Monday, April 9, 2012

Nails of the Week !

Hey guys. So I recently just painted my nails, and I thought I would share with you because the concept is actually really cool!
So, I have a Gel Nail manicure on that I did myself last night . Yes, I did my own gel nail manicure. And, I only cost me $10! It's a kit that comes with everything you need & hardly no wait time !
I don't want to get to detailed cause I am going to do a review on this little kit, explain the contents, and all that good stuff .
The color I have is a super pretty tuqoiuse-y blue color . In the picture attached it is not showing up true to color in my opinion. The picture makes it look a shade or two darker than it really is. It's a gorgeous bright blue!
So far, I am loving the manicure. It does look a little "ratchet" lol, but that is because I did them last night right before I went to bed cause I was bored and I mean, what else is there to do at 1 in the morning?! Haha. But the thing is, I didn't think that I was gonna end up being tired and go to sleep. So it kinda got the imprint of my sheets and pillow and I just reapplied a top coat this morning & it turned out okay. So I'm really liking it so far but I'll see how it goes the rest of this week and I'll let you guys know in the review, most likely this weekend!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and I will talk to you guys in my next post.

PS. I know it's late but, I will be posting my March favorites and post that by the end of the week!


  1. This looks so good, I'll have to try it out :) Great blog!


    1. Thanks!
      Be sure to check back for the complete review this weekend ! (: