Saturday, February 25, 2012

Trending Pieces: Wedges!

I cannot tell you enough times how obssesed i am with wedges right now! It's crazy . Like OMG CRAZY! I am known to have an over compulsive disorder with shoes. Yes, i admit it.. Im. A. Shoe-A-Holic!
Recently, I have been online shopping. Well, okay not shopping cause i just recently did a major splurge so im trying to catch myself. But, it wasnt my fault guys. I know i have a problem, but its soooo addicting! Lol..
 So, i have been recently online searching and planning a ton of spring and summer themed items. Also, stocking up on winter things for next year, cause they're starting to go on sale! But, anyways, i have an account with my most shopped at stores, so i always make a wishlist for every season. And, let me tell you, my Spring/Summer 2012 wishlist is half wedges! No lie. I mean of course i have other shoes on there too, but i do have a lot of wedges . Dont worry though, when i do let myself online shop again i will do it moderately... i hope(: But i do know for sure that i wont get everything at once cause all my list for all the stores are pretty large so i'll do a few at a time!
What i love about wedge is that they are super cofotable but still outrageously stylish! I love how they give you the height and feel of a high heel, but the comfort of a flat shoe. And, for all you girls out there that are the greatest high heel weares and walkers, this is your saving. My bestfriend is not the super girly girl and cant count on one hand how many times she's worn high heels her whole life. Lol, but she can totally walk in these.. so i think you can. Not all wedge heels are super high to! Most of them are under 4 or 5 inches! That isnt that tall if you think about it!

But anyways guys, i wanted to share with you a couple of really cute spring ready wedges. And the stores too!

These first couple of pairs will be from Go Jane. Which is completely fine with me because they are super afordable. Even if you go to their website under the wedge catagory in the descrption at the top it states, that most are under $30! Which is crazy cheap for a pair of WEDGES!

strappy suede espadrille wedge
strappy suede espadrille wedge $22.
These shoes are so pretty. I especially love the wedge heel part. It's weaved crochet type looking! The strappy trend and the buckle hardware on it is super cute. I love the color, they also have a few other colors.

suede wedge
Suede wedge $23.10
These are super cute and trendy. I like how these are a neutral color, that way it can be worn with anything and really dress up or dress down an outfit. I really really love the wedge part and how its like partly a cork wedge but then they got creative and made the other half black! Adorable.

espadrille wedge
These wedges are super unique. Wearing these would be an amazing way to add a little edge to your outfit and get a little more daring. It's like tribal print and pattern patchwork. Really cute. The heel on this one isnt 2 high either!

Now these next few pairs will be from Forever 21

Buckled Wedge Platforms $26.80

These wedges are super cute and look really comfortable. But, to me most, if not, all wedges are pretty comfortable .
These wedges come in 2 different neutral colors. This caramel brown and a black. Which means, these can really dress up a super cute outfit for the spring and summer. Or even dress down an really kinda over the top outfit. When i seen these shoes, the first outfit that came to my mind was, a super cute casual type summer dress, with gold jewelry to bring out the neutral color in the shoe.

Floral Bow Wedges $26.80

These wedges are really daring and something very different! They were also top rated on the forever21 website under heels and wedges, and thats another reason i choose these.
These shoes would be perfect if your the kind of girl that wants to experiment with color or different daring patterns but dont exactly know where to start or is scared. Or maybe you just like to add colors, patterns, designs, and all that other good stuff through your accesories! Sometimes im like that, and i'll just wear a plain basic outfit and then glam it up by accesorizing. This is the perfect shoe for that. I also love the little bows on the tip of the shoes. Gives it that extra girly touch. I would pair this with a white or pink flowy tank or of the shoulder top and some high-waisted denim shorts or maybe if you really wanna go all out, a bodycon skirt!

This next few pairs will be from Steve Madden. So a little bit more expensive, BUT, if your like me, and love good deals, you can almost always find somewhere that sells Steve Madden for less than it's original retail, or on sale somewhere!

MAARKEE Original retail: $109.95 Sale pirce: $69.98
*sorry the picture is so small, it wouldnt let me make it larger.

See what i mean !? These shoes were off of the actual website and are already at a pretty good discount! This is right now too! So if you like these.. hurry!
This color is a taupe suede, but they also come in black suede, and brown leather and black leather.
Im personally a big fan of the wedged booties. I think they are really cute, and different. They are also a much more comfotable alternative to an actual bootie with a heel thats gonna make you wanna rip these off your feet in 3 hours. So wedged booties have recently become a huge staple in my closet. They also offer kinda a different edgier touch when you style them the correct way.

ELSIIE $59.95

I just had to put these on this post. I know that these kinda of printed wedge booties are super controversial. Either you love them or you hate them! But, i personally love these. Now, i dont have me a pair, but just because i feel like i could never ever pull it off and style them right. But, i have to admit, that everytime i do see these somewhere i do just look at them and think of different ways to style them and how i'd pull it off. I have even tried them all a lot too! But, i guess im chicken. Lol. Maybe i will buy these one day and do a How-To-Style post with them. Comment below if you would like that. But, of course i would buy a dupe for them, because im not sure how much wear i would actually get, and just because these are not that practical! But The price is really good for these. Something i would definately pay for Steve Madden! Just not for me cause they're not that big of a deal to me!

PRESSURE $129.95

These are so cute! I love these wedged booties! They're made out of a sude material. The only thing is, i wish these came on other colors besides just black. Although that is super practical, i would love these shoes in a tan taupey color. The heel on this on is sorta relatively high, but again they are wedges and wedges are always more comfortable than a regular heel.
These shoes would look great paired with some medium wash skinny jeans, an attention grabbing off the shoulder shirt or attention grabbing loose tank, with a black leather jacket! And, some statement jewelry that goes with your shirt! This is kinda an edgy outfit example but super cute!

OVERCOME $169.95

These are so cute. I personally am really into peep toe booties, and they come in not just black but taupe too, as you can see above! So im really loving these!
These are gonna be perfect for the spring and summer, and the best part about these is, the wedge is only 3 inches!! That makes these super super comfortable to wear! This specifc color would be cute with some dark wash skinny jeans, a cream or taupe colored loose knit sweater or cardigan with a white or colored tank just to add color. If you choose the colored tank underneath then make sure that your jewelry will corespond with the colors in the shirt. But if you choose white, pick very neutral colored jewelry that would compliment the neutral colors. And,with taupey, cream colors, i prefer gold jewelry, as i think it gives the best accented look.

This is the end of this post. I hope you guys enjoyed my super long shoe post. I hope i have given somebody some new inspiration or made you want to try out wedges if you have not or are not a heel wearing person.

Pictures are from the following.

What did you guys think of this post? Do you prefer heels or wedges?  What is you favorite pair of shoes from this post?
Oh and if you have any suggestions for the next, Trending Pieces post, comment below!


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