Sunday, February 5, 2012

Quick Talk !

Good afternoon love! Its Superbowl Sunday! How excited are you! I know im super excited. What team are you for? Im All About NEW YORK GIANTS , <3 I have faith in my team, so does the rest of my family! All reppin' the East Coast! Anyways. Guys, im going to be putting up a haul post pretty soon ! The reason it didnt go up lastnight, is cause we never went shopping. It was a change of plans. Sorry! But i believe im going today. But i have to go really soon. Cause im not missing this Superbowl! Im pretty excited about going cause ima try and get an authentic Victor Cruz jersey to wear tonight! He's the wide reciever for the NY Giants! Well, i think im gonna go now, cause i just got out the shower and i still have to do my hair and makeup &such before i leave. So i'll try and do another posts later on today. Maybe a Superbowl update or sonething like that !? Ckmment below if you'd like that! What team are you going for tonight? Giants or Patriots? If your team isnt in the superbowl, whats your die hard team? Leave a comment and let me know?! <3 P.s. Sorry for speeling mistakes! Im on my phone, & its messing up!

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