Sunday, February 12, 2012

Excitiment !

It's SNOWING ! It's snowing guys! Okay, so i know i may sound lame to some of you, but i live in Texas. TEXAS! We get snow once a year if we're lucky. And, most of the time, our snow is in February usually, with the exception of that time it snowed in April on Easter! And, we've only had snow one time(in my 15years) on Christmas Eve! So, i know im not the only one excited about snow! Everybody i know is too, sooo dont judge me! Okay, im not crazy. Lol.
Wellll, im gonna go play in the snow now, with my mommy and little brother! But, there will be a blog later, because since it's snowing, i cant be outside all day and theres not too much to do, so i think i'll do two post later!
Bye (:

Is it snowing where you live ? How often do you get snow? What's your favorite thing to do when its snowing?

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