Friday, May 11, 2012

School, Summer plans, etc

Okay guys. So, I haven't posted anything since May 5th ! So, it's been almost a week & I miss you guys ! Lol.
Well, the reason I have been missing is because of testing . So, don't hate me, lol .
This week, i had rest rest of my state mandatory tests! /: So, i was TRYING to get to bed a little earlier than usual, but that was such a fail ! Lol. But, i am proud to say that i have completed all of my state testing. I feel accomplished, lol. But, the only one i feel i really did pretty good on was my Biology one. Cause, my World Geography was ehh, im still kinda if-y on that one, and then my algebra? Oh my gosh. I honestly dont even wanna see my algebra scores when they come in! I horrible at math! And, i mean, h o r r i b l e ! Lol, but for the most part i feel pretty good, about it. Hopefully i did do good, cause my summer plans do not include summer school! Im planning on not even being here, in texas, for the summer! Lol.
But, while we are on the subjuect of summer, what are you guys' summer plans? I get out on May 31st, but i know that some universities and other colleges are already out for summer. Lucky! Lol.
Oh, guys. Okay, so tell me your thoughts on this. Cause i think its pretty stupid, ha. Okay, so on the last week of school for me, the week starts on the 28th, and like i said, we get out that Thursday, the 31st. But, listen to this, On Monday the 28th we dont go to school at all, cause its Memorial day, i believe. (or is it labor day? Ima feel dumb if i got them mixed up, lmao) Then, Tuesday the 29th we go a full day, and Wednesday the 30th, we go a full day. But, Thursday the 31st, is our last day and we get out early, so its a half day! Basically, i think its dumb how we just go litteraly a half a week! Like, forreal? 2 full days and then half a day! They should seriously just let us out that week before cause it makes no sense! Anyways, enough of my rant . Lol.
Back to summer. Are any of you already out? Hopefully my summer is amazing! Im gonna still be in Texas for the first part of the summer, because of Cheer & my cousin is getting married so we are going to his wedding, which is about 2 hours away from we i live, and we're probably gonna stay there for a few days cause he got a package type deal at this hotel room for family and people coming, since most of our family is coming from another state, most likely we'll end up staying in the hotel and just chilling and "exploring" with family, then from there, im leaving out of state to North Carolina with my Aunt & grandma and little cousin. The only thing im dreading is packing! Cause that means i have to pack for both trips since im not coming back home, im going from the airport there to North Carolina. Im staying in North Carolina for about 2 weeks probably just cause we most likely wont be in NC the entire time, cause my aunt and grandma was telling me how they wanted to take a drive up to NewYork and Virginia cause they know how much i obsessed with NewYork &have never been and then my cousins live in Virginia! So, im gonna be hauling major luggage around lol. Plus, i have the tendency to over pack ! Haha, so we shall see how this goes! I'll let you know if i succeed in bringing less than 10 bags/luggage.

Whoa! This is getting pretty long, so i think im gonna end this now. I will talk to you guys later, bye!

PS. would you guys like me to do a mini travel type series? I think that'd be pretty fun! Comment below and tell me what you have planned for the summer !

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