Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Quick Update

Hey guys !
So I just wanted to make this quick little post informing you on some things!
So, the other day I actually was working on a clothing post for you guys , & I was almost finished but I wanted to make it easier on the both of us by doing it in a collage , so I asked you guys & you gave me some pretty great suggestions , so thanks ! I actually didn't have school Yesturday since it was memorial day so I spent it working on finishing the post up ! Well, not ALL day cause I didn't wake up til after noon & then my mom barbecued and I had family and friends over but I am practically finished , I just have to finish like 2 more descriptions and link them! I was gonna do that today, BUT I have seriously been slacking lately & I have finals for the next day and a half since that's all I have left of school, so that's what has been consuming my time today ; a 2 page essay about a book called The Odduessy (spellcheck) that was due last week, & then since I pulled a muscle in my thigh about 2 weeks ago maybe I wasn't able to do my dance final so I have an alternative dance final due tomorrow , which I'm not complaining since I'm half way finished and it's just an "ABC Dance Terms book" ! But I just want to let you guys know that I will try to have that up as soon as possible , but most of my finals are really easy so hopefully ( fingers crossed) that I can get it up tomorrow !? Like, I haven't even gotten on the computer today, not that I get on everyday like crazy but you know . I'm on my phone typing this cause I took a break from my hand cramping up -___-
Anyways, just thought I'd would post a little something to satisfy you guys. I hope you understand & I will talk to you guys later ! Bye (:

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