Sunday, June 17, 2012

My Week & Weekend: Granny's Surprise Birthday, & Last Day of School(part 2)

Thursday: So, this is what we've all been waiting for . Well, me at least . Because this was my last day of school!
So, this day we only had 2 periods & they were the ones we still had finals in. So two hours each. So this day was the finals days for 2nd period my algebra & 4th period my English . So, basically this day was really exciting cause since we only had 2 periods this day and they were 2 hours each, the high schools in my district went in an hour later than normal & got out like 3 & a half hours earlier! :D So, for my district this meant we went in at 9:45am & got out at 1:31pm.
My finals for this day were hella easy! My algebra final was just 50 definitions/terms. Like matching them to the correct one . So we didn't even have to write it out. We just wrote which number matched which number. So I was real excited for that , especially since I'm horrible in algebra.
My English final was just a group project we'd been working on for about 2 weeks before. So we had been finished and just need to turn it in. So basically we just watched movies. She put in The Little Mermaid . Which just so happens to be one of my all time favorite Disney movies! But, I really didn't watch it. Cause me and a couple of friends were talking about what we were doing after school . Then our Bestfriend Deon was being silly and was saying that we should sing that part from high school musical when they started singing "summer Summer summer!" then we started goofing off taking pictures and 'singing' and all that! It was fun. And, when it was about five minutes til the bell, we did end up singing summer summer summer . Haha, the teacher was like Ohh my goodness. Lol, but she was cool with it since it was kinda a chill day. Lol, then when the bell finally rang we all ran down the steps yelling and screaming summer !
So, we all ended up staying after til almost 2 o'clock just too chill with friends , take pictures , good off & all that . Plus my mom wasn't there right away either.
Then, around 5 o'clock a bunch of us went out to eat for kinda like a "last day of school gathering " type thing. Just to have fun. So my mom dropped off me and a few friends at this steakhouse restaurant that we met up with a ton of other friends, some from different schools that I don't see often so that was pretty fun! Then after we ate , we took more pictures outside of the restaurant , then since the restaurant was across the street from this like plaza , we walked to some stores over there just to kinda chill, have fun, and kill time cause none of plus wanted to go home right away. Lol! But we didn't stay out that long . Maybe just about an hour after we ate.
And, that guys was how my last day of school went !

Friday: Friday I spent most of the day in another city helping set up a building for my grandmas surprise birthday party ! We just went down there to help my aunt and uncle decorate the place . Then my uncle wanted me to help cook something. Then since my mom had the cakes made at this local shop we had to also take both cakes down there to do they'd be there already. We didn't leave there til about 1 in the morning. And then had to drive all the way back home which was a 2 hour drive almost. Lol, so I was pretty damn tired when I got home . (another reason I couldn't make a post!)

Saturday: I had to get up early ! Boo /:
Lol, but anyways, I had to get up at like 10am so I could shower, get dressed, do hair & makeup , so we could make it back down there before 2pm, to make sure everything was set up right, before my cousin went to pick up my grandma .
Speaking of that, that was probably the most fun part ! So, since it was a surprise party , we had to make something up to get my grandma out without letting her know what for. So, we came up with my cousin wanting to take her out to eat for her birthday . So, when my cousin picked her up, since the building is like no where near any restaurants, to not give the surprise away my cousin had to say that his friend was at the building for his mom and they wanted to say hello. So, when they finally pulled up outside we started telling the friends and family to please sit down and get away from the door! Lol, so when my grandma walked in she just dropped! Like she was so excited and shocked! We actually got scared for a minute cause she looked like she wanted to faint from all the shock. But it was such a sweet one in a life time moment! She like really wanted to cry, cause I mean we had family there from different states and her brothers and sisters that she hadn't seen in a long time. She said she was really surprised and wondering what's going on since her sister was there cause her sister never goes anywhere ! Lol. But I was glad that I got to spend that time with her and family. This was seriously such an amazing moment and a beautiful once in a lifetime thing! I loved it!

And, Sunday was just a chill and relax kinda day!

Anyways, so yeah that was my last week of school and my weekend! I hope you enjoyed this post. I really like doing these post because i love sharing some really fun and important aspects of my life with you and i feel like it gives you a little more about me behind all the fashion and beauty! Well, i will talk to you guys in my next post! Have a great Day/Night!

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