shadows appear!

Another thing I love is my Stila lip glaze trio set. The sets in Lights, Camera, Action. that is also the name of the colors, but you can only get these color in this set specifically! But, i have been loving those to just through on and go out the door.

My MAC LipGlass in "Oh Baby" has been a definate favorite this month. I love how it just completes my look.

I didnt really do to much makeup shopping this month so, thats why the beauty list is so short.

(i cant find the exact color i have but, i will be getting these purple ones on Tuesday so whatever)
I have been loving my taupe colored braided sandals from WetSeal. They were only like $10 i believe, but they are actually very good quality and really nice casual but super cute sandals! Love them!

I have also been loving gold this month a lot for some reason, so i have been getting a ton of wear out of my my good leaf earrings. I forgot where i got them, but im thinking it was Body Central.
And, of course all of my other gold jewelry, like my Gold cluster necklace, and my gold bangles!

Again, didnt do to much shopping this month, i have no clue why ? Lol, its soo shocking, but anyways, sorry for the short lists.

These songs have been on repeat for the entire month.
Boyfriend-Justin Bieber ! (of course i just had to put this in here, like littereally my most played song of the month, lol)
Strip-Chris Brown
Love On Top-Beyonce
Sweetheart-Chris Brown

Now, time for everything else, that isnt beauty, fashion, or musically related.

My iPhone 4s! Like, oh my gosh, you dont know how obsessed with my phone. Okay, just a little disclaimer, i am honestly not trying to brag in any way or form, i am just simply giving you my honest favorite for this month, and my phone just happens to be one of them of course!
Anyways, soo i got my iPhone at the end of last month, like March 30th actually! And, every since then i have been loving it to pieces! If you have any iHome recommendations, or any app recommendations, leave them in the comments below! I will also be doing a whats on my iPhone post soon also!

The next 2 favorites are something that i talked about in last months favorites post, and those are Takis, and AriZonas (the drinks). Im not gonna talk to much on these, but again, i have had these to things in my hands all the time this month. My favorite flavors of the AriZonas are the Kiwi Strawberry, and watermelon. And then i love the iced tea & peach!

Dance Moms! Okay, so i have had a little obsession with this TV show lately! But, i mean, if you've seen it you can not hold me accountable because i mean, its amazing! Now, i am a dancer, so i guess thats why i connect with it so much, but even my friends who are not dancers or anything really like it too! So, go watch it and you'll see what i mean, when i say the show is great! & i still am watching like every new episode of Toddlers & Tiaras (the show i mentioned in my march favorites), but this month Dance Moms has blown it away and taken the award this month!

Another thing, that is super random, but sunscreen. I have been exposed to the sun a LOT more than usual lately (forced against my will, lmao) But,the first time i didnt have on sunscreen, and i got a horrible sunburn all on my chest and arms, so my favorite sunscreen for the moment in the Banana Boat Sports protection kind. This has SPF 110, so thats amazing!

This last favorite is in the same category as my sunscreen, but its Aloe Vera! You guys dont know how much i love this. This have been like my best friend this month! Like, seriously! Lol, cause i started peepling and oh my gosh, it was horribel, but this fixed the problem.

My favorite app of the month has been Instagram & Temple Run ! Every time im in the car and its been a long car ride, i just start playing Temple Run and its just soo entertaining for me, i guess cause im a really competetive person so if i lose, i keep playing until i get feed up with losing, lol. Or until i reach my destination. And, for instagram, i love it. I wouldnt call myself a photogenic person cause doesnt that mean you take good pictures?! Well, i dont know what you'd call me, but i love taking pictures, i swear, i take pictures every single day, so this is like the perfect app for me! Im not that photogenic though, cause i have to take like 30 pictures before i find one i actually really like! Lol,

Well, thats it for this months favorites, i hope you guys enjoyed this month favorite post and i will talk to you guys later!