Sunday, February 12, 2012

My 3 Holy Grail Lip Products!

Hey guys!
So, when it's winter my lips tend to get really dry, pale, ashy looking and chapped. I dont know about you, but i hate with a deep passion, when my lips get like this! I have yet to actually meet a person who like this happening to their lips. So, that's where today post comes in at. Im going to share with you, 3 of my all time favorite lip products that i swear by!

First off, carmex has yet to let me down. Im currently using the cherry flavored one, but my favorite is the strawberry kind! ( i actually ran out of the strawberry kind and couldnt find the strawberry kind in stock even thogh i went to 2 stores,so i just settled with the cherry for now) I absolutely love carmex. It's stuck by me ever since i was a little girl. It's super moisturizing and also, it leaves behind a super glossy shiney finish while de-chappifying your lips. I love that! Oh, and for any of you wondering, i use the one in the little squeazy tube, if that matters!

Okay, so please dont even get me started on nivea! Im totally in love with this stuff! Like honestly when i first started using this, i was super amazed at how much difference i saw and felt in my lips! Like, seriously guys, i kid you not, this is like the best thing out there. When i first started using it, i bought the twisty kind, thats in kinda like a lipstick tube, not the squeazy tube! I loved it so much, that when i found out that they came out with the glossy squeazy tube kind, i died inside! Because, im the type of person that thinks a little gloss or sheen will totally give you a whole different look, then if you just have matte finish. And it does! Why else do they give lipsticks, different finishes?! Anyways, i liked the lipstick tube nivea and still use it to this day, but i think when it all comes down to it, i'd have to go with the squeazy glossy kind. But, i absoulutely love matte fishes when i put on something at night before i go to bed, just because i dont like to have much on my lips when i go to bed, but i feel if i dont, then my lips would get all ashy, and pale looking! verall, i truly recommend Nivea to anyone!

Goodness. This stuff is amazing. Like, seriously, . Lol. This is super super moisturizeng. Again, this is one of those things, that when i first got it , i did not think it was gonna do anything. I was cinvinced that i wouldnt see a change at all! Boy was i wrong! I noticed the moisture in my lips and a full change in like a day! 1 day! Crazy. But true. It has kinda a, not glossy, but a sheen finish to it. But its not like overboard. This stuff also smells amazing! Right now, i currently have it in Strawberry Sorbet! As you can probably notice, im in love with strawberries! Haha. But, if you are not to much of a strawberry fan as i am, then they also carry flavors/scents in Lemon and Passionfruit (i think ,don t 100% quote me on that last one), but i know for sure they have a lemon. Im not sure if they have any other flavors, but let me know in a comment if they do!

Overall, i give all of these products a 100%, A+, 5 stars and everything else! I completely, standby these products 110%. ad completely recommend them to anybody in the market looking for a new super moisturizing lip product!

What do you think? Have you tried any of these products? If so, whats your favorite? Which ones have you tried? Do you have any go to lip products that you swear by ? Let me know and i'll give them a try!


  1. Hi, thanks for the lovely blog post comment yesterday! & Thanks for following! Followed you back :) You should try primark's coconut lip balm, they only stock it every now and then but I have gone through like 5 tubs! It's lush :) xxx

  2. Okay, thanks. I'll have too give it a try! (:

  3. EOS is amazing! (; Did you know they made EOS shaving cream and lotion?

  4. No Becca. I didnt know that! Now im super excited to try it. And good timing to cause i have like one more use in my skintimate shaving cream! This will be the next one i buy! Thanks(:

  5. Love, love, love EOS lip balms! Just found your blog...followed!

    Follow back?

    -Kendall & Tiana