Thursday, June 21, 2012

Rose Gold Loves

Rose Gold Loves

So, todays topic of disscusion is going to be rose gold jewelry . I personally really like them. I love how its such a great alternative to the typical classic gold pieces. I actually really love the look of mixing the two golds together. Lately i have been loving my rose gold watch with a combination of rose gold and a few gold bangles throughout the "set".
A couple of rose gold pieces that are really popular right now, are some bangles and bracelets from this site called Bauble Bar, i believe. If you watch Ingrid or Missglamorazzi on youtube then im almost positive you know what im talking about, since Ingrid raves about them constantly . Lol, but who can blame her, those bracelets are super cute! Then, of course, probably like the most over talked about piece right now, the Micheal Kors rose gold watches! These are a little on the pricey side, obviously, cause they are name brand. These are usually considered a "splurge item" when brought up by the gurus, and i agree. But, i also agree with the fact that they are a great investment! Like seriously! I have been a proud owner of a few of Kors' items, including clothing pieces, for a couple years now, and i love my pieces, and they are in great shape! So, i really do think they are worth the money and am not "just saying this". I actually just placed another order with them a few days ago. Excited for that!
Another piece, that i have noticed and i personally have not heard anyone really mention this, but i came across and fell in love! The Micheal Kors Buckle ring! ( It's pictured in the colloge above.) But, i really am in love with this. It was like love at first sight, Lol. I just think its soo cute and unique and different . And, since not a lot of people have it, at least in my area to my knowledge, that makes it even more amazing. Right?!
THis next product i will mention is also another, yes another, Micheal Kors product and its the Rose gold tennis bracelet, also picture above (at the top right corner next to the diamont stud earrings). This is something else along withthe buckle ring that i think just does not get enough attention and often is over looked by the watches! But, this is super gorgeous to me, and i have always had a thing for a nice classic tennis bracelet! How cute!

Some other products i love are nice are very simple rose gold stud earrings. Since i have my cartilidge pierced, on my right, i absolutely adore the little detail and glam it gives when i just wear a really simple and laid back outfit. Cause if your like me and cannot, under ANY circumstances leave and walk outside the door of your house, even to go check the mail, without earrings then those little simple studs wheher in both lobes of just a cartilidge, mean so much and add so much! Lol.
I've also been likeing stacking rings. Like rose gold stackables. I'll take like 3. Most of the time 2 being just plain rose gold band, and then 1 a ring with a little pop, like my birthstone, or a flower or something cute and place this ring in the middle!

Well, i hope you lovelies enjoy this post.
What would you like to see in my next post? I love having you guys' suggestions so just leave so below and i will talk to you guys later!

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