Wednesday, June 6, 2012

My Week & Weekend: Grannys Birthday, Last Day of School & Summer Vacay (part 1)

Oh goodness! I have a lot to share with you guys! But, I think the only one proper way to start this post off is by saying.. IM ON SUMMER VACATION !!! Yes you guys , I am finally on Summer Vacation guys. Well, technically not actual Vacation yet, since I am still in town and have not really done too much yet. With that being said.. Im gonna let you guys know what has been going on in my life this past week and weekend: May28th-June 3rd.

Monday: So, Monday we didnt go to school because of it being Memorial Day. So, i just kind of sat and chilled. We had a barbeque at my house and a few family and friends came over . Ohhh, and okay so we, as in me, my 2 little cousins, and my aunt, played Just Dance 3 on Xbox and let me just say, do you guys have ANY clue on how funny it is to watch a 50 year old woman (in great, i mean AMAZING shape . Doesnt look a day over 30) play teens in Just Dance? Its absolutely HILARIOUS! I laughed sooo hard that day, probably more than I have in my entire life. Lmao, So, this day was hella fun, and relaxed.

Tuesday: So, Tuesday I had my first 2 finals out of all 7. Which was 1st period biology and my 5th period World Geography . So, in each of my exam periods were 2 hours. My biology final was fairly easy. I believe I did pretty good. For my World Geography final, well.. we didnt even have a final technically. About 2 weeks before school was out we just had a 10 question quiz every other day, that we had took notes on the day before and had the choice to write the note notes or not, and we could use our notes on the quiz. And, of course I was smart enough to write and the notes down, and the notes were the questions that was on the quiz just not in the same order. So, i basically had the answers and passed the quiz. And, my teacher was nice enough to combine all those quiz grades together and use that as our final. It seemed easy guys, but i actually got an 86 for my final. Then, there was actually some people, believe it or not, who did not take notes so they didnt even get that high of a grade. So, for that class on the day of our "final" we just watched a movie. Then the rest of my periods this day were just about 3O minutes long and we studied for other finals and played games and watched movies.

Wednesday: This day was my finals for 3rd period my dance, 6th period my spanish class, and 7th period my Principles of Human Services. So, all of those classes were 2 hours long and since we already took finals for 1st and 5th, we didnt attend those anymore, since there isnt even a point to go after all testing and such. (my teacher even said the smae thing, lol ) So, 2nd period we were only in class for 3O minutes so we just kinda chilled and talked and just had a laid back class period. Since my dance final was a dance my group made up, and we preformed it the week before, well, my group cause due to my pulled muscle and sprainged ankle i couldnt dance ,but i did do an alternative assignment. So, we just took the 2 hours and the coach let us watch my school dance teams Spring Show, since it took up the perfect amount of time. That was really fun though cause let me tell you, my schools dance team is amazing. I loved watching my bestfriends solos, she did great. So, shout out to Mattie, Kadie, & Kelly. Yall did yalls thing on each of your solos and looked like true professionals. Also, shout out to my friend Angelica. Girl, for your first time on the team and not being on that long (she part of the newest additions who just tried out) Girl, you say you looked horrible but you looked amazing out there! Cant wait til' you other upcoming preformances! I Love Y'all <3 Soo, my spanish final was just a 135 question test, with a short essay. Woah, that sounded like it wasnt hard and it wasnt a lot. Well, yeah it was 135 questions, but seriously, it was easy, and when i say that, i mean super super easy and im not just saying that cause i speak spanish but it was forreal though. It was just multiple choice questions, and all most of the questions was just conjugations. Then the essay was SUPER short. We just had to talk about oursleves or our bestfriend, and say the name, age , birthday, where from, where they/you live, and what they like and like to do. So, it litteraly took like 5 minutes and it was only about 4 or 5 sentences! And, 7th period was just a worksheet describing our dream job and responsiblites of a teen.


*So, i decided to split this into parts because its getting really long. You guys know how i am about details, anyways.. I know how boring it can get when your reading something and it just seems like forever and nothing is catching excitement, so i am stopping it at the best part and this will comtinue in part to !

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