Saturday, April 28, 2012

UPDATE: More posts!

Okay, so i have been quite busy, which i why there was not any post for about 2 days, cause i usually try my best to post every other day, and sometimes even everyday, if its something im excited to tell you or a really fun post! But, last night, i went to a a party, and let me tell you.. IT WAS C R A Z Y! Like, hella crazy! Soo much happend in one night, omg. But, you guys will hear a little more about that party and more about my week and such in a post tomorrow ;D

I just wanted to let you guys know, that right after this, i will be posting a makeup tutorial, a little later. It's already planned out and everything! So, thats something to look forward too! Also, there are a couple of other post as of right now, that are also drafted and planned and thought out, but just not posted cause im still tweaking them a little. I have a TAG, that im super excited for, that i made up all by myself with my most frequetly asked questions from you guys, and from my profiles on Michelle Phans website and Elle & BLairs website. Plus, just other questions that i thought would be interesting and fun to answer! So, yall will know a lot more about me, behind all this fashion and beauty. Another post i have planned is a cheerleading post, im also debatingon if i should do a series type thing talking about tryouts and all that stuff.  And, i have a ton more on my list, soo you guys know there will most defianetly be more posts!

Well, im off to the mall, with my bestfriend and her mom. Her mom is gonna buy me another case for my iPhone. Cause she has the same Otterbox i want, but in a different color, so she told me she would take me and buy me too! I love her, shes like my second mom! OOH, & if you guys have any recommendations for an iHome. I want preferably one that doubles as a charging station too, leave them in the comments below and i will talk to you guys later! Adios (:

How is your weekend so far ?

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