Monday, March 12, 2012

TAG! You're It : Get To Know Me

Hey guys. So i was on Elle and Blair's website and i was just browsing through bored. And, the i thought to myself, i have not done a TAG in a minute now. So, i went to their TAG Catagory and found this TAG that Blair did last summer. And, i thought it was just perfect, cause i have noticed that, since i have started this blog, i have not done a post about me. Ya' know, just something so you can know a little more about me, behind all the fashion and beauty. So, i thought that this TAG will hold you guys over until i actually do an "about me" post or something! So, lets get started!

Question 1) Is it cute when guys kiss you on your forehead?
Yes, I think it is absolutely adorable !
Question 2) A big poofy dress or short party dress?
Well, i think poofy dresses can actually be super cute, like how they have a bunch of colors, cordnating of course, silky lacey material, but short. Not long poofy. But, although i think those dresses are gorgeous, for me they are not as practical as a short party dress. Sooo, short party dress!
Question 3) Are diamonds a girls bestfriend?
Of course! But, their are always tons of way cuter cubic z..(whatever that name is,lol), out there! I actually own way more of them and other stones than real diamonds!
Question 4) Is your hair up or down today ?
Half up, half down (:
Question 5) Do you straighten your hair?
Question 6) Favorite mascara?
Of the moment, it is, L'Oreal Volumionous False Lashes
Question 7) Do you get your nails done ?
If im just gonna paint them, then i do them myself or if i want a really professional look, my mom does really good nails as if you did go to the salon so i'll ask her. But, for special occassions, or if i have an urge to get them done i go get them done at the salon. Oh, and if i want gel nails i get them at the salon.
Question 8) Small or large purses?
Hmm.. Depends. If im going shopping or somewhere that i know im not gonna wanna have a huge bag on my arm, then i take my favorite Coach crossbody or something like that. But, if i am just running somewhere, or at dinner, or just anything that doesnt involve me walking all day or using my arms or anything practical that i doesnt matter what kind of bag you have then big bag! Right now, im on break and have been shopping a lot and walking around and stuff so i have my Coach crossbody.
Question 9) Jeans or sweats?
Sweats! All the way! But that isnt always very practical so if i must wear jeans, then jeggings (:
Question 10) Do you wear clothes/shoes/jewelry thats comfortable?
Yes, all the time. But, there are time when the saying, "beauty is pain" kicks in and i have to reminds myself. Lol.
Question 11) Do you text message a lot ?
Of course! But, i do talk on the phone all the time!
Question 12) What's your favorite color?
Seriously ? Lol. PURPLE! And, pink, mint green, tiffany blue! (:
Question 13) Heels or flats?
Heels! Actually WEDGES! But if im not doing anything to important and involves me being on my feet for super long time then sandals or flats. Or if it just goes better w. my outfit, lol. But, most of the time its wedges, heels, and sandals. But i love tennis shoes, like Jordans, and Nike! <3
Question 14) Do you ever leave the house without makeup on ?
YES! I actually went all last week at school without makeup. So, if i wake up and feel really tired in the morning than i hardly put any on or none at all, like last week i didnt care cause it was week before the break im on now, but nost of the time i do have on makeup as long as im doing something productive and around people or something like that, such as shopping or hanging out with friends and dinner. But, if im just going to run errands with mom or something boring then no makeup!
Questin 15) Walmart or Target?
Question 16) Do you think lipgloss is the best?
Absolutely! That and lipstains. But, thats probably just me cause i seriously hate lipstick!
Question 17) Do you own any big sunglasses ?
DUH! Like 6 or 7 pairs! Haha
Question 18) How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
Anywhere from 20 minutes to 2 hours. Sometimes 3 if i seriously procrastinate.
Question 19) Gold or silver?
Hmm, both! (:
Question 20) Do you like to wear dresses?
Eh, im opening up. I used to hate them with a deep passion up until like a year or two ago. Cause when i was little i used to be a major tomboy and hated dresses because i always had to wear them to church since my mom or grandma made me. Like everytime i would see one, i would seriously try to get as far away as possible! But, im starting to open up, i actually am going shopping for some one tomorrow! But, i try to keep the attention away from my legs since i have scars from tomboy days! lol.
Question 21) In the past 48 hours have you hung out with a guy?
Question 22) Do yuo like to hold hands?
Absolutely! It's cute tome.
Question 23) What do you notice when you first met a guy ?
Smile and eyes. Ohh, and personality.
Question 24) Do you like making eye contact?
Yes. But a lot of people say that i do it just a little too much. Haha, i don't mean too,but it's just how i am. It's kinda like if i look long enough im reading you, like personality wise.
Question 25) Would you kill for chocolate?
No. I mean, not really. I do have my moments though were i have HUGE sugar rushes and thats all i want is chocolate, but that just because i dont eat a ton of candies so when i do want it, I REALLY WANT IT. And crave it til i get it! Lol,
Question 26) On a scale of 1-10, how fun is shopping?
Seriously? Is this really a question for me? 100 million! When i shop, i feel as if nothing can go wrong! Well, unless they dont have your size in something you REALLY want -____-
Question 27) Do you yell a lot?
Well, i wouldn't say i yell. But i do have the tendency to raise my voice and most of the time i dont realize it!
Question 28) Do you wear sweatpants/pajamas to school/work?
I have before. But, i have not worn pajamas to school since pre-k and kindergarten on pajama day. Lmao. But, i do wear sweats when its super freezing outside or i just really dont feel like putting on jeans! But majority of the time, i try to be cute! ;D
Question 29) Have you ever dressed unlike yourself to impress a guy?
Yeah, once. It was a couple years ago. I was in the 7th grade and liked this 8th grader. He was like gorgeous! Exactly what i would love in a guy. Light skin(mixed german and black), curly hair in a fade, the most beautiful hazel colored eyes to die for, they even changed colors with his mood. But, it was only a few days i did , like every now and then, i didnt try super hard!
Question 30) What makeup could you not live without?
Question 31) Do you fall in love easily?
No .
Question 32) Do you have cramps?
Yes, thats how i know my period is coming. That and my right thigh starts to hurt.
Question 33) Do you think yuo have the bestest friend ever?
Sure do ! ;) Lol.

I TAG all my my subscribers to do this! Enjoy! (:

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