Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Looking Forward..

So, I just kinda wanted to make this post about upcoming things you guys should look forward to & get excitement out of ?! Yes ? Lol, cause I know I say a lot that I have some ideas in the works as we speak right now (hypothetically of course ! Was that the right word ? I don't know , anyways lol)
But I wasn't planning on making a blog tonight but I am just in that kinda mood right now but it's kinda late so I don't wanna start then not finish so I decided to just let you guys know what will be going on, on this blog within the span of the next month or 2 since I get out of school next week and will be able to give you guys more of my attention !

Upcoming Posts/Things To Look Forward To:
• Sunmer Tutorials
•On trend post
-color blocking
-high low skirts/dresses
-maxi skirts/dresses
• How-To Posts
- wear scarfs (in warmer months)
-styling high waisted shorts/skirts
-summer facial masks/scrubs
-cute head bands/accessories
•Travel Series
-carry on/personal bag
-checked luggage
-what to wear (clothing & makeup wise)
-traveling w/ jewelry
•Summer Entertainment
•Etc, etc, etc

Wow, that's a lot for you guys considering my summer is gonna be pretty busy. I mean, it isn't a ton of things , it actually seems very little compared to how much summer I have (almost 3 months) But like I said & mentioned in another post, I have cheer, I'm traveling, and just enjoying my summer w/o any restraints ! At least im not abandoning you like some blogs and YTs I see , I could but I know how frustrated I get when I wanna read a certain persons blog or watch a YT video of theirs and there isn't one! -___- Lol, so I will be posting , even some other things I have planned but didn't feel like typing , I'm not sure how frequent or consistent the post will be but at least it'll be one !

And, I am also thinking about having a giveaway later on into the summer when I hit probably around 50 subscribers! I only have 26 as of now so spread the word you guys! I know you like free things ! Pssh, who doesn't ? Lmao, well I just wanted to blog til I got tired and I'm getting there so now, I'm just gonna go eat some mangos and strawberries and talk to someone til I really fall asleep ! Bye (:

*ohhhh! P.s. guys ! If you have anything specific you would like to see within the few months , then you are more than welcome to leave any suggestions in the comments below ! I love hearing from you guys and doing the stuff you wanna know about do comment away ! Ready, set , COMMENT ! ;)


  1. Love this! can't wait to read more of your posts! (: I'm actually doing a giveaway right now..


    1. Thanks ! I can't wait to write them !