Saturday, August 11, 2012


Hey beauties! Oh God, how much i've missed you guys. & my blog as well!
Well, i am back from vacationing! Well, not completely.. I have one more short vacation to go on in my many vacations that have taken up my blogging! Lol, Don't worry though, it isnt that long, i promise. Cause I start school again on August 27th (sadly) /: Haha, but i will be happy to be back in the swing of things, blog wise.

OH! Okay, so before i start just blabbing at the mouth here (theoretically of course, lol), i have something that i would like to address.. While i was gone on the bulk of my summer from this blog, i have gained a few subscribers!!! I now have 31 subscribers, and when i left i was only at like 28, i wanna say, which is completely crazy since i have litterally been posting NOTHING! Not a thing. So, thats pretty exciting. They've commented on my posts and have said that they have loved my blog, so a HUGE Thank you to those of you who have subscribed/followed to me after May! I really, really do appriciate it! <3

Now, time to fill you in a little bit on my life throughout the past couple of months. Im gonna try and keep this kinda short since i will be doing an entire post dedicated to just we i have been this summer and what i have been doing!
So, i know i told you guys that the trip i was taking was going to be the most 3 weeks, and then ill be back. Well, as you can tell, its obviously turned into more than a month! Well, I have been on multiple, vacations, if you will. Actually, when i had gotten to North Carolina, i was there for a little less than a week and then we went up to New York on a whim, cause i was not expecting it at all! Then, from New York my family suprised me and my brothers with a cruise! So, it was about an 8 day cruise, which was fun. Then afterwards, back to the Big Apple for a few days. Then, when i finally came back home, i was only home for about a weekend, then that Monday, my mom wanted to go and visit her cousin, since they'd been begging for us to come down, so went spent the week in San Antonio, until that Sunday, then that Sunday afternoon, we made our way home. Then, i was home for a week, but since i hadnt been home for so long, i just wanted to spend time with my friends, and family in my town, and my boyfriend, since before i had left, he was on vacation and i couldnt really see him! So, i was basically just sleeping in, that week, chilling with friends, shopping, going to the movies, and i went to my bestfriends pool party, and spent the night at her place with a few of our friends. So, basically just living a teenage summer that week. Then, i left, once again. But, this time i had friends with me cause my mom took us on like a mini back-to-school shopping sphree/vacation, and we went out of town for about 2 weeks, to a few different cities, like Corpus, and Houston, and stuff, (cause my moms cool like that) Lol, jk!!

Well, yeah. So, now you guys have the jist, of my summer so far, and on this last upcoming vacation, im going to stay with my Big cousin in Dallas for a week, or so. But, i wont be gone for long, cause i start school soon. (in about 3 weeks). Oh, annnnd , i forgot something major.. I MOVED !!! Im still in the same city, i just moved to a different location on the other side of my city. But, yeah, soo my sistyer(bestfriend) is waiting on me cause shes staying the night, for the next few days and we're about to watch this one scary movie and chill out. So, i'll talk to you guys in my next post .
You Are Beautiful!! Bye(:
P.S. Im sorry if this post seemed a little rushed, but its like 3 in the moring as im writiung this and i have my sister over, so yeah. Also, No, i didnt keep traveling just non stop, like it might have seemed in this post. I did have days where i was home for a bit, but i didnt blog cause as i said above, i just wanted to hang with my friends and have a worry free summer!

BTW; check back in later for the following posts:
End of Summer Hauls (beauty and fashion?)
Back To School Clothing haul/fall clothing
More detailed post about my life this summer
And possibly a back to school series!?

Question of the Day- When do/did you guys start school? Comment below and let me know.

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