Friday, June 22, 2012

Quick Update: Vacation, Cousins Wedding, etc..

Hey beauties!
So, I just wanted to let you guys in on a quick update. Sort of late notice but I was busy doing last minute arrangements and stuff. But, annnnyways, so my cousin is getting married on Saturday & and I will be going out of town for his wedding since he lives about 2 hours away from me. Most of my family is already here like some of my aunts and my cousin flew in today earlier this evening from Florida! Yay, but the rest will be here in Texas by at least 2pm . Most likely before but I'm not exactly sure of their flight times so yeah. But, as soon my my aunt gets here with my little cousin and grandma, I will be leaving . So, I have to get up pretty early in the morning just to make sure I'm packed properly and stuff cause after that, I will be flying back with them for about a week or 2. Which their probably gonna stay here for about a week maybe a little less.
So, the point I am trying to make is that I probably will not be blogging . Just because this is the family on my dads side and since they all live in New York and North Carolina (most of them) or Puerto Rico, then I don't get to see them often at all! I'm pretty positive I will have Internet connection but I will not promise to blog or post just cause I don't wanna say something then not come through , ya know ? So yeah. There's is a chance you won't see a post from me for about 2 weeks . Oh, and if you do it won't be anything that was super time consuming , simply because I'm spending time with family ! So, that is all. I'm sorry I didn't have any pre planned and drafted posts, but I've been super busy with last minute packing cause you guys know I'm a procrastinator ! Lmao, I actually just got my last minute things done today like stuff I need to buy, but not every single thing is in it's proper place yet & the fact I have to be up kinda early in the AM, and finish organizing is why I can't post tomorrow .

I hope you guys understand and I will talk to you guys as soon as possible ! Bye (:

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  1. Congratulations to your cousin! Just found your blog, I love it and followed! I would love it if you could check mine out at and maybe we could follow each other? Thanks, and great post!